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Two Terrors are Better Than One
September 17th, 1889 — Padmore Park
@Emily Lyness


Why couldn't he seem to shake this one? No matter how terrible he was to her, she took it all in stride. Worst of all, she was apt to exact her own revenge like forcing him to feed the birds. Why would he want to do that? He hated birds. Almost as much as he hated ugly, big nosed Nanny. Didn't she know he had more important things to do? More important people to talk to?

Leo's anger was evident in the way he stomped his little feet along the path, scattering dirt and pebbles in his wake. A few of the birds squawked and took flight, not wanting to become the victim of a boot colliding with their wings. His tiny fists crumbled the bread he was meant to be dishing out, and he allowed it to drop to the ground.

He was meant to meet someone. How was he supposed to get away?

The boy watched as a small collection of birds swarmed the dropped bread, and a slow smirk started to tug at his lips. In an instant, Leo found himself by the basket Nanny had brought with lunch. From it, he grabbed up a sandwich and started to tear it apart. Nanny had barely looked up to see what had caught his attention before he was upon her, chucking food at and around her. It seemed to produce the desired result; the birds flew toward her.

As an afterthought, Leo snatched the entire basket and bolted. Nanny screeched after him, but he ignored her. He stumbled a bit, but he made his way through the trees, headed for a different path toward the place he was meant to meet Emily.


The troublemaker slid to a halt when he spied the red headed girl, "Emily! Sorry! Nanny was hard to get rid of today." Unceremoniously, he dropped the basket, its contents tumbling about and becoming squashed. "Do you want to do something fun?" The idea came to him on his short run. It had been so fun to pelt Nanny with food. Wouldn't it be fun to do it to strangers?

Trying not to draw attention from any unsuspecting passerbys, he gestured toward the basket, squished another bit of sandwich in his fist, and glanced at the other people in the park.

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Emily didn't want to get into more trouble with Mama, but she couldn't help her nature. She was entitled. She knew exactly where she belonged, and that was at the top. The only ones permitted to be above her were Mama and Papa. Everyone else, her siblings included, should admire her.

Leo was an exception. He was her friend, and her partner in crime. He could be her equal. She would allow it. Just for him, though. Nobody else.

When she saw her brown haired friend, her eyes lit up. What kind of fun where they going to have this time? "I thought you forgot!"

She hadn't, of course. Nobody could forget that they were to spend the day with her. She eyed him when he crumbled up some sandwiches in the basic.

Were they going to throw things at others? How delightful. Her Nanny was probably looking for her. She'd had no trouble ditching her upon arriving at the park. She wondered how much longer she had before she was found.

(Really, she was a little insulted that her Nanny hadn't found her yet. One would think a redhead would be easy to spot.)

"Who deserves it first?" The little redhead enjoyed stealing, yes. Throwing things? Not so much. She would enjoy telling, and watching, Leo throw things at unsuspecting victims.

in case you missed it: Emily is a half-veela so males might feel a mild compulsion to 'protect' the child
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A quiet day in the park was a nice break from the constant work in her life. Two jobs was exhausting, but Henrietta managed. It was nice to be productive, and earn the sort of tired feeling that called for a nice, good sleep. But days off were only made far sweeter by this new development as well.

It never occured to her that some children might decide to prank her, or really talk to her at all. Henry wasn't really in the mood for chit chat at the moment. Just hearing the birds and the rustle of leaves was fine.

Elaine Made Magic
Sometimes one had a tiresome day at work even when one delighted in one’s career, surely that was so. Nothing in his office usually felt like a trial to him, but the headache he had burgeoning in his left temple was just the sort that presented itself at the moment when petty inconveniences blossomed into tribulations. He had learned from experience that that was a warning sign.

Having also determined many years ago that it did not do to be anything less than perfectly collected when it came to one’s work - one’s public demeanor at all - Evander took action as swiftly as it was possible to apply a safeguard against the continued eating-away at the fuse of his temper. By which, roughly imagined, was in biding his time until an acceptable lunch hour, and spending his break wandering the park.

(One could pace up and down in a park such as this and it be called wandering, you see. If he only smiled slightly, and saw himself slow a little, one could even constitute this as strolling. And no one would ever suspect the headache.)

With the ability to apparate, one had the far reaches of the country to find a bit of peace and fresh air, but Evander was not his brother, and to him, exiting the Ministry at its Hogsmeade entrance and setting out for Padmore park was quite enough exploration. Nature was nature, after all, and one hardly needed the African savannahs or the wilds of South America to find a little greenery.

He was absorbed enough in the greenery of the park - from a distance of course, merely spectating, not wanting to ruin his work-robes or threaten the peace he was cultivating; though if he were feeling adventurous in a while, he might even go regard some ducks - not to have given the young lady nearby much more than a cursory look, never mind the two scheming children. Why should he mind anyone’s business but his own?

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