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Two Birds
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September 30th, 1889 — Lovegood Residence, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Ada wasn't convinced that everyone present had turned up expressly to view her artwork, rather that a good number had done so out of curiosity, it wasn't as though she had been very present in society since almost becoming Mrs. Urquart. Either way, she hoped that those who had turned up would appreciate what she'd put together no matter their motive for attending. It had all gone smoothly enough thus far but Ada's stamina for social events was not as great as it once had been and barely an hour in and she was wishing herself done with it already. As the hostess that wasn't an option, not until the last guest left.

When an opportunity to slip behind one of her larger canvases and hide presented itself Ada found herself taking it without much thought. She really shouldn't have but if she was going to survive the evening she needed a break if only for her sanity. If one could really call hiding in a literal corner behind a painting taking a break.

At least it might have been a break if someone hadn't gotten there first.

The surprise was obvious on her face followed swiftly by embarrassment. "Oh, I'm awfully sorry, I was just-" Just what? What else could it look like besides what it was? "I was looking for something."

| OUTFIT | Open to an attendee of this event |

Loretta had managed to find herself at the event being held at the Lovegood residence, dragged there by a much more affluent friend. She appreciated the artwork - the socialization not so much. She had managed to slip away from her friend and had taken refuge in a little nook that she didn't think many people would take notice of. Just a chance to breathe a little, she felt.

Loretta made a little squeak of surprise when - from her perspective - her solitude was suddenly intruded upon. By none other than the hostess herself! "Oh! I did not notice anything out of the ordinary," she said, picking up her dress a little so that she could make sure she wasn't standing on it or something. How terribly awkward to have been found hiding out by the one doing the event, Miss Lovegood must have thought her terribly rude, she felt.

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