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Throw Mama From the Pumpkin
5th October, 1889 — Black Lake for the Pumpkin Regatta
@Tyr Fraser

If there was a finer prospect in the world than an afternoon spent with her children then Ailsa certainly couldn't think of it. The school term had a tendency to drag on and she frequently felt as though she were missing vital moments in her offspring's life - she hadn't even been aware that Astrild knew any young men before her daughter had turned up with a husband and a swelling belly - so she was determined to do better with the rest and it was her son who had the happy honour of her attention that day.

The fact that he was strong enough to row the pumpkin was entirely coincidental of course...

"Would you like a sandwich before we start?" Ailsa asked cheerfully as she clambered into the silk and lace-strewn pumpkin she had carefully created over the previous week. She had dedicated more time to it than her corsets, a fact Ewart had found most amusing, but it had been worth it to see the incredulous eyes of their spectators. "I don't want you to get too tired so you must eat something and I brought a picnic basket for us."
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How in the name of Merlin's left... Nope, he wasn't even allowed to think those kids of swears in his head around his mother. She would just know and then he'd feel like an idiot and that would be that.

Of course he already felt like an idiot. Just how had he gotten roped into this again? A Pumpkin Regatta, who thought of this shit? Honestly. "Of course Mother, thank you." He replied, forcing a bit of a smile as he looked at their ship for the day.

Turning down food was also a stupid move and it spared him from having to stare at the lace of the pumpkin (lace, really?) for a few moments as he surveyed the food his mother had brought. At least there was that. What teenage boy didn't appreciate a little fuel before a ridiculous race? Oh, there was so much wrong with that statement.

Ailsa had developed rather an excellent selective deafness when it came to any and all surliness from her children – they didn’t mean it after all and they couldn’t help that their emotions were in a maelstrom that only one’s formative years played host to, so she chose not to take anything to heart. Tyr might not sound especially grateful for the sandwiches she had made but he would appreciate them once his energy began to flag and Ailsa would be waiting for his thanks: if she had to wait until he was thirty she would do it.

“You know, I rate our chances quite highly,” she said brightly as she popped the stopper from the bottle of lemonade she had made herself. Admittedly she might have slightly overdone the sugar, there were still granules undissolved throughout, but she carelessly swirled the contents, glancing over her shoulder to where Ewart and Idunn were pushing off too. “Your father isn’t quite as fit as he would like to think he is,” she confided conspiratorially (and quite possibly inappropriately).

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