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I'll Always Hold You Close
September 1st, 1889 — Black Lake
There was nothing powerful enough to erase Irene's happiness at the thought of her younger sister finally studying at Hogwarts. It took years for that day to arrive but, alas, so did Sunday. "There is so much I want yo show you, and so much you have to learn about our school. I believe you'll love Hogwarts just as much as I do. There's plenty to care about in our school." She smiled warmly at Sunday, holding her sister's hand while they walked on top of a rock, quite literally, but knowing she'd never let her sibling fall.

[Image: WCKsUh0.jpg]
As grand as everything was, Sunday couldn't help but feel homesick. She missed the sound of the waves at home crashing onto the beach. Having her siblings all there was rather comforting, however, and as much as she and Irene bickered, the 11 year old was glad to have her older sister.

"Are classes that hard in your first year?" Sunday wondered aloud, holding on obediently to Irene's hand - though she was much inclined to go and explore herself, she knew now was not the time. Mostly her question was aimed to try and figure out when she could go exploring by herself...

[Image: r63eeP.jpg]
The thing about Irene was: she could judge. She could spend her days thinking about other people's issues and characteristics, and knew exactly how to let out her opinions. As much as she had better things to do, there were few things as fun as the gossip that went around school, and sometimes even outside of its walls. She was quick to dismiss those first-year students who barely kept up with classes, let alone other aspects of Hogwarts, such as the social one, and obviously the most important. But with her sister? She would never let anybody talk down on her sister, even if she was to bring shame to the family.

Not that Sunday would.

Irene hoped, so much, every day of her life, that is.

"As hard as they are as a fourth year." She had a rather wicked smile with Sunday's disbelief, while still guiding her sister throughout the many rocks. Ignoring, of course, that Sunday had just an easy time with nature as she did. "Think about it for a second. First-year is all about the initial aspects of magic, which should be easy, but only if you have already studied it. It can't be that easy if you have never read about it before. And to whoever says doing magic isn't complicated, I would advise you to... well, let them know, as best as you can, that this is an outrageous lie." For a second there Irene was scared Sunday might take it as advice to be aggressive towards other people. Physically, that is. Emotionally it was alright, she didn't mind.

"Once you get to my year, you'll look back and think all of what you're learning is a little bit ridiculous. But I'm sure that when I'm in my seventh year, I'll think the same about what I learn today. Plus, you're really smart, aren't you?" She smiled again, this time a lot sweeter.

[Image: WCKsUh0.jpg]
It never ceased to amaze the new Gryffindor exactly how smart her sister was - Holliday was smart in a logical way, and so was Irene. But Irene wasn't afraid to use that knowledge to her advantage rather than fairness, like Holliday. Sunday had to admit she admired Irene for that, as much as it could scare her on occasions.

While Irene bestowed upon her the passage of time compared to the difficulty of magic, Sunday tapped out a pattern on the rocks in front of her as she listened. She would always prefer wandering around the seaside as opposed to learning, but she knew her family expected her to do at least decently well in school. And with Irene and Holiday by her side, she was pretty certain she'd be able to do well in classes. Her confidence in her ability to test well, however... "I think so?" she said, after a bit of an uncertain pause. She looked at Irene. "You and Holliday are the smart ones in the family, Irene, you know that!"

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