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Song-Jin Moon
Full Name: Song-Jin Moon
Nicknames: N/A
Birthdate: 22 April 1878
Current Age: 11
Occupation: Student
Reputation: 8 His Martial arts practice and behavior in school brings him down a bit
Residence: London, England
Hogwarts House: Unknown
Wand: 9" Cherry wood with Dragon Heartstring (Inherited)
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Social Class: Upper muggle
Family:  Father: Lee Song-Jin (36) Mother: Ji Woo Song-Jin (33) Sister: Seo Yeon Song-Jin (9)
Appearance: A youthful Korean boy, with a smile that is easily seen in his eyes. His hair is dark brown and messy. He typically wears his school tie loosely and is always being reminded to tuck in his under shirt. He is right handed. His eyes are hazel and when he has done something wrong his smirk is almost wolf like. He stands at 4'8".
Moon Song-Jin was born in Seoul, Korea to Lee and Ji Woo Song-Jin. Lee was a from a long line of Hwarangs which was an elite warrior group in Silla that ended in the 10th century. While the Hwarangs were no longer a group, the philosophical traditions and practices were passed down through the family making them a respected family by how they behaved. As Lee came of age he took to Law School and became a lawyer and international business man. Ji Woo was known as the Crimson Flower in Korea, due to family name being Jinhong and her beauty being known far and wide. She was also a renown dancer and practitioner. A few years after the two were married they had their first child, Moon Song-Jin. Named after his mother's favourite song.

From birth it was clear, Song-Jin Moon was a cheerful boy who loved to laugh and bring joy to the world. He also was very daring, getting into places a baby wouldn't normally be able to and appearing on top of things that seemed impossible for a young boy. It should also be mentioned, both Lee and Ji Woo were non magical people. They had no knowledge of magic, but would later learn Lee's cousin was a witch, but had hid it from the family and even her husband successfully all their lives.

When Moon, mostly known as Song-Jin, was 2 his little sister Seo Yeon was born. Moon was very protective of his sister, but also growing up she was the center of many of his jokes or pranks. While she was the more serious of the two, she also inherited their mother's more gentle and caring side and so the two rarely argued with one another.

One day, when Moon was 8 and his sister was 6, they were in a fight about who was could climb a tree faster, Song-Jin lost to his sister and in anger turned her hair pink. Seo Yeon was both scared and angry and she made her brother's hair completely fall out. While weird things seemed to happen around the kids, this was both in a public park and blatantly a show of magic infront of none magic folk. Korea's Ministry of Magic was quick to respond and wipe the memories of the people in the area and get the kids and parents to a more private area. They explained to Lee and Ji Woo that their children were born with magic and Lee's cousin was called in to explain to them in a way they'd understand and help reassure them their children were normal and even special. After a few months of work and educating, their parents came to terms with it and accepted their children. Moon was presented from his father's cousin her wand. She was from China and remarkably exceptional with magic and was awarded a Cherry wand with Dragon Heartstring which was both rare and hard to use, but since she had turned from magic for love, she no longer needed it. Once the wand was in Moon's hand, it began to put out a light hum and with a swish, blue and silver streams began to swirl around him, but the wand was put away for his protection and until school began.

Korea was not a welcoming place to the magical community and were heavy on a witch hunt. To protect his family, Lee accepted a job in London as a name partner for a law firm. In London, both Moon and Seo Yeon  received a tutor to learn English, for Moon this went well, but he still had a heavy accent making him stand out more. While the family was rather wealthy, their Korean linage led to racism from their fellow muggles. This led to both children learning martial arts at a young age. Moon took quickly to Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryū especially the Kendo side of it. Seo Yeon found her stride in Tai Chi and even learned to use it in self defense with borrowed moves from other martial arts.

Before Hogwarts, he attended grade school in Korea and then continued it in London. His first week in school in Lodndon earned him the attention of the local bully, but even for a 9 year he was able to knock out the bully in a few moves without hurting him. This stopped the bullying and Moon's natural desire to joke around and pull pranks got him a lot of friends to laugh at his jokes. Their grandmother would visit from time to time to make sure they were doing ok and handling their magic prior to Hogwarts.

At age 11 he received his from Hogwarts, with his grandmother and sister he went shopping with his grandmother and sister a month before school began. Saying goodbye to his parents and sister at the train station he left for Hogwarts to be away from his family for the first time for a whole year.

Personality: Dynamite mixed with laughing gas.
Sample Roleplay Post: [The itch was becoming unbearable, everything was becoming difficult. This new body, this new gender, and most of all the lack of power. She stood in her bathroom, wearing nothing after a shower. The steam from the shower fogged the glass. As she wiped it away she saw her body and.... it did nothing for her, it was merely a means to an end. In reality, love, lust, affection, it was all a tool to another means.

Moving forward, she got dressed and made her way to the Galactic Alliance hanger. She asked where her ship was located and requested permission to visit a neighboring planet for diplomatic purposes. Once cleared, she made her way to the X-Wing. It was a custom build, but she liked the design over what was being made today. After being fitted with an astromech and being cleared for take off, she began prep of her ship. Once ready she lifted off the floor and lunged forward shooting like a bullet and exiting the planet.

It wasn't long after she left that she arrived on the planet. She touched down in a clearing and hoped out of her ship only to search it for a tracking device. She searched everything and found one in the ship and one in the astromech. She took a while to safely remove them, but to rig a device to make it seem like they were still active and she left them on the planet. She then got back in her ship and lunged into space again, but this time jumping to lightspeed and heading far out of Galactic space and into a now neutral territory.

She set her ship down on the and left it heading for a run down palace. She needed answers, answers that only this place could answer. She walked the halls of the palace, the once lively place, now only a dead place with no one. All who served here had left. She saw the spot everything changed, still blood caked the floor. She stared at the spot and felt...nothing. She made her way out of the palace, there was nothing left. She did make one more stop, a grave. She knelt down in front of it and looked at the name written on it, a name she no longer recognized. That wasn't exactly true, she knew the name as she was the one who wrote it and buried the body.

She spoke to the grave as if it could listen, "What did you forget? Why am I like this? WHAT DID YOU DO?!" In the end, it was futile, she knew it, the man in the grave knew it, but maybe voicing it here would spark a revelation. She stood once again and went away from the grave and palace all together. The next part, was a bit unexpected. As she walked away, the palace began to rock and shutter as explosions began making their way out to bring down the main supports and bring the palace down on itself. She could not afford to leave her old home standing.

She stood in a open field now as smoke plagued the sky and darkened it. She removed her gloves and rubbed her hands together, "Ok, time to get this right." She snapped her fingers on her right hand hoping for fire,,,,,but she got nothing. "KARK!!!!" She took a deep breath and focused on the Force. She let her anger fuel her, fill her and she used her techniques to strive to speed up the air's molecules to make fire, but still nothing happened. In anger she released a blast of the Force and ripped a tree by the roots. Her anger was only fueled even more by the headache to plague her brain. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to calm down and breath. She could not lose herself to the Dark Side, she needed to avoid the Dark Side at all costs. 1...2...3... Breath. She stood again as the headache began to leave her.

She continued to keep herself calm and decided to try once more. She channeled the Force to try to produce fire. She bushed with the force to create a blast, but instead of fire there was ice. She launched a little bit of ice that formed a spike and hit a tree. Ice? Ice? She was never able to produce ice so how was this possible, more training and research needed to take place.
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