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Adult's Brew '89 - Group E {Pros]
October 6th, 1889 - Hogsmeade Hall, Potion Brewing Competition

Well this was new.

Was he really qualified for this? Syd supposed he used potions on the regular, but judging a potion brewing competition? This was a stretch, considering there were fellow healers his superior in the round. Still, might be fun.

At least he had the professionals. Hopefully there would be no explosions. After he reiterated the rules, he bade them to begin on a Draught of Living Death.

This should be good.

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@Cyrus Westerman @Victor North @Annabelle Bones @Garrett Cavey @Olivier Mulciber

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Garrett was the youngest in the bracket by a long shot so his chances didn't look very good. At least, he could always say he had tried his best. As they were told to start, he carefully began to create his potion. He was quite surprised to find that he had finished first and indicated that he had done so.

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To place himself so prominently (albeit temporarily) in the public eye fought against the constraints of Cyrus' inclinations, but his was a world in which up-front costs made his job challenging.

And so here he was.

The healer worked away on his potion, nodding to the judge upon its completion.

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Belle tried not stare. Seeing her colleagues at St. Mungo's was relatively rare but they weren't especially fascinating, however Mr...what had they called him? Whatever it was it certainly hadn't been Belby, yet he had trained at roughly the same time Belle had and she didn't forget a face. Their community was far too small for her not to recognise him, but she didn't think he had spotted her, or else he was purposefully ignoring her.

Which seemed a bit rich given that he was the one that had dropped off the face of the earth after becoming a werewolf.

Focusing on her potion Belle brewed the potion with ease, finishing neatly and risking another glance towards the other healer. He looked a great deal more tired than she recalled and she felt a stab of sympathy - when was the last time she had seen him?

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It was a bit odd for Victor that the man leading the group was one that worked for him, and had even been in his department once upon a time. Now this was certainly motivation to do a good job. Embarrassment in front of his employee was certainly not an option.

He took to his work with concentration and careful technique. A draught of living death was no laughing matter. It was to be taken seriously.

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Olivier Mulciber was an elegant man. This meant he dressed fantastically well for any situation - and not in a sense of picking the very best clothes, but the most refined clothes that could be wore while still appropriate for an event. For today's duration, he would be taking part on a potion brewing competition of all things. It hadn't been this initial idea to join the other wizards, but given he had nothing to lose, it became a question of 'why not'?

Olivier needn't know potions for his job, so he would not fall on public disgrace if anything went terribly wrong. He had continued with his goal of at least three potions done every month, ever since graduating from Hogwarts, so his knowledge might as well fit that of pros. And given his studying routine and the fact he would never consider himself good enough for any Ministry position if not 'complete' in terms of education, he was prepared for something like this. And he would face it with victory in mind.

However, he was just as graceful, and greeted all of his opponents. The rest of the time was spent looking at his ingredients, cauldron, and everything else he considered important pieces of information for the rest of today.
Syd was surprised his boss didn't finish first.

He wasn't surprised that he had the superior potion of the round however. Frankly the healer hadn't expected any less, though Bones was always a solid candidate for the upset. She spoke and even he listened like a scared schoolboy. The young one he vaguely recognized also was quite successful with. Fancy that.

After announcing who would be moving on, Syd dictated the last potion, a Wound-Cleaning Potion.

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@Victor North @Garrett Cavey
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this is the most Syd!set ever to exist, by MJ ♥
He was one of the ones moving to the next round? Garrett was surprised, quite honestly more like shocked. He didn't have time to dwell on how flabbergasted he was, though. He had another potion to brew and just as he had done before, he worked diligently and methodically. A light blush tinged his cheeks when he realized he had finished first once again.

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Not first, but still in the running. He was proud to see that it was a fellow St. Mungo's healer to be his competitor. Still, he did wish to win.

The potion being a wound-cleaning one was a bit if a shock for Victor, as it did seem to give him an advantage with the department he had worked in for years. Still, he crafted the potion as if he were to be using it on a patient. Careful, focused.

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Ah, there it was. Though the youngin' put forth good effort, there was something to say about experience when it came to potions. Syd gave his director a deep nod of acknowledgement before announcing him as the winner.

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this is the most Syd!set ever to exist, by MJ ♥

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