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September 2, 1889 - Hogwarts

It was good to be back at Hogwarts, Ellsworth felt at home here. The tension in his shoulders after a summer with his wife finally releasing. What made it all that much sweeter was the return of the students. Their youth and vivacity tenaciously dancing through the halls. Yes, it was good for school to be back in session.

Leaving breakfast on route for his first class of the semester Ellsworth felt the excitement keenly. As always he kept his eyes open for any first years that might have been separated from the pack, or third years who couldn’t find their elective courses. When he stumbled on a lost student it was no surprise.

Do you need help?” He cheerfully asked, his face kindly understanding.

open to any student that might be reasonably lost
Apollo was still taking everything in. He had been sorted into Gryffindor and he supposed it was as good a house as any. Classes were starting for the day and so Apollo had gone to the bathroom after breakast.

Once he emerged from the loo, the young Gryffindor realized he had no idea where he was supposed to be going. So far, he had been finding his way by following the collection of other first year Gryffindors. An old man spoke to him and Apollo looked up at him for a moment before speaking. "I don't even know which class I'm supposed to go to right now," he admitted.
The student was not one Ellsworth had previously taught, although he looked familiar from last night’s sorting ceremony, thus it was easy to deduce that he was a first year. “Ah, not to worry. First years have Charms first.” Ellsworth gave the boy a reassuring smile. “I’m headed that way if you’d like to walk with me?” It wasn’t really a question, but Ellsworth found that students liked it when they thought it was an option.
The man recognized him to be a first year and Apollo felt some relief. He nodded when the man said that he was headed that way. "What's the charms professor like?" Apollo asked, not knowing he was talking to the Charms professor himself. He hoped whoever the Charms professor was wouldn't drone on and on like some of his governesses in the past had done.
Together they began walking down the corridors on their way to class. Ellsworth was about to ask how the boy was finding Hogwarts when the boy posed a curious question, Ellsworth couldn’t help it - he chuckled. “I’ve heard he’s an interesting fellow. Seems nice enough. Although I would avoid a detention in his class.” While Ellsworth enjoyed being helpful, he simply couldn’t resist. It wasnt often that he wasnt recognized. "I reckon you will be alright in his class." Ellsworth gave him a grandfatherly wink.

How are you finding Hogwarts so far?” He quickly changed the subject.

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