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July 1st, 1819 — Flea Court

Leif hadn't seen Billie for a while, and while they were friends he understood being busy. He certainly had been, trying to earn as many sickles as possible to pay for some new school stuff and to save up, planning to convince his parents on prolonging his Hogwarts stay past the standard one year that they'd been telling him about since Xavier and Xander were born.

He'd brought his new, or rather, new-ish set of Gobstones along, in case Billie wanted to play with him. It was something he thought was rather fun. And of course, it wouldn't be Leif without at least one brother following him around, not his choice. Today, it was Xander, who'd been able to complain his way out of doing chores and was now tottering after Leif. He hoped Billie wouldn't mind, as Xander was relatively quiet, plus he wasn't totally a baby like his other brothers.

"Billie!" Leif caught a glimpse of his friend, grinning widely and waving his arms around, he yelled, "Hey Billie! How's it going?"

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Summer had brought about two things in the life of Billie Farrow--helping Gideon with the pre-Hogwarts rush and a new obsession with quidditch. The latter really shouldn't have made her as busy as it did, but she was now determined to join her house team when she was old enough. That meant she needed to learn the rules of the game and how to fly, asap.

It was on a particularly restless day that she wandered toward the slums to meet up with Leif. She arrived a few moments before him and had set about kicking a stray rock until she heard his familiar voice.

"Leif! Hey!" She squinted at which brother trailed behind and grinned, "An' hello, Xander!"

Her hair looked as if it were about to fly away as she dashed closer, grin lopsided. "What didja bring. That gobstones?"

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Xander waved from a little ways off to the sides, and said something inaudible. Leif didn't even hear it. Leif nodded at Billie's question, though, holding up his bag of Gobstones triumphantly. He was pretty excited to show Billie, especially since these ones could shoot the goop out. Mostly.

"Check it out! These ones shoot an everythin'." a smile lit up his face as he pulled one out of the bag and prodded it, causing it to shoot goop at him. Leif wiped it off, still pretty happy. "You 'member how to play?" he said, grinning.

They could talk while they played, catch up with what was going on. Leif wanted to tell Billie all about his new foster sister, Phoenix, and how she'd been stone.

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