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Geoffrey Campbell
Full Name: Geoffrey Campbell
Nicknames: n/a
Birthdate: April 7, 1878
Current Age:11
Occupation: Incoming First Year
Reputation: 10 – Just a regular UC brat
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Sorting Hat!
Wand: Cedar, Dragon Heart String, Sturdy, 11in.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper Class
Father - Jeffery Campbell (1840)
Mother - Elizabeth Campbell (1860)
Sister - Isabella Campbell (1880)
Sister - Scarlett Campbell (1882)
Sister - Olivia Campbell (1885)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Skin:  Caucasion
Dominant Hand: Right
Fashion Choice: The Most Expensive Thing That His Parents Will Buy
Height: 4ft7in
Meta Traits: Is best at changing his eye color whenever he pleases. Is known to change his hair color at times, but that has been his limit so far. He tends to use his abilities in an attempt to intimidate or confuse others.

1878 | Geoffrey is born. He is a pain in the ass from the beginning. Several nannies quit before one is found that can tolerate the little brat.

1880 | Isabella is born. He first displays his meta skills by changing his eye color to hers. It does not mean he likes his younger sister.

1882 | Scarlett is born. Another dull moment in the family history.

1884 | Geoffrey's first act of magic when he turns Isabella's skin green because she continues to call him envious for some reason.

1885 | Olivia is born. No more siblings please.

August 4, 1889 | Meets Alina for the first time. He doesn’t know why, but he automatically starts making fun of her for being poor. He gets owned instead by her sass.
Snobbish. Extroverted. Confident. Arrogant. Mildly Controlling Over Friends.
Special Skills: Metamorphmagus
Star Sign: Aries
Languages: English and French
Name: Ocean
Age: 23
Contact: @‘Chrysanta Ruskin’
Other Characters: [If any]
How did you hear about us?:I don’t remember anymore
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