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Adults Brew '89: Group F (Hobbyist)
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Sunday, October 6th, 1889 — Hogsmeade Hall, Potion Brewing Competition
"For those of you who could not guess from the directions provided," Ezra continued after the preliminary welcomes and rule reminders, gesturing to the blackboard behind him, "your first task today shall be an antidote to uncommon poisons—a useful concoction in many a field."

Volunteering as a judge in this competition had proved a satisfactory excuse to save him from a fate worse than death: family luncheon. It also spared Clarissa, for Father did not like to 'deal with' her without Ezra present—a win-win situation if ever the healer had heard of one.

A wave of his wand saw the hourglass tumble end over end and the sands began running downward.

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@Winifred Fudge @Elladora Black @Charles Caulfield @Marina Ramos @Evalina Rosier @Sun Smith

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When Marina had been a girl, back at school hidden away in the depths of the rainforest, she had had the passing delusion of becoming a famed alchemist, discovering some secret concoction that would enshrine her name and talents in history. Of course, then she had moved on to dreams of being a socialite, and leading a successful life in society. Then she had married Salvador, Salvador had ruined them, and she had finally grown up.

Still, if she could squeeze out a drop of enjoyment from her life as it was, getting to brew a potion that was not to beautify her loathsome niece was a solid step towards it. Looking happier than she often did, Marina got to work with a brisk, businesslike manner, and almost caught herself humming by the time she had sifted in the last of the ingredients and stepped away from her cauldron.

Now all she needed to do was not lose.
Eva's lips curled into a delicate smile as she realized she and Ella were in the same bracket. While there were a few names within the bracket that she recognized – Eva always knew who was who and where they stood within society – she didn't particularly see anyone of note who could prove to be a match for either her or Elladora.

And given the fact that, in her third year, Evalina had brewed this The Antidote for Uncommon Poisons multiple times before she could almost do it in her sleep, she was quite content to set about immediately making her potion once directed to. Though she hadn't brewed this particular one since her last batch ran out, Evalina found that the motions came easily to her. Once complete, she stepped back, placing one hand over the other in front of her and raising her dark blue gaze to the front.

[Image: BJR3tob.jpg]
Elladora would not have been overly surprised to learn that Evalina Rosier had somehow engineered their being in the same grouping of the competition. Last year Elladora had won the tournament and though her nature did not tend towards boastfulness - at least not outwardly so - she had certainly mentioned it more than once to the older woman: it had clearly been a sore point and one Ella was keen to prod again.

Her face didn't display her amusement as she chopped and prepared her ingredients, though she did risk a glance towards Evalina once and was nonplussed to see her quite confidently brewing a potion Ella had seen her make more than once. It was an insult to her skill really. Elladora might have called in an insult to her own but, irritatingly, she found her pace was a little slower than it had once been due to the imbalance in her left hand.

Eventually she did finish and Ella's eyes darted around the room, quietly pleased she was not the last despite her affliction.

[Image: oTkHlW.png]
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Charles wasn’t entire sure why he had signed up for this potion’s competition. He wasn’t exactly one to go out in the limelight and partake in these sorts of events though he also didn’t think he was the kind of person to begin courting and thinking about a family. Seeing as the latter two had come to fruition, Charles decided he may as well get involved and if he could win some Galleon’s and a prize for his sister’s, it was a win-win.

Looking over at his competition, Charles was loathe to admit he only really knew one person there. He couldn’t even say he knew them. He’d just seen them around. Thinking on it, he could have sworn he may have worked alongside him on something. Mentally shrugging, Charles awaited the signal to begin and the moment the first grains of sand began to fall to the bottom of the hourglass, Charles went to work.

An antidote to uncommon poisons. He hadn’t brewed this potion in a short while but he could remember the steps and ingredients quite well. As he recalled, it was quite a finicky little potion he learned in school and it had come in handy on more than one occasion during his career. After all, you never really knew what wizard would decide to poison you for looking at them funny.

Stirring his ingredients – the powdered graphorn horns (Charles couldn’t help but think that there must have been an easier way to grind these into a powder than a mortar and pestle), fire seeds, and a few other things – into his potion, Charles almost instantly forgot other people were there; an expression of sheer concentration had overwhelmed his features. The motions and steps seemed to come almost naturally to him though he did have to pause every once in a while to make sure he didn’t get ahead of himself and royally screw everything up by somehow exploding the cauldron. Once done, Charles exhaled and nodded at his own accomplishment with a confident, though slight, smile.

It looked like it had the right colour at least, so there was that. It would be down to his judge, though, to determine who was the best and who went through.

Antidote to uncommon poisons. Had she used that one recently? Oh, she had been hoping that the potions would be a bit more of the common sort. But she ignored the feeling of hesitance. She could do this. She did well in potions, and she had practiced with her beauty potions. This shouldn't be too difficult.

The witch set to work, hoping she was remembering the proper technique. Careful, thoughtful, trying not to rush through her work. She could do this! Bertie will be so proud!

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There had been many moments in Sun's life in which he decided to do things on a whim. With no preparation, no attention to pre-requirements, or the people who could have joined him in competition. If he had ended up with a long-time enemy or somebody from Mire's family, that would have been all on his recklessness. But for the most part, he didn't worry. Approaching life as if it was something he could not let slip away from his fingers was a much better view on it than most people had, and he would not give his time handed in a box to boredom.

Which is why he was quite content upon settling eyes on his group, and later on his ingredients. The last time he'd done a potion was three months before, if only because he needed something and didn't want to go all the way to the hospital to get; too much bureaucracy, he thought. It'd served as a fun hobby throughout the first few years after he left Hogwarts, and Smith supposed he still had something in himself that knew a lot about potions. More than your average graduated student (from Hogwarts). But winning a competition with those other people? Well, he wasn't there for the prize of it.

He waved at Charles upon walking by the other man's stand, then took for noticing whoever was in the room. All clear. The competition would begin soon, and he wanted to take another look at the ingredients - if only to make sure he would not lose time looking for things.
Ezra noted with some surprise that Mrs. Rosier's potion was far and away better than any he had expected to see at this level of competition. It wasn't as though he doubted it of a woman—rather, he had doubted it of her sort of woman. It was not the first time he had been proven wrong, though, and Ezra doubted very much that it would be the last.

In fact, in general, the women seemed to do better than their masculine counterparts, and after all was said and done, it was Mrs. Rosier, Miss Black, and Mrs. Fudge before him now.

"A wit-sharpening potion is next," he directed, the instructions on the blackboard having already shifted. "You may begin!"
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@Evalina Rosier @Winifred Fudge @Elladora Black

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Of course she'd passed onto the next round. The socialite cast a smirk to Ella before stepping forwards to brew her second potion. She was rather pleased that Ella had made it as well, though the fact that Ella had won the last potion competition quelled any amount of surprise she may have felt otherwise.

As for the others - Eva was rather skilled at masking her emotions, but anyone who knew her as well as Elladora Black did would see the slight amusement in her eyes at the Law Enforcement Squad Chief's failure to pass onto the second round. As she brewed her potion, Evalina made a mental note to not call upon Charles Caulfield for aid.

Once satisfied with her potion, she stepped back like last time and waited patiently; this time her eyes flicked over to Elladora, observing her best friend's movements that were so familiar to her they might as well have been her own.

[Image: BJR3tob.jpg]
Winifred was sure that she had needed to use this at some point when one of her concoctions had... unforseen side-effects. At least she had known how to brew it then as well!

Thus she began her work on this potion as she concentrated and made sure to be careful as to which ingredients she used.

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As far as Elladora was concerned the competition might as well be between the two of them, though she was grudgingly impressed by the third woman - the wife of the ghost or so she had been told by one of Ursula's more loquacious friends - but really, it was always going to go this way. She felt a sense of satisfaction that little else could bring when Mr Vablatsky bid them begin the second round.

Taking her time with this potion, determined it would be perfect, Elladora realised only belatedly that she had taken the longest and tried not to show her annoyance at herself when she finished and took a step back from her wit-sharpening potion.

[Image: oTkHlW.png]
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All three potions, Ezra noted, were well done, requiring that the healer inspect each carefully to determine the winner. When all was said and done, it was Mrs. Rosier and Mrs. Fudge that remained before him.

"Your final brew," he directed the pair of witches, "will be a calming draught. Begin!"
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@Evalina Rosier @Winifred Fudge

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It was only because Eva was as practiced at hiding her emotions as she was that an expression of demure surprise was written across her face as she remained in for the last round. She cast a sympathetic glance at Elladora. Poor thing. She had won last years Potion Competition, but only - Eva was convinced - because Eva herself was not in it. Who of the two of them had managed to achieve their Animagus form, after all?

As the go ahead was given, the raven - haired socialite stepped forwards and began brewing her potion. Stakes were higher this time. She would not be out done by he amateur potioneer married to a bloody ghost.
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Freddie couldn't help but notice how much better Mrs. Rosier's potion seemed compared to her own. It gave Winifred a moment's hesitation. But she did her best to push that thought aside, working on the next potion that they were to make. Hopeful as one can be.

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