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August 08, 1889 — Diagon Alley
Idris knew he should have thought better than to run away to the Diagon Alley with a friend, about four days before. Mom realized he was “missing” before he even arrived at home, and he listened to her speech for minutes before he was finally allowed to eat; but this wasn’t the worst part. Worst had been disappointing her, and he would have turned back in time not to. It just so happened, however, he would miss the freedom Hogwarts did not allow. And a part of him was terrified - scared of feeling trapped inside the castle, scared he wouldn’t have the materials to continue with his inventing hobbies, and frightened at the prospect of… what if people didn’t like him? What if they expected too much of him because he was the son of the Minister of Magic? What if?

He couldn’t voice these worries, of course. Didn’t want to, though lately he had acted less of his cheerful self, not talking much to mum and father like he used to. Even though he struggled with how long dad spent away from home sometimes, he was used to hugging him tight when he came back and talking about his days at home. Now, he kept to himself in fear in the middle of these words there would be a confession of his struggle. So it’s no surprise a part of him was terrified when he realized the day arrived that he and dad would take another trip to the Diagon Alley. This time to shop for materials and clothes for Hogwarts. He should be exultant, right? He should be happy and all smiles like a lot of his friends were, but Idris couldn’t shake away his worries.

"Where do we go first?" He asked, once they arrived, trying not to think of what made his head hurt. Instead he looked up to his father’s direction and waited for the wise man to say what he’d planned. Idris hadn’t even bothered to check the school list of needed supplies, not for the last month; it surprised him that he remembered every item.
@Justin Ross
It was unusual for Idris to run off without warning, and while Ross had no doubt that Roslyn had it handled, it was still - worrying. Not least of which because, as the son of the Minister, Idris could feasibly be a target for someone looking to extort the Ministry. Ross didn't want to worry his son, so he had not said as much, but it was something he had been aware of ever since Ros told him about the incident, and he knew that she had said as much to her son. Besides that - there was more scrutiny applied to the children of the Minister, and Idris could not pull things like that at school, where word traveled even faster.

But he was not going to say that, either.

So all he could do was keep an eye out today.

"Where haven't you gone so far?" Ross asked, "There's textbooks, your cauldron - we could even go to the pet store."

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   Idris Ross
Idris was ready to tell his father he had done none of needed shopping before father’s last idea echoed inside his mind, taking away all other thoughts - regarding school’s material, school itself, even his worried. A pet! Had he just mentioned getting a pet? He blinked even, staring at Justin for seconds before deciding that yes, he had absolutely said so. "You- you mean it? You’ll buy me a pet?! Even an owl or a cat or… a toad if I’d like? Any?" His eyes shone with utmost delight, and a grin took over his lips while he reached for his father’s hand, then eagerly pulled him towards the store.

"You know I always wanted one! A pet, I mean. It could be an owl, but I don’t like how trapped they get - it must be lonely and really, really sad. So maybe a cat? A cat could even help me study! Well, I’m sure their fur is relaxing. And then after we get it we can go get the rest of the materials? Please?" He blurted out and took a deep breath soon as it was over, smiling unashamedly. Idris was so excited now, he didn’t care for anything else. Not even his own worries.
@Justin Ross
Well, even if Idris was still in a spot of trouble, Ross couldn't very well refuse to get him a pet. Not when it made his son so excited - more excited than, truthfully, he'd seemed for much of the Hogwarts first-year experience. "Any kind you like," Ross affirmed, "Although I do think a cat is an excellent idea." They were less temperamental than some owls, more cuddly, more independent. And they were easier to keep track of than a toad.

"And I am fond of cats. You just have to promise me that you can take care of it on your own," Ross said, with a wide grin, "Most cats are very independent mousers - but you still need to make sure you spend time with it, and that your cat is happy and healthy. Does that sound fair?"

"Absolutely!" He should have added a 'father' or 'sir' to it, but his excitment would not let him think. Imagination condecuded his mind to a trail of thoughts involving different cats, all of which - no matter who she chose - had love and care in it, equally. Knowing he would have a reminder of home there with him, one leaving and breathing whose choice was made alongside dad, might as well cheer him up a bit about the idea of going to Hogwarts.

"It does, yes, and I shall take the very best care of it a boy my age can. Speaking of, how do I go about buying proper food? We aren't allowed to leave Hogwarts - do they have it at school?" He was genuinely curious. Were kids allowed for bigger potions of food and at different times of the day if they had a cat, or could they purchase animal food somehow? Logistics mattered to Idris, they all did.
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