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Soggy Saturdays {Open Group Thread}
August 10th, 1889 — Whizzhard Books

The shopkeep had had a rotten week. The herbology professor up at the castle—how nice it must be to have so illustrious a profession! The bastard—had assigned Aquatic Plants of the European Continent as a text for the coming year (he, the shopkeep, had not much paid attention to the level at which it was assigned). As a book, it was surely informative; as a piece of charmwork, it was a nightmare.

The volume grew inside it many of the plant species it detailed. Aquatic plants needed water.

And so, every time the book was opened, a splash of water—sea, ocean, lake, river, pond—burst forth from the pages and on to the floor of the busy shop.

And some little heathen had discovered this particular trick and decided to take full advantage.

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Books. Were there better things? Absolutely, but so too were there worse. Only entering his second year and, in general, an excitable lad, Abraxas Crabbe was still full of wonder at his academic exploits, and so purchasing his school books was not nearly so tedious to him as it might become later in his career as a student. As he searched for his texts—neatly written out on the school supply list he had been sent the week before—he was distracted, though, by one that was not on his list but that had formed something of a puddle around the display.

Curious indeed.

Like a moth to a lantern, the young Hufflepuff picked his way carefully, dodging wet spot and wet spot, but tripping in his final approach. In so doing, he knocked no fewer than a dozen copies of Aquatic Plants of the European Continent to the floor, their pages—and contents—spilling open around him.

"Oof! he grunted as he fell, having not yet noticed the full extent of his exploits.
As boring as Diagon Alley had become over the years, the trip she took there every summer to purchase supplies was far from boring. It was even more exciting now that she had three more classes to purchase supplies for. Ancient Runes had been easy to decide on, but it took weeks—no, months—to decide on the other two. In the end, she had concluded that Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures would offer the greatest variety, as the others were either far too specific disciplines or offered no useful skills for the future. Besides, there were other classes open only to NEWT students that she could choose later, once she could rid of useless classes like Astronomy and History of Magic.

The bookstore was perhaps her favorite stop, and appropriately saved for the end of the day. She'd already purchased new cauldrons, robes, and had seen that her wand was examined and polished. She expected to leave with a bag full of books, and made sure to leave room in her companion's arms for all of them. What she didn't expect was to find the bookshop... thoroughly soaked.

"It smells like the Black Lake in here," she announced unhappily, a look of disgust written across her face as she waded through the puddles on the floor. She cast an accusatory glance at the first person she encountered. "What did you do?"

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Post Log

If they had a chance to smell Amortentia in this upcoming year, Cora was sure it'd smell of fresh books. Actually, because of her condition, the Gryffindor wasn't exactly sure what she would smell. She ran a gloved hand over the hard spines of books, skimming titles as she walked. She glanced back, making sure her companion hadn't been lost in the shelves of books. The companion looked rather enamored with the text in front of her, and Cora smiled. She couldn't blame her - at her darkest hours she'd sought the comfort of books and literature.

While she certainly wasn't in a bad mood, Cora's vision clouded a melancholy grey as she thought how much fun Trixie and her would have had wandering through the isles of Whizzard Books. She wouldn't have her best friend to study with either. Grey turned to an angry orange that she wished the whole world could see; it wasn't fair Trixie wouldn't be back at Hogwarts. Her emotions were so paramount she didn't notice the faint squishing her shoes made as she walked through the small puddles on the floor. And what was more, she continued in her thoughts...despite being a prefect over Fudge, Cora wasn't looking forward to seeing that goody-two-shoes brat cast her doe-eyed, sympathetic gaze in her direction.

Her anger was immediately interrupted by an absolute cacophony of noise that assaulted the Gryffindor's senses. She let out a yelp as she received a face full of brackish water to the face. Whatever her shock would induce was blocked by the taste of the water and scent of earthy plants. She turned to cast an accusatory glance at the young fellow on the ground. This was clearly his fault.

Another customer didn't seem to think so, judging by her accusatory question at Cora. She turned towards the familiar-looking girl and gave a frustrated sigh, raising her arm and plucking off a small lilypad. "It wasn't me," she replied, flicking the lilypad away from her and onto the floor. "Someone decided to take advantage of one of the books and thought it nice to turn the shop into an arboretum." Honestly, do some searching about before you lay accusations, she added in her head as she continued to pluck plants off of her. Really it was useless, but she needed something to hide her mild embarrassment at having her outfit ruined by some fool's idea of fun.

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Alcyone's book shopping was all that was left and Alcyone's father had decided that the Hogsmeade bookshop would do well enough so they had left that bit for today. Stepping into Whizzhards, Alcyone drifted off on her task to gather up her schoolbooks for her father to purchase. Instead, she came across a rather curious sight.

What could only be described as a flood washed water over her feet as a boy knocked over a series of books. She kicked a bit of seaweed or whatever it could be off of her foot. "I think it was more than one of the books," she commented idly as she eyed the pile of toppled over books, her feet rather soaked.
Squish. Squish. went her shoes, as the incoming third year, peered around the corner as the noise grew. She regretted listen to her sister declare that they should wear some of their nicer dresses and shoes and make a day our of the trip now as the hems of her dress and petticoats clung to her stockings, chilling her to the bone. They were likely ruined, or at least she'd be scolded by the housekeeper when she got home.

She recognized some of the plants that floated past her, snagging a trendal of gillyweed.  Quite a few of the gathering was in her year, and she at least recognized the older girl to a degree. However, it was one particular face that had her nearly ducking back around the shelf. Holly Scrimgour. The two had started out on good terms but at this point she figured they were more like enemies or rivals or something negative. But she'd likely already been seen.

"Don't just stand there! Close them before we get even wetter!" she ordered, pushing past the gathered group to slam the nearest tipped over copy close.

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