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Breaking Free
September 7, 1889 - Outskirts of the Forbidden Forest

In the last year Caroline would never have expected to find herself here. It wasn’t so much the where but rather the who that surprised her. Mr. Tybalt Kirke. A year ago she had met him and determined he was two marbles short of a mental institution. Then somehow through a series of social events in the past nine month Caroline had formed a rather interesting friendship with the man. While she was still sometimes convinced he wasn’t entirely there, he was a friendly face at events where not everyone was. He had a good sense of humor and she’d somehow convinced him to teach her quidditch.

Caroline had never been a girl to turn down a new adventure. She’d sailed across the sea away from her family for the sake of it. She’d almost played quodpot back in the day, but had been much more interested in her social life to take the time to learn to play. But since arriving in England she had seen quidditch and it was intriguing. Who better to teach her than a former professional quidditch player?

Alright, I’m ready. Now what?” Caroline sat mounted on a broom, stylish green and blue flying robes doing the best they could to make her look femanine despite their very design. Her brown eyes looked up at Mr. Kirke as she smiled. Somehow, in the past nine month since she had determined he wasn’t a lunatic he had become one of the few people she didn’t put an act on. Surprisingly, around him she felt like she could be herself.

Sitting well away from the forest Hope watched the two. Caroline’s maid always up for an adventure herself, and willing to distract anyone who might stumble upon them. Caroline, afterall, had appearances to keep up and a match to make.

@Tybalt Kirke

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He missed this.

This meant lots of things all at once, really. Flying. His quidditch career, stunted as it had been. Even getting to spend time outdoors, skirting a little close to the treeline, though now they were in a clearing on the other side of the castle, just up from Bartonburg. And to be spending time with friends, mucking about and being able to tease and being able to talk. Miss Delaney was not the person he wished he could spend time with, but he could hardly begrudge her that. She was a good substitute. And she had proved herself, in the span of their acquaintance, to be rather a good sport.

Today, though, they were certainly putting that to the test. “You think you’re ready,” Tyb countered with a grin, amused by how fashionable she looked even on the cusp of this. One would think a bludger would be almost too afraid to crease her robes. He surveyed her with a cocked head for a moment more, half-inclined to draw it out and test her patience. “I think you should take the broom for another spin first,” Tybalt declared, gesturing a finger in a little circle, a quaffle resting under his other arm at the ready. But before he started tossing balls at her, he wondered - “Have you ever really flown one-handed?”

At this statement Caroline couldn’t help but playfully roll her eyes. He was putting on his quidditch player airs again. Of course she was ready, but she allowed his critique and waited for him to finish this thought. For a moment more he watched her, Caroline was more patient than most people gave her credit for, and she sat perfectly still as he passed his judgement.

Oh fine.” Caroline gave him an exasperated sigh, reminded of her mother teaching her how to walk in a straight line with books balanced on her head. She kicked off the ground and rose into the air taking a hand off the broom in response to his question. “Of course!” After all she’d grown up with brothers. With a grin she flew in a circle, holding on with one hand and keeping her balance. She’d always enjoyed flying club in school and while she hadn’t flown since graduation it was rather easy to get back into it.

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