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Slytherin Quidditch Tryouts ('89)
September 14th, 1889 — Quidditch Pitch
Never before had Eldin had the responsibility of hosting quidditch tryouts. Kristoffer had been in charge of them for the past few years, and although Eldin had attended every tryout, he had not anticipated the stress that came with having to select new members of his team. He was fortunate to be knowledgeable enough in quidditch and his house's students—as a seventh year and a prefect—to know from the get-go who might have what to offer the house team.

"Welcome, everyone, to the Slytherin house team tryouts!" he greeted cheerfully, trying to bury his anxieties deep in his chest. "Today we're seeing two chasers and a beater. You will be judged on a series of trials, but don't stress too much—I'll take into account your experience and overall ability when filling the roster," he said. He remembered how stressed he was when he tried out as a second year. He'd always loved flying, but he hadn't been a natural; it took years to get to a point where he didn't question himself every time he took to the pitch.

"Those tryout out for chaser will take two laps around the pitch and then head over to hoops. There you'll practice your shooting," he explained. "Those trying out for beater will practice hitting bludgers back-and-forth with each other and myself. Everyone got it?" he asked, picking up his own broom.


Please post once for each position you are trying out for. Make sure you have filled in the requisite form and have received a “like” from Kayte before posting! The deadline for all posts is 7pm EST on September 14th.

By posting in this thread, you agree to have your character present and whole regardless of what happens between the date of posting and the IC date listed.

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Leif had thought there was no way he'd be a chaser on the team, but he'd wanted to try. He was thinking that this would be his only year at Hogwarts, so he had better make it count. He had a great amount of respect for Mister Eldin Bones--head boy and Quidditch captain? Most. Amazing. Ever. Leif envied him, both for the positions and his ability to stay in Hogwarts for so long. Head Boy seemed like it would be a nice position, and one Leif daydreamed of at times.

Having only been on a broom once before June this year, and then begging his cousins to ride their brooms after an inspiring conversation at the Heaney's summer party, had managed to get a total of 20 broom rides in, though he did count different brooms on the same day a different experience. He listened carefully to what Mister Bones said, focusing on it and then preparing. The school broom he'd been loaned seemed unprepared.

Two laps, then make some shots. Leif said to himself, hopping on the broom and getting ready to fly. He hoped he would do well enough to at least merit some praise.

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Narcissus wasn't any great lover of Quidditch. He had not even really cared about knowing the rules before he had signed up for the tryouts. He was here because of his pride and he'd be damned if he didn't see it through. Archelaus Abney was entirely to blame for his presence here and he could see the aforementioned boy in the stands.

He had figured that he would go all the way and had signed up to try out for both chaser and beater. He didn't even have his own broom so it was on a school broom that he took to the air to engage in the chaser tryouts.

As his turn to go through the beaters trial came up, Narcissus kicked off. He did the best that he could but in the end, it was going to come down to skill, he supposed.

Eldin watched from the skies and from the ground, and remained mostly silent throughout the duration of tryouts. There were definitely ones with potential, but decisions would still have to be made. He was confident of one thing: that they might actually be able to defeat Hufflepuff this year.

"Good job, everyone!" he called, and summoned everyone over. "Thank you for coming to tryouts. If you have any further questions, you can speak to me after tryouts. Otherwise, the team roster will be posted outside the Great Hall on the fifteenth."

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