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October 1889
October 1889

This month, the full moon will be on October 9th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of October.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

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What: Halloween In The Streets
Who: Co-hosted by a group of popular pubs in magical London; intended for WC/lower-MC people of all ages.
Where: Diagon Alley
Why: Who says Halloween has to be about frilly costumes and masquerade-type balls? A group of pubs in magical London is sponsoring a 24-hour event in Diagon Alley for the common folk to celebrate!
When: October 31st.
Participating locations will have orange string lights hanging about their entrance, and different events will be taking on the streets and inside the pubs.

Some of the many events include:
  • Bar hopping (duh!).
  • A costume contest, hosted at 9pm on Halloween night.
  • "Catch the pumpkin"—a game where children try to catch a pumpkin that vanishes when someone gets too near. Nobody will win until 8pm, when the pumpkin will find its final home and can be found by the "winner".
  • Impromptu dancing in the streets as musical performers come and go.
  • Face painting.
  • Black cat adoption event.
  • Photo booth. People can have their pictures taken and enchanted by the affordable on-site photographer.
  • "Meet-A-Ghost". One of the resident ghosts of a participating ghost is out and about, telling ghost stories and haunted tales at intervals throughout the night of Halloween.
  • Fortune-telling.

    ... and many more!

  • Contact Player(s): @Edric Umbridge

    Ported! - Bree

    beautiful set by Lady
    What: The Ravenwood Manor Masquerade Ball
    Who: Hosted by @Evalina Rosier for all UCPBs with a rep of 7+ and are a contributing member / part of #Society [see details for more info]
    Where: Ravenwood Manor; London, England
    Why: It's Halloween, Witches
    When: 31 October 1889

    PRICE | 2G per ticket, with all of the proceeds going towards some sort of charity that Evalina publicly supports xD

    THE DRESS CODE |  It's Halloween y'all, it's costume + mask or don't show up at all.

    ARRIVAL | Guests will show up to the gates of Ravenwood Manor where their carriages will be escorted to a secluded area where their valets may treat themselves to a relaxing evening of any refreshments not needed at the main party [got a lower class servant/maid? Yeah they might crash this]

    Once dropped off at the main gate, guests will be escorted into carriages drawn by horses transfigured to look like Thestrals up to the main entrance. The path up to the main entrance is a long road lined with canopy trees that are bewitched to glitter black and silver. Occasionally they'll drop real silver and gold leaves that perhaps one of your guests might be able to collect and keep ;)

    THE BALL | Upon arrival, guests will travel down a hall lined with Enchanted Mirrors; their reflections will move in the exact opposite direction as their real life counterparts, and so they will be able to see who is at the end of the hall once they arrive. Could it be a long lost beau, or your character's enemy whom they despise?

    Once in the ballroom, guests will see a traditional quadrille where they may dance to their hearts content. To the right, an open table with a tower of various sweets from Honeydukes Sweetshop [Chocolate Frogs, tooth flossing string mints, Fizzing Whizbees, No Melt Ice Cream, Skeltal Sweets, Pumpkin Fizz etc.], including a fountain of colorful beverages. While there is a multitude of drinks spouting from the fountain, there are a number of faucets guests may pull on whilst saying aloud their beverage of choice, which will cause the magical fountain to deposit their preferred drink into a goblet.

    Outside, what once was the Rosier’s garden is now a patio complete with tables and chairs, as well as a large, haunted maze complete with riddles for guests to solve. Guests may walk into the maze and complete it for a prize. Those who wish to watch may sit at tables and chairs with an atmospheric charm to keep spectators warm.

    There is a catch. While inside the maze guests may not see what is around the next corner, however spectators may see EVERYTHING inside. There are, however, chances for the maze to glitch and keep figures hidden from sight....

    Contact Player(s): Contact @Amelia Evans for more info

    Ported! – L
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