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If I Told You
September 7th, 1889 — Whizzhard Books
@Rosie Binns

With many of the village children off at Hogwarts, the bookshop had slipped back to its usual quiet atmosphere, and he was no longer plagued with the dreaded, leaking textbooks that had made the place humid beyond belief.  Only a few customers milled about, so he had settled himself into a squashy chair, contently sorting through a pile of new additions.  One of the resident cats lounged with him and took to trying to swat the books that Zachariah sent floating off to their new shelves.

He had become so consumed in the soothing work that he didn't notice he had company until a woman's shadow fell over him.  Glancing up, he quickly plucked off his reading glasses and smiled warmly up at the familiar face.

"Rosie!" He cheerfully called out.  "What a wonderful surprise.  I don't usually see you here without your children."  Although, it seemed Emma was more often accompanied by her nanny than her mother. 

Tucking spectacles into his vest pocket, he slowly rose to his feet.

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Thank you, Haaaawke!
School was back, and thus the tension between herself and her husband was more obvious within the household itself. Never around the children, the only thing Rosie and Hugo seemed to ever agree upon.

Rosie loved her children dearly, despite who their father was. Though she did favor her daughters, as her son was far too much like his father. But she attempted to not let it show.

Today she was out of the house. A nice relief. No parties to be dragged to, no nagging or quips from the man she must call husband. So she decided to go where she knew she could find some happiness, even if it did tug on her heartstrings.

Smiling kindly at Zach, she was always glad when he welcomed her presence happily. It was too hard to come too often. The tugging of her heart strings was a hard thing to live with. But days like these were easier. "Oh, you know Hugo. Always wants to be busy during the season. I've missed spending time with you. How have you been?"

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Zachariah's smile tensed a bit at the mention of his dear brother. He knew how the man could be, and it tried on his infinite well of patience that Rosie was forced to put up with him. He couldn't help but ponder what could have been if things had been different, but he would never admit that to Rosie. He so valued her friendship above all else.

"I have missed you as well." He gestured to the chair he had recently vacated in case she wanted to sit. "I have been well now that my shop has ceased being a swamp. I just owled Emma quite a few books she had been eying this summer, so I hope she'll be all set until Christmas." He smiled fondly at the mention of his niece.

"How have you been, Rosie?"

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Thank you, Haaaawke!
In truth, Rosie did like to mess with her husband in the most subtle of ways. With his tendency to be pushy and nagging, it served him right. She thought of having her vanity and dresser switched in place of one another. Small things that didn'tget him too mad, but enough that he would look on with irritation.

If only she knew how Zach felt. If only Zach knew how she felt. What could they do then? Likely not much, but would they be happier knowing?

Giving him a grateful smile, Rosie sat down and listened to what he had to say. "Oh yes, that whole swamp mess. Was there any lasting damage?"

The fact that he sent books to Emma warmed Rosie's heart. He would certainly make an excellent father. Whoever the mother was would be quite lucky. "I'm sure she'll be quite pleased."

Not many truly cared about the answer to 'how have you been'. At least in Rosie's case. Her parents simply wanted to make sure she was being a good wife. Her brother was busy with his own life. Her husband couldn't be bothered. And the children were still children, no matter how grown up they might believe themselves to be. But Zach always did seem to care.

"Fine, mostly. Tired. Always have to be ready for this party or that, making smart friendships when I can. Oh, and one of the household staff's niece stayed at our home one day, or was it two? Hugo doesn't know about that, but she was such a saint the whole time." It had been an interesting request from the girl, but Rosie knew her enough from the girl peaking in on lessons and such with her children. Hugo did not know of that either.

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"Nothing lasting. Though, the books irritatingly kept resurfacing." He was sure some mischievous village children had hidden some copies in any nook and cranny they could find. He was fairly certain that they had finally confiscated the very last volume. Zach had even gone so far as to chew out the professor who had ordered them.

As Rosie spoke, Zachariah listened on intently. He sincerely wished to know about her well-being. She couldn't change who his brother was, but he could at least attempt to make Rosie's life a little more bearable. Even if it was just to lend an ear from time to time.

"Ah, yes, parties to help aid in his never ending quest to become the richest wizard this side of Britain, no doubt," he mumbled, never understanding Hugo's need to constantly claw his way up the social ladder, dragging his poor family with him. It annoyed him to no end to know Hugo was driving Rosie to exhaustion.

"Oh? Without his permission. Why Rosie, how devious of you!" He let out a laugh at that, clearly meaning the statement as a compliment. He admired her care for others; it was something he also valued highly. Why shouldn't household staff also be admitted family visitors from time to time? Then again, his opinions on such matters weren't popular in some circles.

"Would you care for some tea?" He offered, hoping a warm beverage would entice her to visit a while.

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Thank you, Haaaawke!
Destruction of books was not something that Rosie could say she supported, but these troublesome things seemed to be the exception to that mentality. Causing so much trouble and damage, she could hardly imagine having to deal with such chaos for an extended period of time. "I do hope no stray books have hidden away to be found even later in the year."

In all honesty, Rosie saw Hugo as someone far more likely to fail than succeed at his foolish goals. No one liked a gold digger. Being the fly that buzzed around where he had no business being. "Let us hope that at some point he'll get bored of this interest of his and focus on something practical."

A sly smile formed on her lips. One of the few times she felt like a Slytherin these days. "She comes around every so often anyway. Helping her aunt, sitting in on a few lessons here and there. A determined little one. I was surprised to here when she wasn't put in Slytherin. Hugo didn't notice the difference. Never pays the staff much mind unless he has to."

Oh yes, an excuse to stay for longer and chat. "I would love some."

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"I dearly hope not," he stated, passionately. Though, he had a suspicion that they might reappear over the winter holidays.

Zachariah wrinkled his nose a bit at Rosie's comment concerning her husband. "I am not too sure my brother and practical are two words that generally exist in the same sentence, even though he thinks he is being such." Which was odd to him. Hugo was so bent on looking down on the rest of them. Zach thought he was doing alright for himself. His bookshop was modest, but it made him happy and comfortable. Yet his brother didn't think it practical. "I hope for you, and the children's sake, he quits before anything...embarrassing occurs."

He pursed his lips at the thought, knowing full well that he would try to do anything in his power to soften the blow if anything of the like were to ever occur.

His smile grew as he listened to Rosie speak about the young girl. "She does sound determined. If you think she may need anything to help her get on track with the rest of her classmates, I would be more than happy to send something along to her." He often similarly helped the village children. Everyone deserved a chance at a good education.

Delighted, Zach raised his wand, non-verbally calling for the tea tray and one of the pots that sat bubbling in one of the fireplaces.

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Thank you, Haaaawke!
It might have been a tad unladylike, but Rosie let out a soft snort upon hearing the first sentence regarding her husband. How true that was. Nothing practical about Hugo. "We can always hope. In the mean time, send any nice high society ladies my way, would you?" Zach seemed to have a good tell of when someone was a good person or not. If she had to play nice, it was easier with people that were nice. She didn't really care about being embarrassed anymore, but she did care if the children got stuck in the crossfire.

"Really? Oh Zach, that would be so wonderful. I would hate to see her not succeed due to a lack of supplies. I've allowed my children to let her borrow their old books, but some new ones for next year would be so amazing. I'm sure she would be very excited by the gift." Her mother might not like the idea of 'charity' being thrown their way, but perhaps they could plan on it being anonymous. Sent to the girl at school. But it was more than a bit of charity. Rosie saw this girl every now and again through the years and she wanted to see the little one succeed.

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"Of course," he responded seriously, though there was a bit of a laugh still lingering at the corners of his eyes. "We do have a ladies book group that likes to sometimes meet up in the shop to select their next read. There are a few high society ladies who attend. That is, if you're interested and Hugo deems it a 'worthy social affair.'" If Zach were the eye rolling type, they'd already be in the back of head.

As they returned to the conversation about the young girl, his smile grew warm. "When the time comes, I shall set aside the correct texts for next year. And, if you learn what she's interested in, I think I could sneak in a few other volumes." He gave Rosie another smile. He admired how much she seemed to care about those who were less fortunate. It weighed on his heart that she was saddled with his brother who was the type to practically spit upon beggars.

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Thank you, Haaaawke!
The idea made her eyes shine. A book club. Far more of an interesting event than the various parties she had been dragged to. With discussions and hopefully intelligent ladies to speak with. "I would love that. I'll speak to Hugo of the matter." He might not even care if he heard the words 'high society women'. In a small gathering? All the better for making connections.

"I've heard her complaining to her aunt that her mother won't let her play quidditch. Maybe a book about the subject would bring her joy?" She said thoughtfully. Rosie's own mother would likely have had a heart attack if Rosie had ever requested to participate in such a sport.

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Zachariah's smile grew. "I believe a Mrs. Finella Young is the organizer of the group. They call themselves The Hogsmeade Ladies' Literary Society." Because they were much too proper to be named something interesting and clever.

He hoped Hugo would allow her to attend. While assisting Rosie in extracting some sort enjoyment out of Hugo's overzealous endeavors was his priority, a more selfish part of him hoped her membership would be a wonderful excuse for her to visit him more often. Even if they were never meant to be, their friendship was one of the relationships he most treasured in the world.

"Of course! I shall sift through our many volumes on quidditch to find one that would most excite a girl of her age." Perhaps, it would allow the girl to pretend she was actually playing.

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Thank you, Haaaawke!
What a mundane name. Hopefully the books were at least more interesting. That remained to be seen. But at least the crowd would fit her more. "I will send a letter to her to inquire about the club further." Having a better conversation that was more complex than 'isn't this party lovely?' sounded absolutely delightful.

It was an excuse to visit Zach more, not that she would admit it. The very idea of someone catching onto her feelings nagged at the back of her mind. She never let it show, though. It was one thing to take a vague interest in another man. What would the children think if their mother was seen having feelings for their own uncle? Things were complicated enough as they were.

"Thank you. I'm sure she will be very grateful." The family seemed like a more practical than one to focus on fantasies, but Miss O'Malley was still a child. If Rosie could sneak in some childish fun, it would be irresponsible for her not to.

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