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Sunday paused, fork halfway up to her mouth. Burnt to the ground? "No, why?" she asked, genuinely confused as she tilted her head slightly to the side. Her eyes widened as suddenly she realized his house might have burned to the ground. "Did yours?" she demanded, putting down her fork. She'd write to Papa immediately asking if they might be able to house a few guests! Perhaps they could give them a discount, but Sunday would definitely fight to see if Archie's family could stay as long as they were searching for a new home. "That's so horrible Archie, you should have said something!! Oh dear, now I feel like I'm bragging about my home at a resort, I'm so sorry please do forgive me!"

The words tumbled out of her mouth before she could stop it and she grasped Archie by the shoulders with both hands. Little did she know she'd just assumed a tad too much, in addition to having apple pie crumbs all around her mouth.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Okay, that was a relief. It still didn't answer just why she lived in a resort, but he didn't have time to ask; the moment he opened his mouth, she suddenly had her arms on his shoulders and was profusely apologizing for what? His house — his house? — burning down?

"No, no," he said weakly, having gone stiff from the sudden contact. "I have a perfectly nice house in London. It's painted a nice grey and I've my own room, even," he continued, trying to reassure her that he was, in fact, not homeless.

"I only meant that it's peculiar to hear of someone living in a resort. Do your parents work there?" he asked. He pulled away and, motioning to her mouth, handed her a handkerchief.

Sunday blushed furiously at her assumption and quickly removed her hands from Archie. She accepted the napkin with haste, wanting to bury her face in it from embarrassment - Mummy had said this was a problem of hers: jumping to conclusions before verifying them. Sunday sighed, collecting herself. "That's nice you have your own room," she replied in a slightly smaller voice, eyes glancing around to see if she'd caused too much of a commotion. "you get to have your own books and toys to yourself!"

She shook her head, folding the napkin up and placing it on the table which promptly saw it disappear. "No, my mum and papa built it when I was young - er....had it built." she corrected herself.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
There was no denying the embarrassment on her face. Archie reached out and touched her arm reassuringly, hoping she wouldn't get too worked up or too quiet, but was pleased to find that she continued to conversation despite her pink cheeks.

"I've got more than that, too," he said. "My mum and father are archeaologists. I've got enchanted pictures of all the different places they've been all over my room. They said they made them themselves, but I don't believe them anymore. They're too complex." He chattered on for a moment, hoping to forget the momentary awkwardness between them.

He looked away as she cleaned herself, his eyes drifting once again to the Hufflepuff table as a group of students stood up from the table and shifted seats. He looked back towards her when she started to speak again, and his eyes widened with curiosity.

"They... they had the resort built? You mean to tell me the resort belongs to your family?" he asked.
From what Holliday told her about the wrong sorts of people she could encounter at Hogwarts, Sunday had been a little apprehensive. Archie's comforting pat on her hand made her feel that perhaps things wouldn't be too bad. For all that she'd talked to Archie about putting himself out there, truth be told it was easier said than done.

His room sounded wonderful - Sunday thought perhaps he could visit at the resort, he might like the beaches and perhaps being able to visit the place instead of seeing it through pictures (as much as she thought that Archie's parents must have been rather magically gifted to have done to his room what he said they did.

"Yes," she said, spooning another bit of pie into her mouth. "Their names are Winifred and Herbert Fudge! Papa got killed during the Wizarding World Market, but he came back as a ghost. He runs the Resort with the help of his scribe, Titus." She continued as if this was the most ordinary thing to say to a new friend. "We have a zoo and boardwalk and a beach too. Though I think you might like the zoo - personally I am inclined to the beach, but we have some cute fluffy animals that you can pet there!" Though it was only the start of the school year, Sunday thought about writing to her parents and perhaps seeing if Archie could come visit the next summer. They'd have such fun, and perhaps she could teach him how to swim!

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Archie watched with great attentiveness as she went on about her family and home life. She seemed enchanted by her own life, which is something he wished he could say about himself; although the Diggory family had seen excitement in faraway places, their home was far from exciting. For all his parents loved to write and explore, they completely lacked creativity. Their home was painted an ugly brown on the outside and grey on the inside. Everything was plain—and everything that wasn't was covered in ugly florals. Maybe he could convince his family to spend his school breaks at a resort if it meant they could wander around the zoos and discover the local secrets.

"That sounds like a dream," he said he with a deep sigh. "Definitely more exciting than Egypt, I'll tell you that. A ghost father? A boardwalk and zoo? Having the water so close? I couldn't imagine what that would be like." While the wilds of Egypt definitely offered plenty of sights, it also offered plenty of danger. It would be far nicer, Archie thought, to experience the same thrill from a safer place.
"Oh no!" she said, shaking her head vigorously. "While I know back home can be a bit of a paradise, I don't think it's anything compared to Egypt - Egypt has the pyramids! What a sight to behold!" While she was more drawn to water than the desert, they both had sand, so the desert couldn't be all that bad could it?

Sunday beamed at him. "Perhaps you can come visit, you and your family!" she suggested. "I can talk to mummy and papa, I'm sure they would love to meet you. And I can show you the beach and how to properly swim." She grinned mischevously at him; though he hadn't outright said it, she had the strongest feeling that he was not the best swimmer....

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
He could only laugh at her response, a wide, toothy smile on his face. She seemed so set on defending Egypt, but he couldn't imagine her surviving a day there. The only reason he had was because he was raised there, and after all the time he'd spent back in Britain, he could hardly imagine surviving there without all the comforts of a civilized society.

"I've seen them a few times," he said. "They're pretty—and big, definitely big—but that's all they are. They don't allow children to lurk about the grounds. You'd get bored with them in, eh, three weeks?" Now a resort, he could imagine, could get boring after a while, too, but didn't everything? He would still very much like to see the zoo, walk the boardwalk, and...

"Hey, I can swim! For leisure, but I can swim!" he protested.
Having been allowed to do nothing but lurk around the resort, Sunday did not find this rule very appealing. No being allowed to lurk about the grounds? Well that didn't sound like much fun, though she still didn't doubt its beauty.

She grinned again at his protests, taking on a false air of holier-than-thou. "That certainly wasn't the case with a certain someone when I fell in the water, Archie!" she chirped in mock admonishment.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Archie scrunched his nose at her teasing. "There's a difference between swimming in a pond when it's warm and the sun is bright, and jumping in the water when it's cold and pitch black outside," he pouted, nudging her arm with his elbow. If she was going to tease him about that forever, he'd have to find something to tease her about!

"Just wait until I get a flying carpet. Then we'll talk!" he warned.
Sunday's mouth popped open and she gasped. "I did not jump!" she exclaimed, indignant. She scrunched her nose back at him, seriously contemplating sticking her tongue out. Perhaps that'd be too childish though, so she settled on rolling her eyes.

"And where would you get a flying carpet?" she laughed, though the thought of it seemed rather fun.

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
Archie smiled. "There's no reason to be ashamed of looking for adventure, even if you had to throw yourself in the water to find it," he teased, knowing fully well that she hadn't meant to but also finding her mock-offense amusing. "Only next time I would recommend doing it during the daytime."

He waved it off, letting her know that he was just teasing once he could no longer hold back his laughter.

"Oh, I'll get one," he said. "I imagine my parents have connections. One day we'll go flying. Promise." At least he hoped that he and Sunday would be friends 'one day'. She was very nice and he preferred her company to that of his dorm-mates at the moment. Surely it wasn't too difficult to keep friends at Hogwarts?

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