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12th August, 1889 — Padmore Park Lake
@Edward Macmillan
Her marital status being a point of discussion was not a new feeling for Minnie.

Quite apart from years of speculation in Witch Weekly the last few months had involved first subtle hints from their fathers, then slightly more insistent suggestions from their mothers and had culminated in Edward catching her alone at a family dinner a week ago and proposing marriage. To say it had come as a shock was something of an understatement – after all, it was hardly the first time their parents had voiced their opinions that she and Edward might be well suited in marriage – but she had never expected Edward, of all men, to ask her so abruptly.

It would be a gross lie to say she wasn’t pleased, but by the same token she had been fond of Edward for as long as she could remember and the thought of him marrying her because he felt he had to was far from thrilling. Minnie wasn't sure if she loved him exactly, but she was far from indifferent to him...she only prayed he wasn't indifferent to her.

The boat rowed them across the lake at a gentle pace until eventually Emma was far enough away that Minnie could be sure her sister wasn't listening to them. From beneath her parasol she eyed Edward cautiously before finally plucking up the courage to speak.

"Were you been bombarded with as many owls as I was this morning?" She asked curiously, a small smile on her lips. "I believe the general consensus amongst my friends is that I'm a terror for keeping our courtship such a secret."

It was terribly tricky to craft a response to that when the courtship had indeed been so very secret that neither she, nor Edward, had known it was happening.

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no, really MJ is just showing off at this point
The thought of marriage has been in his mind for far too long, but it was not his own desires that had placed it there to begin with. He'd always been a romantic at heart, but not one to fall in love quickly. He'd met plenty of women; few, however, had caught his eye, and fewer did he make the effort to see again. Family—his own family, not a future one—had always been his priority, and he'd dedicated himself to them completely. It was that dedication to his family that kept him at home, and that same dedication that would lead him to propose to Minnie.

He was fond of his cousin, surely. He had nothing bad to say about her, nor would not hear any bad words about her. She was sweet and kind and innocent—much like how many debutantes tried to present themselves, but how few truly were. It was for that reason that he'd agreed to propose to her. She'd said yes, and although she was past what society considered a woman's prime, he was still shocked to hear her agree. He'd grown more comfortable with the idea of being married to her as the days went on, but still found the situation foreign. She was no longer just his cousin—she was his bride-to-be.

"I'm afraid the few that are close to me already suspect it's a new development," he said with an air of humor, flashing her a small smile. "I'm not known for being particularly secretive." Then again, he'd never had much to hide. "I do hope they only have kind words; I'd hate for you to get cold feet," he said, half-teasing because while he doubted she'd actually back out of the engagement, he had no desire to deal with more awkwardness than what already came with the arrangement.

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