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August 14th, 1889; afternoon — Fox & Son
Two weeks. Two weeks she had spent putting the pieces of her little quest together and now, without any sense of self-preservation (she had a wand, of course, and the dagger she used for potions. How hard could either be to use?) the redhead found herself in Knockturn Alley, ready to see her plans realized.

First had been the research. Where would she be likely to find silver infused with acromantula venom? While the former was easy enough to come by, the latter was illegal, and the combination unusual, but the book she had 'borrowed' from the restricted section in May had been quite specific. Experimentation was all well and good, but none of her efforts to 'cure' Agnes thus far had proved successful—perhaps, the aspiring potioneer had thought, by modifying existing remedies for other magical nuisances, she might see more results.

Idunn had swiftly narrowed her options down to two: Borgin & Burkes and Fox & Son.

But how to get to either shop, both of which were located in Knockturn Alley? Her parents were quite blissfully eccentric and game for all sorts of unusual things, but in this, the fourteen year old suspected even they would give pause—and neither were likely to take it well if she disappeared in a crowd. Tyr and Aegir were even more competent as guardians, and Astrild was busy being a mother.

Then it had hit her: she had a new brother.

It had been the work of moments to convince her parents to allow it, and the work of owls to guilt him into it. She had to get to know her sister's new husband (their courtship, after all, had not been typical), after all, and what better way than by having Eugene Scamander accompany her in her back to school shopping.

She had left him in the book shop and made her escape with surprising ease.

Now, Idunn Fraser, industrious Ravenclaw and...potential criminal? stood on the shop floor, the parchment onto which she had traced the diagram of what she needed in hand. There was a beating in her chest—excitement, she insisted to herself, though nerves was more likely—as her heart thudded more and more loudly with anticipation.

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Simeon had been heading down Knocturne Alley back to his shop when he saw a young girl in his own window. He pulled out his wand and with a nonverbal spell cast a momentary silencing spell on his door which he opened and then tactfully slipped inside. Heel toe, heel toe, he effortlessly and ever so quietly slipped up behind the girl before clearing his throat. "May I help you?" He asked as though he had been standing there all along. His blue eyes were like daggers of ice peering down into her soul, unyielding.
May I help you?

The words nearly caused the redhead to leap out of her own skin, and the girl tensed visibly before turning around to face the speaker. Not only had she not expected to be addressed from that direction—most shop employees, in her limited experience, tended to emerge from the rear of the store, not the street—but she had not heard him approach. This was particularly disconcerting: Idunn was certain the door had heralded her own arrival moments before.

Idunn cleared her throat before asking, with far more confidence than the Ravenclaw now felt, "If you work here, than I am hopeful you can."

Hopeful might have been a strong word, for the plan that had, before, seemed so foolproof was now one she was questioning. She had not expected Knockturn Alley to be home to kindly old gentlemen who gave children sweets after helping them, but the man before her seemed so cold, as though the very cobbles of the street had hardened him.

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"Fox." He said as a twisted smirk snaked it's way across his features. His hand rising with a finger gesturing to the sign just above the doorway. He moved around the counter and leaned forward a bit, fingers drumming on the counter top the nails giving a clack clack clack clack much like the claws of a rather large cat. Then his head tilted, the question all the same reflecting in his eyes.

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