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Social Butterfly, Headed Your Way
September 8, 1889 - Church of St. Fergus
It was after church, a wonderful service as usual. Earth was her normally chipper self, mostly chatting with her family. But of course the social butterfly had to flutter to other people for further conversations and the like. Moondew held to the young mother as she wandered from person to person.

Finally she walked up to the elder Miss Fairchild, giving a big smile to the older woman. "Wondeful service, yes? How have you been Miss Fairchild?" Many in the church had likely realized by now that Earth and her family were a bit odd, to various degrees. Some didn't like to speak to her at times, but she did try. Being kind to one's neighbor, as God wished. And it was nice to make friends.

@Temperance Fairchild

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Since her return from their trip to Africa Temperance had felt a distinct lack of vim for the services given by Mr Dursley – though of course she took pains to keep this to herself. It wasn’t that the reverend had reduced the vigour of his sermons, indeed since the trip he had been especially evangelical about the dedication of his congregation, but somehow she felt as though there was something lacking in his words.

The feeling would pass. She was quite sure of it. She had simply been spoiled by the deep connection to the Lord working amongst the sick and hungry had given her – the poverty of others, whether it be bodily or spiritual, gave her a focus unlike anything she had ever known throughout her nursing career.

Service ended she was attempting a swift exit – dedicated as she was to keeping up appearances there was the beginnings of a headache forming behind her eyes and she was not in the mood for chatter – before, inevitably, she was approached. And by a girl she knew very little of, beyond her peculiar cheerfulness.

“Fine, thank you,” she replied a little tersely. “I always find it most enriching.” Her eyes drifted to the other woman's stomach and she felt a stab of relief - at least this was something she could talk about with some confidence. "Has the child quickened yet?"

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The trip almost never left Earth's mind. It was taking her some time to write her books. Two books at once was no easy task. But one was certainly the Lord's work, and Earth had no complaint over her duty to finish it. To spread the word and encourage others to join the church.

Most of her time was spent writing, researching, taking care of her children, and attending church. But of course she made time for family as well. A busy schedule indeed, and she wouldn't change a thing. But it was tiring, especially as a pregnant woman. If she hadn't been writing for the Lord, her husband would have likely asked her to settle down a bit. Thankfully he knew better.

Earth nodded happily in response and Moondew fussed a bit in her arms. Only a bit, but noticeable. Patience was hard to practice for one so young. "Yes, kept me up a little last night. Though I have been a light sleeper since Moondew was born." It was a task of itself to keep from yawning, but Earth didn't mind. Manners were important as well.

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Temperance tightened her jaw at the name. What on earth was their church coming to that their reverend was obliged to christen children with such frivolous monikers? She had heard of the other woman’s propensity for oddness but this was really above and beyond. What in God’s name was she going to call the second one? Temperance was almost scared to ask.

“I’m sure it will settle in time. Babies are far easier before they enter the world in my experience,” she said with a tight smile. “It must have been quite the ordeal to be with child aboard the ship?”

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The reverend seemed to give up questioning her naming decisions by the second pregnancy. What, with Earth being one of the least odd in the bunch of Smith siblings. At least she was a faithful attendee.

"Oh yes. I was feeling quite sick while aboard. But I felt in my heart and soul that the Lord had brought us that mission at that time for us to leave and help those in need. Who am I to question Him?" She responded with an awed thoughtfulness to her voice.

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Quite unable to argue with the rhetoric Temperance smiled tightly. She had felt a similar call towards the mission herself, however the other woman had at least had prior notice that she would spend most of the journey decidedly queasy, the rest of them had been forced to face that as it came. And the water itself in her case, which thankfully nobody had dared to mention though she was quite sure the story would have shot around the crew quicker than a summer cold.

“He does work under the veil of mystery at times,” Temperance replied, finally managing a genuine smile, small though it was. “As a midwife I would have advised against it but you seem to be in the bloom of health.”

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Oh yes, she did feel that she was quite healthy, which only amplified her feeling that it had been the right thing. That the Lord had wanted her to go on the mission. She had, and now she could right about it for the rest of the world. Hopefully the book would not take too long.

"Certainly, but His plans are so great. Who are we to question?" She said with a whimsical thoughtfulness. "I do hope your work is doing well. Oh, isn't it so wonderful to see a new little life in their first moments in the world? I remember when each of my children were born. First seeing their innocent eyes first look at mine." A little sigh of happiness at the thought. The hard work before was certainly difficult, but her children were certainly blessings.

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