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Break The Silence
11th September, 1889 — Fox & Son
It had been a quiet shift. They often were, working from dusk to dawn rather than the other way around... although Jay supposed the days were not much busier, either. It was a small shop, after all, and the customers who came in more often than not preferred their privacy.

Jay had taken advantage of the emptiness to finish drafting a letter. (To his parents, as all his letters were that were not on Fox & Son business.) He had the books open on top of it, but scribbled another line or two on the parchment underneath when the thought occurred. He had held back a yawn or two in the past half-hour as dawn came creeping in, and Jay was looking forward to heading up to his flat upstairs to sleep the day out.

Drowsy as he had been, he had not been fully dozing, and so had heard the door swing open with a little more force than it ordinarily did.

That didn’t mean it hadn’t nearly given him a heart attack, though, and he was near-startled out of his skin, a leg of the stool screeching under him as he straightened up as fast as he could.

[Image: 3HEmwct.png]
Autumn was fast approaching, and it didn't hesitate to let Hestia know it. She'd pulled her cloak over her, however that was thoroughly soaked through. With her pockets throughly weighed with treasures, Hestia hopped lithely over the cobblestones leading to Knocktourn Alley. Her boots were almost as soaked through as her cloak - on both of which she'd forgotten to cast a repellant charm. Shit.

The path she took to the shop was automatic by now, down to the stones she stepped on. Right foot here, left foot there - avoid the pipe sticking out of the side of the street that you could impale yourself on. Under the ridiculously low shop sign next door, and...


It was a little harder than Hestia meant to throw the door open, however, this occasion was paired with a well-timed gust of wind that pushed the door more than she did. If it weren't for her grip on the door, she'd have tumbled headfirst into the shop. Frankly, it wouldn't have been her first time doing so, but she knew that was a less....preferable entrance as opposed to walking silently in.

Despite the startle it gave her, she still managed to catch the look on Jay's face and she let out a bark of laughter as she clung to the still swinging door. Once she'd gotten her feet underneath her, she released the door and let it swing shut again. "You're not falling asleep on the job again, are you?" she teased, walking towards the counter.

[Image: rbQSpY.jpg]
It was almost a pity Jay did not have the character to be funny, else he might have tried laughing at her, the way she fell in through the doorway as though she’d been swept in by a gale-force wind.

As it was, Hestia was laughing at him - and he had given her occasion for it, hadn’t he? - to which Jay could only sigh and shake his head. Again,” he muttered under his breath with a frown of protestation, because it was by no means a regular occurrence, and if she had ever seen him with his eyes very briefly closed, he’d hope she’d keep it to herself. “Not with that kind of entrance, I’m not,” he added, a little louder but more mildly, relieved that not many people actually lived on the Alley to be greeted by such an unceremonious wake-up call.

He was relieved, however, that it was only Hestia, and so he settled back onto his chair, though he drew the accounting books closer to him, eyeing her sopping wet cloak and boots and wondering where she had been. “Don’t drip on anything,” he warned her. Simeon Fox was not a man for mess.

[Image: 3HEmwct.png]

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