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Alina MacRae [Done]
Full Name: Alina Erin MacRae
Nicknames: Lily - One of her sisters started calling her that, and it kinda stuck among the family. Only family, and anyone else will find mud on their belongings within the week. She'll never admits that she does this, and has yet to get caught.
Birthdate: September 2, 1878
Current Age: 12
Occupation: First Year
Reputation: 7? 6? 5?
Her parents come from Ireland, and have lacked the ease of naming their children average English names. The family is catholic, and try to keep this close guarded around muggles and mildly guarded around wizarding folk. All of her siblings - and their parents - have street peddled in order to adjust to such a large family and to attempt to save for education.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Sorting Hat
Wand: Her wand was passed down from her great-grandmother. No one can really recall what it's made of. Not that it matters, it works fine.
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Working Class
Father: Thomas MacRae (1846)
Mother: Keeva MacRae (1852)
Brother: Cormac MacRae (1868)
Sister: Treasa MacRae (1870)
Brother: Fiachna MacRae (1874)
Brother: Flann MacRae (1875)
Sister: Page MacRae (1879)
Sister: Petra MacRae (1883)
Brother: Reynold MacRae (1884)
Sister: Esmeralda MacRae (1886)
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Orange

Height: 4'7"

Clothing: Whatever clothing her family can afford. She adores wizarding robes and muggle ware.

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Francesca Capaldi

1878: Alina is born the fifth child - and second daughter - of Thomas and Keeva MacRae. The last child to be born in Ireland, before the couple decide to try to make a better life for themselves in London. Alina has never known the particular details of why the decision was made, and has always been taught to stay out of her parents business. Ma finds work as a maid in the Binns household, while father goes off to work in a factory. Both parents tends to work in street peddling when they are able, and send the older children to do the same. Whatever each child earns, it is saved away for their education - when the family can afford it.

1879: Page is born, and thus begins the efforts from both MacRae parents to give each new child a 'proper English name'. Given that neither parent made it past the second year of schooling, this proves to be more difficult than expected.

1882: Cormac doesn't continue his Hogwarts for his fourth year, in favor of Treasa being able to attend (a post-September baby like Alina). Due to grades and lack of ambition, she doesn't make it past the first year scholarship. Both end up working part-time in the factory where their father is employed - when not out trying to street peddle and whatnot - by the time it is clear that they will not be continuing their education.

1883: Petra is born, given the name out of a book that Keeva heard the Binns's children's governess reading to said children. Sounded English enough. But Keeva is not the only one to overhear lessons being taught to the children. Alina is a stubborn child, one that is fiercely determined to do better than others in her family. Even at five years old, she begins taking an interest in peaking in on the studies of her mother's employer's children. Mrs. Binns finds her spirit charming, and subtly allows this. Alina herself grows rather fond of Emma Binns, and the two become friends.

1884: Reynold is born.

1885: Fiachna begins her education. Cormac finds a job as a shop employee, hoping to work his way up to making more for himself and his family.

1886: Esmeralda is born as the final child - thus far - of Thomas and Keeva MacRae. Flann begins his education, while Fiachna is dependent on a partial scholarship in order to convince her parents to keep her in school at all. Flann proves to not show the grades worth keeping him in school for a second year. He finds work as a chimney sweep, glad to not work in the factory.

1887: Upon hearing about a new school for domestic service training, Treasa convinces their parents to allow her to save enough money to pay for the tuition for the Introduction to Domestic Service course.

1888: Treasa marries, though this does not stop her from continuing her domestic service training. Her husband certainly isn't rich.

August 9, 1889: Alina finds herself peddling in London in front of the right shop at the right time. Store owner Mars Asteroid decides to offer Alina a job at two galleons and a sickle weekly until Hogwarts and then during summers. The MacRae parents are both in utter shock, given such wages are close to what her father makes as an experienced employee in the factories. What is at first thought a scam, is later to be proven reality upon the couple meeting Mrs. Asteroid in her shop and discussing the matter. This could certainly help the family out quite a lot, and help pay towards Alina's and Fiachna's education.

1890: Fiachna completes her OWLs, a marvel among the MacRae siblings. Taking a job at the Ministry, she is decidedly the one who makes the most money in the household. Still, Alina craves for more ambitious dreams. NEWTs call to her. A full scholarship could certainly hold high hopes for her to stay past OWLs, but the question is, will cunning and ambition be enough? It certainly will be something to find out once she begins her studies.

Before leaving for Hogwarts, Alina begs her parents to allow her to try out for quidditch. There won't even be bludgers anymore! This fact, plus the unlikelihood that their little first year will ever make the team, convinces the MacRae parents into allowing her to try out.
Amortentia: Has yet to gain exposure to amortentia, but it would likely contain scents of her mother's cooking

Patronus: One day she may know

Boggart: One day she will know

Hogwarts Clubs: Unknown for now

Star Sign: Virgo

Hobbies: Hasn't had much time to develop hobbies. Perhaps one day

Pets: At the moment? None. Wants an owl.
Name: Kelly
Age: 22

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