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The First Night
September 1st, 1889 — 1st Year Boys Dorm, Gryffindor
@Song-Jin Moon
Apollo didn't know if he was going to be able to sleep as they were left to get acquainted with their dormitory and each other. He was going to be sharing with the other boys in his year but Apollo was used to sharing a room because of his stay at the Home. He had that going for him, at least. Apollo supposed he should write to his parents and let them know what house he had been moved into but he figured he would do that later.

Sitting on the bed that he had chosen, he looked over at one of the other boys - Song-Jin Moon, he thought the name was. "Is Hogwarts everything you had expected of it so far?" He asked, curious to hear the thoughts of one of his peers.
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   Song-Jin Moon
Day one was now in the bag. Song-Jin had successfully ate his weight in food and dessert tonight, you'd think his parents starved him. He had managed to swipe some desserts, wrap up the pumpkin pastis and smuggle them back to the room. He may not live to see morning and explode from all the food. As they arrived at the Fat Lady, Song-Jin was blown away by the moving painting and may or may not poked the lady a few times making her rather upset.

They were sent straight to bed and to Song-Jin's surprise he was given his own awesome bed and was already inspecting it looking for ways to make secret compartments. It should be noted that he hadn't actually spoke to anyone at the table as he was focused on food. At this point he was all in his head, hence when another one of his bunk mates began talking to him he was a bit surprised. He started at the other kid for a bit, then smirked for a moment as he spoke, "Well I stole some Pumpkin pasties so I'd say today was a success." He kept smiling as he had only replied to the other boy in Korean and was happily awaiting the response.
Apollo had also been fascinated by the painting, his mind whirling over the possibilities of what he could create whenever he got to learn whatever magic created the Fat Lady. Situated in their dorm room, there was not much left for him to do before bed. The boy spoke a language that Apollo did not recognize nor had learned yet so he just looked at him for a moment before it became obvious the boy expected him to understand him.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying," Apollo said apologetically. He had recently met a Japanese girl and he hadn't understood her either.

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