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Charming to See You [OWL Charms]
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September 9, 1889 - Charms Classroom, Hogwarts

With the initial first week of classes over the excitement and novelty of classes had started to wear off. The students seemed to be settling in alright and Ellsworth found that, at least with his O.W.L. students that they had started to fall into their regular pattern, the excitement a bit less everyday.

Once his students had filed in Ellsworth looked at the class with his normal jovial smile, despite the hour of the morning. First thing in the morning Charms was not everyone’s cup of tea. “Good morning!” He said brightly, “Today we shall be working on a silencing charm. I am sure those of you who are not necessarily morning people will find this an excellent use of your time.” He chuckled.

Now to review,” Ellsworth brought his wand out of his sleeve and pushed his sleeves away from his wrists so they could see the motions, “Silencio!” He pointed it at a student who was still murmuring in the front row. They fell silent despite their mouth still moving.

Thank you.” He nodded to the student then looked at the rest of the class. “Please pair off and begin practising. The first student from each year to achieve a perfect silencing charm will receive 5 points to their house. ” With a swish of his wand he lifted the charm from the student, their voice adding to the cacophony of students looking for partners to get to work.

Skill Level: Below Average, Average, Above Average

Open to all O.W.L. Students, sorry if I forgot to tag you.
Note: results will be posted every few days.

@Sisse Thompsett @Sloane Bixby @Madeline Bell @"Alycone Slughorn" @Camille Scrimgeour @Cameron Gillenwater @Hestia Fairchild @Edgar Rey II @Calla Potts @Honey Whitledge @Aleksei Nichols @Idunn Fraser @Helixa Hyslop @George Waterford @Cane Backus @Thomas Montgomery @Nelson Higgs @Agnes Mercier @Artemis Fairchild @Holly Scrimgeour @Elijah Urquart @Irene Fudge @"Clue Levertt" @Narcissus Laurent
Artemis hadn't been able to focus as well as she would've liked in her courses the year before, she was trying harder this year. She could do it, she would do it. She was going to the best she could this year and hopefully find out what she enjoyed doing the most, so she could choose her NEWT courses accordingly.

When she arrived at the Charms class, she didn't talk with the other students. She didn't even talk or look to her younger sister - whom she had been pushing away for the last year or so. She'd have to remedy that soon as well.

She had to bite her lips from laughing when one of the other students were muted because they wouldn't stop talking long enough for Professor Ruskin to tell them what they'd be doing today.

It turned out to be just a review from on of the spells they'd learned in the years they'd been at the school (the youngest was working on their third year).

When instructed to, she found a partner, raised her wand, and attempted to cast the silencing spell.

Skill Level: Average
Nelson waited quietly as Professor Ruskin explained the day's task to them all. Charms was not one of Nelson's favourite classes at the best of times, if only because it was so very practical, and he was practically useless with a wand.

Today, though, it took all he had not to burst out in laughter - though of course he didn't make a peep, because funny as it was, it wasn't worth dying over. They were doing Silencing Charms today, see; Silencing Charms on each other. Nelson glanced around from friend to friend, wondering how exactly he would work as a partner for anyone. He supposed he might work if someone wanted their job already done.

Be that as it may, he let the bustle of students begin pairing off before he stared pitifully at Professor Ruskin, and raised his hand questioningly, in a gesture of what, uh, do I do?

As the students began to partner with each other Mr. Higgs’ hand went up. “Ah, yes, Mr. Higgs. I have not forgotten you. You shall be paired with myself.” He gestured for the fifth year to come toward his desk. Ellsworth thought the boy showed promise. Despite his grades and results Mr. Higgs was attempting to do only nonverbal magic. Once he managed that Ellsworth was quite certain he’d be able to do anything. Hopefully the boy would be tenacious enough himself to pursue NEWT Charms next year.

Nearby Mr. Higgs the elder Miss Fairchild’s spell had no affect on her partner.

@Artemis Fairchild
@Nelson Higgs
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   Nelson Higgs
Charms wasn't her favorite class, but it wasn't by far her least favorite either, really? She liked classes like these that had far more practical aspects than theory, but charms often had more theory than her other hands-on classes, so it was admittedly further back on the list. But she could see the importance to it. So she found a partner, waited her turn and attempted the charm.

Skill level: Average
Despite having two new electives this year Sisse still found Charms to be her favorite class. She enjoyed the coursework and found it fairly easy - it helped that it was the course that came most naturally to her.

She listened, excited to try a new spell. When they were able to turn to their partners Sisse smiled and then cast, “Silencio.” Eager to see the results.

Skill Level: Above Average

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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@Calla Potts
The first degree of success that Ellsworth saw was from Miss Potts who’s partner’s voice few quieter by a few degrees. “Well done Miss Potts, a bit more practice and you should have it.” Ellsworth waved his wand a restored the voice of her partner.

@Sisse Thompsett

Nearby Miss Thompsett’s partner remained unaffected. “Again Miss Thompsett.
It was with a stab of jealousy that Gretchen watched Nelson Higgs being given what was almost certainly a better opportunity than was being offered to her to learn a new skill. On the other hand it would be remarkably difficult to know if one had succeeded and Gretchen enjoyed the praise of a job well done far too much to not have her accomplishment be acknowledge - even if it was by an old man who was altogether far too egalitarian for her taste.

She waved her wand at her partner and spoke the incantation clearly, reasoning that getting it right this way was a much better start than attempting non-verbal magic and failing for all to see. She would practice that privately until she was quite sure she could get it right before she allowed anybody to see her so much as attempt the more advanced skill!

Skill Level: Above Average
She grinned as the professor reversed her partial effect charm, waiting for her turn again as her partner took her own turn. She hadn't been expecting anything on her first attempt and the praise made her squirm slightly in her seat, and while she felt flushed she was pleased with herself.


Skill level: Average
Sisse frowned at Professor Ruskin’s words. She had been so eager to learn a new spell and now it had done nothing. She smiled apologetically at her partner, “Here goes.” And repeated the spell.

[Image: x5VH1p.png]
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He offered Professor Ruskin a grateful smile for finding a way to include him in this, though the smile did turn into something of a furtive grimace when the Professor began surveying other people's attempts. Ruskin meant well, and was an exceptionally good teacher, and Nelson thought he would rather like charms if everyone was not so used to witnessing his failures. It always made him rather hesitant to try.

Nevertheless, he couldn't stand about and do nothing forever, so he narrowed his eyes in concentration, tried his hardest to imagine the Professor opening his mouth and not being able to speak, and cast his silent silencing charm, prepared to have to try it a hundred times.
Skill Level: Below Average (b/c nonverbal)

Although Irene was far from obtaining the knowledge seventh years had of charms upon graduating from Hogwarts, she would call her skill above average and have it proved with her eyes closed. If only because she cared so much for Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, and spells were constantly needed for the better handling of those beings. Some other person with similar interests might have resorted to what they learned at DADA, but for Irene, the best approach was the one that had less impact and hurt, but the most efficiency.

In other words, she had been working for years on being one of the best students at Charms, as the subject had proved to be so useful in her life. When she heard they would be learning how to silence people? The girl could hardly contain a grin, relieved this was something better than handy. It would serve well with plants who had a tendency to scream, and some despicable creatures she had to call classmates. Not to mention, it could be a fun way to prank some of the girls from her dorm (which was rather advanced thoughts for Irene, and her constant do-right-look-perfect approach to life).

In no time, she had her want pointed at a partner. With a nod, and some previous conversation, it was clear she would be starting. So, there it was - "Silencio!"

Skill level: Above average

[Image: WCKsUh0.jpg]
@Gretchen Lestrange
Miss Lestrange’s partner quite suddenly ceased making noise after her spell, Ellsworth smiled at her. “Well done Miss Lestrange. Five points to Slytherin.” With a flick of his wand he restored her partner’s voice with a nonverbal spell.

@Calla Potts @Sisse Thompsett
Meanwhile Miss Potts and Miss Thompsett’s partners both seemed to quiet slightly, but still were chatting to the girls. A wave of his wand and they too resumed speaking at their normal tones. “Again ladies. Remember to concentrate.

@Nelson Higgs
Mr. Higgs, Ellsworth felt assured, would be able to mute him regardless of his location in the classroom, but as he continued his pacing and surveying, speaking for the benefit of Mr. Higgs, he felt no change, despite having seen Mr. Higgs try. “Again Mr. Higgs, don’t forget to articulate the spell in your thoughts.

@Irene Fudge
Not far from them Miss Fudge’s partner also became quieter, but still could be heard. “Again Miss Fudge.
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It was hard enough to concentrate even without having to overhear Miss Lestrange getting congratulated for making quick work of the lesson. It wasn’t as though Nelson could avoid hearing it, since Professor Ruskin was his target for the spell. (Could spite be enough of a motivator to manage it, when focus alone could not? It would be a little bit funny to silence the professor before he tried to give any other houses points.)

Nelson did not expect a second try would be progress enough to earn himself any points, but nevertheless, he did as Professor Ruskin had suggested, and imagined saying the words, articulating it in his mind, syllable by syllable. Silencio.

Skill Level: Below Average (b/c nonverbal)

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