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The Halloween Head-Scratcher
The Halloween Head-Scratcher

Who loves themed quizzes? Lauren loves themed quizzes. And this year please enjoy my inaugural offering, with some Harry Potter specific questions and some more general, slightly ghoulish, answers to uncover.

[Image: tumblr_inline_owleyuSjBQ1qeql0c_540.gif]

Task 1) Solve the clues and find the missing letters.
Task 2) Descramble the letters to find the name of one of the finest horror films of all time.
Task 3) Send your answer to @Elladora Black
Task 4) Sit back and wait to feel validated...except you'll have to wait till Halloween night for me to reveal the winners who will get to bask in the glory of victory.

You have until midnight on the 31st October and you only get one guess! Good luck :D

Erm... so what's the prize Lauren?

What, you want something other than the smug feeling of having cracked the code before others? Fineeeeee:


  1. Tom Elvis Jedusor. Je suis _____. [SECOND LETTER]
  2. “Your hair is winter fire/January _____/My heart burns their too.” [THIRD LETTER]
  3. Since we moved to the new board we have never had a full quartet of House Matrons. True or False? [FIRST LETTER]
  4. Suck it Dracula! This vampiress pre-dates you by a quarter of a century. [THIRD LETTER]
  5. Complete the sequence: Dursley - Dursley - Potter - Riddle - Potter - Chorley - ?? [LAST LETTER]
  6. In the 19th century you were most likely to find a working class woman employed as a _____. [SECOND LETTER] (Hint: The word you need is the catch-all term...)
  7. Alphabetically the first of the four Charmers who will hit the big 3-0 this year. [FIRST LETTER]
  8. The last digit of the combined age of the two longest serving members of our Hogwarts staff (IC) [SECOND LETTER]
  9. If I have fingers like snakes what do I have in my hair? [FOURTH LETTER]
  10. Complete the sequence: McGonagall - Black - Pettigrew - Potter - ??? [LAST LETTER]
  11. According to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures which creature implies you're about to lose your job? [THIRD LETTER]
  12. Which house, not sane, stood by itself, has done so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more? [SECOND LETTER]
  13. Which father of Greek tragedy lent his words to the beginning of the Deathly Hallows? [LAST LETTER]
  14. Only one member of this family is really skilled in Unfogging the Future... [EIGHTH LETTER]
  15. The title of the one hundredth thread archived in our IC year. [LAST LETTER]
  16. What name links a legendary fantasy game and the chilling adventures of a certain teenage witch? [LAST LETTER]
  17. The surname of the played character whose forename is alphabetically first. [FOURTH LETTER]
  18. Which of the five soon-to-be spinsters from WW issue #174 still has time left to save herself from her old maid fate? [LAST LETTER OF SURNAME] (Hint: I'm only counting still active characters.)
  19. "Give me a candle, give me a light, if you don't, you'll get a _____." [FIRST LETTER]
  20. A HELPFUL CLUE: A man associated with the film title I'm looking for was born in our IC year. The LAST LETTER of his surname might be useful to you ;)

(NB: Please note that though there are twenty questions there are only nineteen letters in the answer so it's up to you to wheedle out the red herring. Thought you ought to know...)

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   Amelia Evans, Elsie Beauregard

fabulous set by Lady <3

  1. VOLDEMORT. (The French translation of Chamber of Secrets altered Voldemort's original middle name and surname so the anagram still worked!)
  2. EMBERS.
  3. TRUE.
  5. SNAPE. (The first named character in each of the seven novels.)
  7. FAWKES.
  10. SKEETER. (Named animagi in order of when we find out about them.)
  11. CENTAUR. (The Centaur Liaison Office has never been used by any centaur so to be sent there, in department lore, means you're surplus to requirements and will soon be sacked.)
  12. HILL.
  16. ZELDA.
  18. LILY HUDDLESTON. (Two aren't active, Minnie's getting married and Phyri is a lost cause.)
  19. FRIGHT.
  20. JAMES WHALE. (He was the director :P)

The ONLY people who won were @Sisse Thompsett and @Elias Grimstone - please claim your prizes in that order guys :D

fabulous set by Lady <3
Eep! Sorry for the hold up. Didnt see this. I'll claim the against the odds please.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
An amazing signature from Bee <3
Late but I'll take the Lady graphics, thanks! <3

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