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It's time! It's time! It's time to hate my life!
September 1st, 1889 - After the feast, in one of the house dormitories of the upper levels
‘Twas the first of the ninth month,
It was a time for a new year,
And the house elf knew,
He knew they were here!

He could hear their little footsteps,
The chatter and the cheers,
That awful loud hat,
He knew they were here…

The robes and the cases,
The noises in his ears,
All of the students,
Please make them stop.

He hated this time,
The first of September,
No, really, Woopy hated this time.

He hated when the students arrived; it was the most daunting of his year at Hogwarts. Woopy didn’t necessarily mind the additional chores he had when the students arrived for their school year – no, it was more that he had to conceal himself and hide away. Not everyone was familiar with House Elves and their duties. Those were usually more than cautious around him. But those that knew of them? They usually had a very specific view of what a House Elf was and that usually resulted in harassment, bullying, and worse. Sometimes they stole his sponges. He was certain of it. It then dawned on him that Woopy had not seen that loud, obnoxious girl from last year here… Strange. That was nice.

He took his time with bringing the luggage to each dorm, carefully placing it as each student was assigned their new colour ‘house’. He was assigned the upper levels this time around which was rather nice. The last time he had to go down into the dungeons, Woopy could have sworn he saw a ghost.

In fact, he had seen a ghost. It was the bloody baron. Woopy had never liked that guy.

After several hours of luggage lugging into one of the dormitories of the houses, Woopy thought he would be safe and decided to give the dormitory he was in a once over. He began to dust the bedposts down before he felt the presence of someone behind him…

He turned around and as he saw them, without doubting they had seen him, Woopy’s eyes widened before he made himself invisible and went very stiff.

Having gone through the grand feast at the start of the year six times now, Gigi was not as enthralled by the spectacle as she once was. The food was a boon as always, but most of her attention was focused on the mountain of assignments that she's surely be inundated with once classes properly began. Of course, no one had told her to take a full load of NEWT courses. They were necessary for her own personal aspirations. Whatever torture lay ahead of her would be entirely her doing. Wonderful.

Once she could get away from the festivities, she did so with haste. She wanted to get into more comfortable bed clothes and do some revision before bedtime.

Gigi took the steps up to the dormitory two at a time, cursing at the extra swishy fabric of her robes. All it did was get in her way.

She barreled into the room without a care, but stopped suddenly when she spotted a House Elf at work. Before she could say a word, the creature disappeared from sight, leaving her blinking with confusion. "Erm ... my apologies? I didn't mean to interrupt you." She wasn't quite sure what to say, but that seemed adequate. "Shall I return later? Or, maybe you're already gone and I'm conversing with an empty room ..." The last part was half-mumbled. Now that she couldn't see the creature, she felt foolish talking to it.


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