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Summer Days
July 19th, 1889 - Entrance to House of Lytton

After what felt like a century of balls and garden parties, Melody had finally managed to convince her parents to allow her a day for her own pursuits. Her animagus studies had fallen on the wayside since this season began, something that distressed her immensely. It felt as though the longer it took her to understand how to make the shift the less likely it would be to happen. Melody hadn't devoted months of studying and years of harrowing in on the subject at Hogwarts only to fail in the end. She would make the shift - she had to.

The only way her mother was going to allow her to skip that evening's ball was if while she was in London she stopped in for yet another dress fitting. Most women her age would be overjoyed for the amount of money her parents were spending on her this season, but truly it was just becoming tiresome. More and more Melody was beginning to consider giving into her father's desire to find a husband for her himself.

With the fitting taken care of, she and Mrs. Bradley began to head out of the store and to the library. The older woman might not have enjoyed being surrounded by books like Melody did, but by now Mrs. Bradley had to at least be accepting of it.

Melody was so deeply absorbed in her thoughts of where to head within the library that she nearly collided with a man on her way out of the shop. "Oh!" She exclaimed. "Mr. Longbottom. I'm sorry. I didn't see you."
Beckett was a man if simple tastes, simple pursuits. Though he came from a place of privilege and was not afraid to use it in most cases, he was, for the most part, a laid-back kind of guy. When it came to his wardrobe he liked to be understated, but still stylish. He liked the look and feel of a good suit and what it did for his confidence when navigating the business and social circles of his that often overlapped.

House of Lytton was the best way to accomplish that. He had a file there, thought liked to stop in to just to look at fabrics when the mood struck him. Relaxed though he may be, he was a little picky when it came to his looks. Not totally narcissistic, but he paid attention. Or at least that's what he liked to tell himself.

As he moved up the alley toward the designers, Becks mulled over the impending trades and positions he had yet to fill on the team, not entirely paying attention to where he was going. He very nearly missed the shop itself, but found that impossible as he nearly bowled over a familiar, pretty face.

"Miss Finch," He reached out gently to lay a hand on her arm in hopes to steady her. "My fault entirely, head in the clouds as it were. Are you quite alright?" He passed her a charming grin, ignoring any possible looks from her chaperon.

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Melody knew without looking back at her chaperone that there would be a deep frown plastered across Mrs. Bradley's face. The elder woman had a list of restrictions one must adhere to in society longer than most novels. There was little she could do to please the woman, proving that the only good thing that would come from her eventual marriage would be the riddance of her presence. Melody truly couldn't wait for that day.

"I believe we were both daydreaming. My apologies as well." Mrs. Bradley would have quite the scolding to unleash later when they were alone. It wasn't polite to be caught daydreaming as much as Melody did. What was she to do though when their lives were so dreadfully dull? "I'm alright. No harm done. Were you just on your way in?" Hopefully he wasn't late for an appointment now because of her. That would truly set Mrs. Bradley off.

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