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Empty Nest, Pour Me Another!
September 1st, 1889 — Magical London Slums Pub

It had been an interesting day to say the least, as it was the day her daughter finally left on the Hogwarts Express to well Hogwarts. Ronan tried to be happy for the lass, she tried in earnest to hold the tears back at s she big the girl fair well, but no matter who she tried to fool on the outside, inwardly she was a sodding mess. She sighed and took back her drink til it was drained dry, the only comfort she had at the moment. "Oy bartender, boyo, be ah good lad and pour me another aye?" She set down her coin, as was the trade rules of the land. Another fresh beer was put in her stead, not the good stuff, but it would get her drunk so it would do.

"Ye know ye raise 'em the best ye can, and for what? For them to leave ye! Ye know me never wanted to leave me own, me sister never wanted to leave her own, ye would think she wouldn't want to leave her own...For the good of they future, what's ah future without..." The tears began again and she shook her head. "Ye think she be alright?" Granted she hardly knew this bartender who simply nodded empathetically before saying, "Sure, ye sister will be fine."

Ronan groaned, "Not me sister ye dolt, me daughter!...Though me like to think ye meant that as ah compliment." She took back another beer, drinking them like a pro. It wasn't good to drink to such an extent on the Lord's Day, but it wasn't good to take a daughter from her mother on the Lord's Day. It was indeed a blessing and a curse she got to see her go. "Ye know maybe...maybe ye got ah point. Me means, still young, and it not be so bad, me means, well can drink more and...and spend ah night or two dealin the cards hmm? Freedom right with out me wee bit..." Her grey stormy hues took up the room as she drunkenly looked around. After all she was only 28, and she still held some appeal to the opposite sex. Just for once, she might indulge herself.

@Questor Spryly

The weather was starting to turn and while it was still mild enough, Spryly dreaded a winter without a proper roof over his head. He'd managed before as a child but he'd been smaller and cuter and had two perfectly functioning legs. He could escape notice a lot easier back then, squeeze into smaller spaces, now people looked at him and saw a grown man out of work, a vagrant. What small pity people might have found for him as a child was gone now. He'd even be better off as a girl, he could at least try and weasel some free drinks out of generous men. Maybe that ought to be his next venture, his hair was getting pretty long now and he wasn't exactly the most beardsome 20 year old...

He noticed a woman talking animatedly to the barman and watched for a minute or so. Perhaps if they were both distracted enough he could steal her drink. Or pick her pocket. There was a seat next to her free and he decided to make a move for it. He got up and started to walk over when he almost made eye contact with her. Shit. He shifted his gaze away and tried to look nonchalant as he took the seat next to her and prayed she didn't speak to him.

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