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Pumpkin Spice
October 5th, 1889 - Pumpkin Regatta
@Tilda MacFusty

Eugene was loosely working details for this particular event. Not that the Department of Magical Law Enforcement couldn't handle it, but sometimes Eugene picked up shifts like this purely for the enjoyment of it. Weird yes, but he also needed an excuse to get out of the house. This whole... Marriage business was weird and not at all what he'd pictured for himself, but he was a man of some kind of honor and so with a babe that was clearly his and his mother living under Eugene's newly purchased roof, he was going trying to make the best of it.

Being a dad however wasn't so bad. Even though Theseus was nearly nine months old at this point and didn't do much, he was cute as hell and when Eugene had him (which was more often than he ever thought possible, given the circumstances) he enjoyed the time spent with the infant. Astrild worked quite a bit still and they had a reliable nanny, but the poor woman couldn't work all the time and so Eugene tried to take over when he got home from work, if he could. Needless to say, his life had flipped upside down in a matter of moments and now he was just trying to ride the waves that he'd unintentionally caused.

While ducking away from his in-laws, many of whom were participating in today's regatta, Eugene rounded the edge of the lake amongst the spectators trying to keep Ginger from wandering too far away. The niffler was pretty well trained at this point, would stay close and come back when called- for the most part. They were notoriously stubborn little creatures. And of course as soon as he looked around for the little beast, he saw her scooting around people, set on a pair of lovely buttons on a the boots of a nearby redhead. "Oy Ginger!" He called, belatedly realizing he was potentially, accidentally addressing the pretty lady at the same time.

[Image: B4ojiA.jpg]
bask in the glory of this Lady set
Lach and Quill had told her they'd be around her somewhere. Frankly, Tilda was surprised they hadn't entered themselves. Merlin knew it'd be a spectacle to behold. Lach had responded that Quill was the one being the party pooper, at which point she'd stopped listening to their argument.

It was just after work that she'd managed to do a quick-change out of her robes and into something less....official looking, as she made her way down to the lake. It wasn't her favorite outfit, but it was easiest to change into quickly after work. With the wind blowing slightly, the witch was grateful her hair was still pinned up from work; it would tangle something awful, even in this weather. Aaannnddd of course, Tilda couldn't see her brothers anywhere yet. They were probably late, the lazy bums. She sighed and was just about to head the other direction when she heard a voice shouting to her rather crudely. Not one to stand there while being insulted, Tilda whipped around, her eyes flashing in a fierce glare. "I beg your pardon?" she said in a dangerous tone.

[Image: b8x9oM.jpg]
As fast as Eugene had been moving to catch his wayward niffler, he stopped just as fast, and almost backpedaled at the tone he was greeted with- along with the familiar visage of a pretty redheaded healer. Eugene knew that tone, he had enough sisters to know he dun fucked up with his comment, but little did she know he was trying to save her the headache of dealing with his miscreant of a pet.

"I beg your pardon Miss MacFusty," He passed her an appropriately abashed smile, hands up in surrender. "I was calling after my niffler. The auburn one about to head under your skirts, no doubt to try and pilfer something shiny from your person." Ginger was indeed, still headed full tilt boogie toward the healer, no doubt having seen a shiny button or something similar somewhere nearby. "Ginger, enough." He warned this time and though she slowed enough to toss a petulant look over her shoulder at him, the niffler did not indeed stop her mission.

[Image: B4ojiA.jpg]
bask in the glory of this Lady set
As she whirled around and caught a glimpse of who'd shouted so rudely at her, a similar shocked expression crossed her face as she realized who it was. "Mr. Scamander!" she exclaimed, now confused seeing as their last encounter had ended rather amicably aside from her giving him a few pokes in the ribs with her wand.

Her questions were hastily answered - the expression on his face was rather amusing in addition to being satisfying that she could draw such a reaction from someone else besides her brothers. Tilda's mouth popped open in a small 'o' of understanding and she looked down at her shoes. She hadn't experienced much of nifflers, but she knew enough to know that the small furry backside now sticking out from under her dress's hem was the niffler Mr. Scamander had been warning her about.

A curious expression crossed She lifted her skirts ever so slightly to get a better look, raising the foot that now most certainly had a weight on it. "Ginger," she tried admonishing the niffler, half intrigued at what the little animal would try and go for. Her shoe buckle perhaps? That was certainly shiny, but only because she'd had to clean her buckles after a co-worker had spilled armadillo bile onto them.

[Image: b8x9oM.jpg]

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