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15th September, 1889 — Ravenclaw Common Room
He’d done it. He’d only gone and done it! It might end up being the reason he failed his OWLs, and Ravenclaw might not win any games, but somehow this already felt like winning.

He’d barely been able to keep his lunch down just thinking about it, but now that the rosters had been posted, any thought of all he had planned to do this Sunday afternoon was wiped from his mind, and replaced only by a slightly manically-wide smile on his face that hadn’t faded the whole way up to Ravenclaw tower.

Someone had been coming out just as he’d come in, so even the door-knocker couldn’t dampen his spirits. Nelson pranced in and, unable to yell in triumph as he truly wanted, sufficed for throwing himself onto a sofa and splaying out there in dreamy delight.

He lay there for a minute in a daze before he tilted his head to look at the common room on its side, and realised that someone was staring at him.
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Germander Macnair wasn't what one would call the most social person ever. Most of the time, he did his homework holed away in the corner of the library, tucked out of sight and out of mind, however, the librarian had kicked him out with closing and here he was, scribbling down the remainders of his essay by firelight in the common room. While he wasn't the most social person, he at least had manors (most of the time) and therefore, while he rather had finished the essay in his room, choose not to any his dormmates by lighting up a candle if they were trying to sleep. He did have to live with them for another year, after all.

He was, in fact, almost done when Higgs all but pranced into the common room and flopped down on the nearest couch. Mander didn't know Higgs that well. Getting to know someone who didn't talk wasn't high on his willingness to put effort into list.

"Can I help you?"
No, but you could congratulate me, Nelson said snidely in his head, focusing in on the person staring at him and realising it was Macnair. Older, and a pureblood, and not on the quidditch team, so there was not a great deal of impetus for Nelson to need to be friendly to him.

Not that Nelson didn’t usually try to be nice to people regardless of who they were, but he didn’t think Macnair had ever given a rat’s arse about him before, and even now, he didn’t seem to find Nelson’s good mood particularly infectious.

In response, therefore, Nelson only grinned wider and even more goofily - if that were possible - really rather wanting Macnair to ask what the occasion was, just so he could boast about the good news.

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