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quaint little spider
August 2nd, 1889 — Padmore Park

Clue had coerced Mrs Spragg into letting him visit Hogsmeade for a top-up of parchments, potions and other such notions. He could not finish his summer homework without these things. Thus he found himself quietly roaming the greens of Padmore Park, off the manicured track and around patches of wildflowers, far from the shops where he was supposed to be procuring homework supplies.

It was not long before Clue sat cross-legged beneath an oak tree, watching with hushed affection as an incy wincy spider climbed the arm of his oversized white jumper. As the orphan befriended the arachnid, the afternoon sun blinked above them and gave way to a light drizzle. But some like the gloom.

@Sloane Bixby (@Elsie Beauregard)
The beauty of living in Hogsmeade proper was that there was always something to do or somewhere to go. The caveat was trying to corral one of her brothers into taking her when she wanted to go somewhere. Fortunately Alvin was easily bullied most of the time, though today it was Harry who had agreed to accompany her into town, citing a need to pick something up. Sloane thought now that he'd graduated he was a little lost, but she didn't know how to tell him that. At least he'd agreed to come with her and they could spend a little time together. It was odd to the youngest Bixby that only she and Wally would be headed back to Hogwarts in a few week's time, maybe Harry was feeling that.

They'd dipped into the book store and Honeyduke's and had agreed to take the long way through the park to get home when her brother was distracted by a pretty girl and therefore Sloane took the moment to wander nearby. Boys. Honestly. The fact that it got a little misty was nothing to Sloane, but her brother and his company had moved to take shelter under a large tree and so Sloane moved to do the same, though found this particular spot already occupied- and by someone familiar at that!

"Hello there!" She chirped, albeit more quietly than normal as the boy looked quite lost in thought. She was terrible with names, as he wasn't in her house, but that rarely stopped Sloane from being friendly

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Sometimes, perhaps once in a blue moon, someone would walk up to him and speak to him as if he wasn’t Clue Leverett. It wasn’t that he was well-known, or any semblance of that; it was just that he was different, and evidently so. A strange, quirky little loner, who looked like a girl, sitting on the grass in the drizzle and playing with a spider. Anyone who approached Clue was quite different themselves.

Through long strands of platinum hair, Clue looked up at the approaching girl. He recognised her freckled face and vibrant aura, but did not know her name. ”It’s beginning to rain”, he observed in case she hadn’t noticed, alerting her to the possibility that she might want to flee for cover.

He was under a tree, and that was cover — but nobody chose Clue Leverett over familiar grounds. Not until that blue moon shows up again.
"Little bit," She agreed with a little shrug. "I was trying to get out of it myself, do you mind sharing the tree?" The thought of crossing the grass back to where Harry was no doubt horribly flirting with that pretty girl was not appealing to Sloane who would rather be on a broomstick chasing snitches in this kind of weather. It was good practice for games at school, after all!

It was then that Sloane noticed the wee spider on the boy's arm and she inched closer to get a look. Bugs did not bother Sloane in the slightest, she was not one of those girls. "Whossat you got there?" She asked, genuinely curious.

[Image: BIuhNG.png]
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Both parties were small and would fit beneath the tree easily enough, but, after a pause, Clue moved up a bit as a gesture. Yes she could share his tree; though would still be dampened by the odd flurry of drizzle. Clue found it refreshing.

”A friend”, he replied when asked about the spider. He glanced from the twisty black arachnid on his sleeve, back up to his unexpected companion. ”Do you have any friends?” It was a genuinely innocent question.

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