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Forbidden Alley
August 13th, 1889 — Random Shop, Knockturn Alley

Swamp Boy.

Those two words had followed him through to the end of the previous school year after he'd become the unfortunate victim of a potions experiment.  The ooze that had shed from his skin was so similar to pond scum that a handful of cruel children had decided to use it as ammunition to taunt him with.  He had hoped that the entire ordeal would have been forgotten over the summer, but it was becoming clear that it was an incident that would haunt him for the rest of his life.  Maybe.

That morning, Archer had set off to Diagon Alley intent on picking up the supplies he would need for the coming year.  After separating from his sister, his first few errands were completed without incident.  It was only when he was about to enter Flourish and Blotts that he was suddenly ambushed by a handful of laughing children. 

The freckle faced boy tried to slip away, but a few of his tormentors decided to follow and try to corner him. Seeing an exit, Archer ran, his shoes slapping loudly against the cobblestones.  The only thought in his mind was to flee, paying no mind to where he was actually headed.  Alarm bells should have been going off in his head as soon as he slipped into Knockturn Alley, but he was too focused on a tucked away door that he shouldered his way through.  His breath hissed out in heaving gasps as he whirled away from the entrance and leaned against a bare wall.

Open to anyone!  Did Archer end up in your shop?  Are you one of the kids chasing him?  Are you just a patron of a random Knockturn Alley shop?

[Image: xqwFvW.png]

MJ is the best!
Kanon didn’t care enough to glance up from her work as the bell attached to the door of Borgin and Burke’s let out an irritating jingle. The paper sitting on the counter in front of her held a handful of English letters and words. She’d convinced a passing wizard in Knockturn Alley to write them down for her. Now she studied them, hoping to increase her knowledge of the language.

“Don’t touch anything,” she barked at the customer before taking up her quill and copying the symbols on the paper.

Just another dull day at the shop. It was a wonder anyone ever came in at all.

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