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August 11th, 1889 — Churchyard, Irvingly
Skilled as she was at potions, Idunn Fraser had a positively black thumb when it came to growing anything useful—a tragedy, really, and one that none of Professor Skeeter's teachings had proven able to rectify thus far. Fortunately, whilst home for the summer, the redhead could make use of more...public resources: in this case, the garden outside the Church of St. Fergus.

It had taken her a bit longer to leave the house after breakfast than she might have liked—her mother, as was often the way, had been particularly chatty—but before long the redhead was off, clad in a soft blue dress and with a basket over her arm. She was the very picture of a young witch out for a morning's errands, though the knives and vials her basket held were, perhaps, a bit outside what might be considered quintessential.

She was just settling in in the garden when the bells tolled and chatter reached her through the air as Idunn realized her error: she had come to the church on a Sunday, and had arrived just as the nutjobs were exiting their weekly convention. Merlin help her!
Open to someone who would be attending church, be they magical or muggle!

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Church was something Earth attended regularly. Being sure to have as many of her family members as possible attend as well. So it was nice to see them join when they did.

Today's service had been lovely as always. And the children were thankfully less fussy than last time. It was hard when they were smaller. But it was better for their souls that they came.

Holding Moondew in her arms, the small child was getting a hint fussy now that service was over. Looking around for somewhere to set her child down that was safe, Earth noticed a young girl in the garden. She smiled kindly and came over. "Leave early?" She asked.

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Idunn gave an internal groan, a slightly pained expression on her face as one of the churchgoers approached. Her parents were peculiar, but had at least raised her to be well-mannered; even so, the redhead had always found holding her tongue to be a challenge, to say the least.

"As I never went in," she returned simply, "it would be quite difficult for me to leave, early or otherwise." Though there was no outright combat to her tone, Idunn was, perhaps, not as cordial as she could have been.

As she spoke, the girl eyed the woman carefully. She did not look to be mad, but appearances were often deceiving. Perhaps, the Ravenclaw allowed, she was a muggle; they were more naturally disposed to things like religion, with so little else to look forward to in their day-to-day lives. Their silly belief in a higher power was, thus almost understandable, if not quite endearing.

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It was a shame to hear when a family did not raise their child to know the Lord. But this young lady was not her child. It was hard to help guide those who were young and at the influence of their parents.

"Perhaps another time, then." She offered, though was doubtful from the girl's tone. She attempted to find some other thing to talk about, at least. And thus her focus was back on the garden. "Need help? I am a herbologist." She added.

Plenty of people thought Earth odd for various reasons. Her job, her name, and her beliefs. Not that she minded much, as she was not really raised to be too bothered about what society thought. Of course rude words hurt, and the same with certain looks that people gave. But she went about her business anyway.

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A herbologist? So not a muggle then, and, Idunn realized as her brows knotted together thoughtfully, someone who really ought to know better than to worship a wizard in the clouds. She thought for rather a long moment before seemingly making up her mind.

"I've come to gather some ingredients for a potion I am working on," she acknowledged with just a tinge of suspicion in her voice, "as I never did take to growing things myself."

She ignored altogether the suggestion that she might attend church on a different occasion, knowing the statement to be laughable, impossible, and downright incorrect.

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Earth truly did not believe her faith to be nonsense. It saddened her when others thought so. But she continued to be kind and be a proper lady of the church.

"A potion? Sounds exciting. What does it do?" She asked with a genuine interest. Perhaps she can help the girl in some way. "If you want to give herbology another try, I can give some tips that helps. Some mistakes are quite easy to make for even the brightest of witches."

The blonde just needed to keep her faith. If anything, hopefully the Lord would guide the young witch back.

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