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September 2nd, 1889; Morning — Great Hall
Geoffrey had almost laughed when Alina was sorted into Hufflepuff. From his brief interactions with her before school, he had gotten the impression that she was more Slytherin. He didn't know how he would have responded if she'd been sorted into SLyterhin with him, but he was almost sure the house wouldn't survive the year if they'd been put into the same house.

Probably a good thing that the Sorting Hat had decided to seperate them, then. He had to make fun of her for getting into a house that didn't fit her at all.

When he spotted the one whom he was hunting, he gave her a smirk and said, "Enjoying Hufflepuff?"

The conflicted feelings that Alina felt hadn't gone away. It was maddening. She had written to her mother about it. Doubtful that anything the woman could say would be much help.

Perhaps the house of Slytherin wouldn't have survived her and her fast formed nemesis being in the same house. With his last name, the welp had been sorted first. Perhaps that was why she got the short end of the stick.

Alina's nose instantly scrunched at hearing that annoying voice. Gritting her teeth, she relaxed her face to a cool expression of ice and turned to the worm. "I'm finding my way. At least I know how to adapt to my surroundings. Don't need to hide behind magic to fit in." She sneered, referring to his ridiculous eye color change.

Magic by Lady!
Geoffrey had hoped nobody had noticed his wild eye color changes last night. Something dramatically new would happen shortly and his... loss of control over his ability would be forgotten. It was fine. He hadn't wanted to keep it a secret, but he hadn't wanted to show that he could change his appearance within his first hour at Hogwarts.

He mentally shrugged it off. "It isn't hiding behind magic if it's an ability I happened to be gifted with." He ignored her sneer.  He didn't know why he bothered with her. She wasn't worth his time.

It wasn't like she hadn't seen it before. People's eyes just were not naturally black. Which was more stupid than creepy. Still, whether he had meant to or not, he was still making his eye color change for no reason whenever he pleased.

"Awe, is someone a bit defensive because he has no self control?" Quite frankly, she meant both with the powers and in general, and would happily admit to this. If anyone's time was being wasted, she felt that it was her own.

Magic by Lady!

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