Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    [Image: 9iyf5e.png]
    • Virginia is one of Gwenda's paternal cousins. She was born in 1863, so the two were quite close growing up —Gwenda and her siblings spent many of their summers at the Carmichael estate owned by Virginia's father. While in Hogwarts, Virginia was sorted into Ravenclaw, but left after her fifth year —the summer following her OWLs, she was turned into a werewolf. Both she and her brothers made an Unbreakable Vow never to reveal this fact in any fashion to anyone, so the rest of the family is entirely unaware (and unwelcome at the Carmichael estate during the full moon, when Virginia is captive in the cellar). She lives in Wales and so falls into the Elsewhere usergroup, but often visits Hogsmeade. She is an upper class halfblood. Virginia still dreams of marrying, but her parents unbeknownst to her subtly dissuade any suitors that have shown interest, lest her secret become known. They think she will be happier as a beloved spinster than as a shunned wife. The suggested PB is Hayley Atwell; alternatives should be dark-haired. This will be a useful resource for you.

    • [Image: 34ngtok.png]
      Born Cora Adams in 1853, she was brought up in Georgia. She did not intend school, instead taking work as a maid when she was old enough to do so. She is halfblooded, her mother being a halfblood and her father a muggle. She is very close friends with her sister-in-law Evelyn, and quite infatuated with her husband. Her lower class upbringing has meant she likes to keep busy; though she does not have to work, she is employed as a Ministry of Magic Welcome Witch. She can read and write, but speaks only English and has a first year’s magical knowledge. She is presently in the middle class. As of June, she is pregnant. The suggested PB is Zoe Saldana.
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Ianto Lloyd
    1860 | Upper | Half | Any House
    Upper Class. Red or Light Haired like his father. Unemployed & Heir.[/align]
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    Quote:Hey there! I am requesting Miss M---- Hatchitt nee Root. We’re going to format this weird because it’s one of those days.

    She’s been played twice and here are some details you need to know:

    * She was raised from the lower class in 1881 when her mother married Edgar Hamilton.
    *Because of this, she cannot be in any ladies’ clubs
    *She is the half sibling of Rupert and Iphigenia. Don’t ask me about the Hamilton plot, I literally don’t know anything. Talk to MJ or Soph instead!
    *She’s a former Hufflepuff

    The Hatchitt marriage is having some capital I Issues lately. Essentially this started when they had triplets in January of 1883 and one of them died; they deal with grief either very differently or too similarly. (Gabe becomes emotionally closed off; you can see how this would be a problem.)

    I uh.

    I can’t think of anything else.

    They haven’t had sex since July of 1882?
    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]
    • When she first met her second husband-to-be, Perpetua Creighton, née Potter, immediately said that if he continued to think so highly of himself, it would surely be his undoing. The years have proved her right. Each of Huxley’s children was born with some blessing or another, something that, by rights, should have eased their way through life. One by one, however, each has found what was once good about them torn asunder by circumstance, rendering them cursed (by fate, not by their mother xD).

      [Image: x1lehk.png]

      Huxley the Hopeful, Huxley the Hubristic. The family’s patriarch, he has always wished for more for himself—and his children, though he is not always so obvious about that. From Dezzie’s profile, re his intentions:

      His mother’s natal name was not an exciting one at the time of her marriage, though her brother Garfield had done well for himself. Still, Josephine was attached to it, and so passed it on to her son. Huxley was always one who envisioned more for himself, but lacked the skill, money, or—according to some—even sense to get it. It was a fluke that he found Benjamin Potter, who was willing to make a deal: the Potter name and a grand inheritance upon his death if Huxley would wed his widowed daughter and care for her and her two sons in the meantime. Emboldened by these promises, Huxley consented.

      Huxley was born in 1826 to a pureblooded mother and a halfblooded father. While in Hogwarts, he spent his time in Slytherin—for obvious reasons. At present, he works in the Ministry, either as the head/assistant head of a department or as a member of one of the Ministry’s committees. Isabella is his favourite child, though he likes to imply it’s Florizel instead. He grudgingly respects his wife, but does not love her. Since making the deal, Benjamin Potter has been on the brink of death thirteen times, each time pulling through—and each time denying Huxley anything beyond what he himself has earned. He wishes his father-in-law would just die already, but lacks the gall to actually arrange for it himself. The suggested PB is Anthony Head. His family tree can be found here.


      Bella the Beauty, Bella the Betrayed. The eldest of Huxley’s children. Even as in infant, she was gorgeous, and there was never any doubt that she would have an easy way of it in life. Her sweet nature won her friends easily, and her grace earned her a husband after only her first Season. Beauty, though, would not save her from ‘the curse’—after her husband no longer trusted her, she lost her home and, crueler still, her children. Played by Emily

      [Image: iqhoab.png]

      Cordelia the Compassionate, Cordelia the Corrupted. Always gentle in nature, Cordy has always had ample patience and never had a harsh word to say to anyone. She is constantly giving of herself—tutoring Dezzie in her worst classes, consoling Bella after she lost the children, volunteering at an orphanage on her Hogsmeade weekends, and now working as a healer, a position she will keep after her marriage. Unfortunately, it is the last that sees her in her current predicament, unable to maintain her compassionate self without sacrificing true love, and unable to marry her soul mate without forever wounding her elder sister.

      Cordelia met her future husband*, an investigator in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, when he showed up befuddled in her ward one day in mid 1882. After a week or so, he was straightened out, and she was so taken with him—and he with her—that they began to go to social functions (hitherto ignored by both) simply to bump into one another. Finally, in May of 1883 he proposed. Cordy always felt rather timid about her budding relationship, and so never mentioned him to her family; until she announced the engagement at dinner, none of the family was any the wiser. It was only when Isabella’s face fell that the shit hit the fan: her fiancé was the man currently keeping the Quirrell children away from their mother. Dinner has been rather awkward since.

      Cordelia was born in 1860. While in Hogwarts, she was sorted in either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. She never behaved improperly in any fashion. The suggested PB is Jessica Brown-Findlay. Played by Sarah

      MR. CHARLES PORTER is her fiancé, and is played by Soph. Born to the middle class in 1849, he is either a halfblood or a pureblood. Charles spent three years in America, causing him to miss his cousin’s wedding to Isabella. He works as an Investigator in the Improper Use of Magic Office, and it is through this that he met his current fiancé: he showed up befuddled in her ward one day in mid-1882. After a week or so, he was straightened out, and she was so taken with him—and he with her—that they began to go to social functions (hitherto ignored by both) simply to bump into one another. Finally, in May of 1883 he proposed. Also important, though, is his involvement with her elder sister: fearing his wife’s infidelity, Charles’ late cousin Benedict Quirrell gave him sole custody of his two sons in 1881, and on his deathbed made Charles make an unbreakable vow that he would not willfully allow their “strumpet” of a mother to see or contact them again. Charles is not a bad person (whether he believes his cousins fears about Bella is up to you), but can’t exactly break the vow if he doesn’t want to drop dead. There is no solid PB, but eye-candy options include Chris Pine and Robert Downey Jr..


      Desdemona the Determined, Desdemona the Disappointment. The middle child. Though she has the courage and drive to constantly move forward, her efforts often fall flat. Writing all this out has been obnoxious I DON'T WANNA ELABORATE ON DEZZIE DAMNIT.

      [Image: 11twfmd.png]

      Cressida the Clever, Cressida the Careless. Easily the most intelligent in the family. Cress has always been quick to pick up new notions, and clear in her expression of opinions—logically reached, of course. Unlike her siblings, her misfortune walks hand in hand with her fortune, rather than working to counter it: because of her overactive mind, she almost always speaks out of turn; others find her impertinent, a know-it-all, and, at worst, think she is trying to undermine whatever authority they might have in the given context. When she does hold herself back, she does so with a stutter, the only sign she is consciously trying to restrain herself. She has a difficult time relating to her sisters because ‘why can’t they just do what’s sensible?’, and has always been a little iffy on empathy. Born in 1866, Cress is in her final year. She is in Ravenclaw. The preferred PB is Jodelle Ferland. Played by Anya


      Florizel the Favoured, Florizel the Flop. Fortunate to be the only boy, fortunate to be alive at all, Florizel should have had it all. An inheritance—if his father ever got his hands on one—is surely on its way, and while his family is hardly stellar, at least they’ve the Potter tacked on so he should land a decent wife. Such expectations, though, are not necessarily met: if he does well in school it is entirely an accident, his stature is the polar opposite of his ridiculously tall sister, and if Forgetfulness were a form of wealth, the elder girls would never need work again. Played by Beanie.

      [Image: 2n87ptt.png]

      Perpetua the Prophet. The mother of the aforementioned unfortunate spawn. She knew when she married Huxley that his hubris would get the better of him—woman’s intuition. Though she loves her children quite dearly, she must admit that she enjoys watching her husband slowly lose it. A bit on her previous marriage, from Dezzie’s profile:

      It was a marriage for love. Mr. Creighton was an upper-class gentlemen, though his New Money status certainly raised her father’s eyebrow. Nonetheless, the two were quite happy, and she bore him two healthy sons. Then the business went down the drain. First the house in the country went—Perpetua resigned herself to life in the city. Then they were forced to downsize to a smaller home. By the time her husband succumbed to a disease of the liver, Perpetua and her sons were all but left in the gutter. Finally overcoming her pride to ask her father for assistance, he would neither give her money nor invite her to live with him, but instead found her someone stable enough to support her and the boys but stupid enough to marry a woman two years his senior with only the promise of an inheritance as a dowry.

      Perpetua was born an upper-class pureblood in 1824. While in Hogwarts, she was in Gryffindor. She played quidditch from 4th-7th year, and then professionally for the Holyhead Harpies until marrying just after her twenty-first birthday. She was a chaser. She has a rather dry sense of humour, and is not outwardly overly affectionate. She will always respect her father for not simply bailing her out of her own mistakes, and loves him dearly. The suggested PB is Janet McTeer. Her family tree can be found here.

      [Image: 29zuaud.png]

      Benjamin the Bane…of Huxley’s existence. Since 1857, Benjamin has almost died thirteen times, each stubbornly clinging to life—according to gossip, simply to spite his son in law. Born in 1795, Benjamin is a jovial man, though he believes strongly in hard work and so would not simply bail his daughter out in the traditional sense. He was in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw during his time at Hogwarts, and worked both as a professor and in the Minsitry before retiring at the age of sixty. He is an upper class pureblood and married one, though she died at least ten years ago. Benjamin is exceedingly fond of all his daughters, but has never liked any of their husbands. The suggested PB is Michael Gambon. His family tree can be found here. Played by Janni
    • Miriam Webster typically behaves in cooperation with her middle-class upbringing, but her belief that there is something wrong with her (unnatural thoughts!) has led her to think that the spinster/working life is probably for the best. While she still tries to live ‘right’, she has had one lapse, about eleven years ago: she took a man to bed it probably wasn't even a bed oops.

      [Image: 9suko1.png]
      #! Abraxas is a pureblood, but not a blood purist, born between 1841 and 1843. When he and Mary met (check profile for exact dates), he worked as an auror, but suspected ties to a circle of dark wizards let to his move to hit wizard—the department had no proof, but did not wish to have a ‘risk’ in his present position. He has an athletic build and stands at approximately six feet; though he's a bit rough around the edges, his is a friendly nature. Miriam was never in love with him (I don't think), but he should have held at least a big brother-esque affection towards her. He never knew that she was pregnant, nor do they interact much. Naturally, this needs to change because what's life without additional stress? xD He is lower class. The preferred PB is Richard Armitage but if you're crazy enough to hate him, we can discuss alternatives. He will need to be registered with extra characters in his username.

    • [Image: 2lic0tx.png]
      Alexander’s younger half-sister, Theodesia was born before September in 1852. An upper-class pureblood, Theodesia was in Gryffindor while at Hogwarts. She was married in 1871 to a pureblood of her father’s choosing, Melchior Urquart (1840); the state of their marriage is up to you. She has at least two children of any gender. The suggested PB is Rachel McAdams; you’re encouraged to fit her in with another want ad where possible! Her played siblings include half-brothers Ignatius and Horatio.

    • [Image: 2eds96v.png]
      Topaz and Ruby are identical twins born before September of 1873. Topaz is the more independent of the two, more likely to solve problems on her own than to go to a parent for help. She also hasnot shown any signs of magic, and may be a squib. Ruby is the more charming of the two, but also more childish. She made her first show of magic at just over a year old. She often looks to those around her for validation. They are middle class halfbloods. The suggested PB is Amandla Stenberg.

    • [Image: 143jhw2.png]
      The eldest of the Urquart boys, Melchior was born in 1840. While in Hogwarts, he was sorted into any house but Hufflepuff. At present, he is married to Theodesia née Wilde (advert here), and they have at least two children. Melchior worked in the Ministry after finishing his schooling, but may have retired after his father’s death if the player likes. After his father’s death, he and Caspar split the family wealth and property evenly; whether he was involved in the yet unsolved murder is up to you. He is a staunch blood purist, disdaining anyone who is not a pureblood like he is. He has no contact with his youngest two siblings, and openly condemns them in public. Melchior belongs to the upper class. The suggested PB is Stephen Moyer.
    [Image: demqkx.png]
    suggested playby: Kaitlyn Maher, or someone with light to dark brown hair
    N/A | Halfblood | B. June 10th, 1877
    • Quite sick of having kids and the effects they were having on her body, Tandy declares that this is her last child. She vows to take abortion potions subsequently. Baker calls her "Evie" in hopes that she won't be effected too badly by her awful name. She suffers from epileptic fits.

    [Image: trixie2.png]

    [Image: iw0l5h.png]
    • Half-brother to Odira, and the eldest of the Browne children. Born in 1854, Sampson is a middle class pureblood. He is more-or-less a manager of Browne Shoes, the family business, which he will inherit after his father retires. While in school, Sampson was in Gryffindor. He married a woman of good reputation from the middle class in September of 1881. She gave him twin daughters in April of 1883, though one died less than a week later. The status of his wife is flexible. Traditionally, Sampson has been a good-natured, hardworking man, though not particularly close with any of his half-siblings. His mother died birthing his stillborn sister when he was only three. Appearance-wise, he should be at least six feet in height and have dark hair. The suggested PB is Clive Standen. Sampson was previously played, and so should be registered with extra characters.

      Among others, Sampson is related to…
      Augustus Browne — Aurelia Browne — Calliope Riley — Gideon Browne — Loretta Browne — Pruedence Browne — Antonius Browne> — Maximillian Browne

    [Image: 29azhc5.png]
    • Stepdaughter-cum-Sister-in-law to Threnody, Mariah was born in 1867 (between January and August) and finds herself in Ravenclaw. Though born to the middle class, the successes of her brother's publishing firm have seen her launched to the upper class, a transition that has been difficult on the halfblood. She is considered to be very plain, and bears a strong dislike and distrust for Threnody--and, to an extent, her children as well. The suggested PB is Sophie McShera. She was previously played, and so will need to be registered with extra characters. Her siblings and half-siblings are all played.

    • [Image: 5eis5g.png]

      Philippa is one of Alexander’s many half-sisters. Born in 1869, she is a pureblooded member of the upper class. She is in Hufflepuff. Of her immediate siblings, Philippa is the most like their mother, thinking that if the two are similar, she might gain some maternal affection. Though not truly a giant bitchmonster deep down and genuinely protective of her siblings, she is not a person who has an easy time making friends. Her father died November 3rd, 1883. She will need to be registered with extra characters. The suggested PB is Maria Ehrich; alternatives to be brunette. Reserved for Janni
    • [Image: 2itouvk.png]

      Balthazar’s sister, of whom he is quite fond. Born in 1854, Evelyn was always doted upon by her mother, but quite frightened of her father. She grew up in the upper class, but eloped with a man of the middle class just after her graduation, and has since had no contact with her parents or eldest brothers. While at Hogwarts, she was in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Evelyn does not work, but volunteers with various charities. Her middle name begins with an E. She presently has four children, and became pregnant again in August. She is a caring and compassionate person, and good friends with Cora. She looks up to Balthazar. Though she has been madly in love with her husband, the fact that he spends so much time working has begun to strain the marriage a great deal. The suggested PB is Keira Knightley.
    • [Image: 9k9j49.png]

      A cousin to Gwenda, the Welshman was born in 1859. Both of his siblings are played. While in school, the halfblood was sorted into Slytherin; currently, he works in the Improper Use of Magic Office. He lives on the family estate in Wales, though occasionally takes rooms at the club Exalibur when he needs to be in Hogmseade for social reasons. After his sister was made a werewolf, he made an Unbreakable Vow never to tell her secret—he will die if he reveals it. Elliot is upper class. He is hurlable as he is a firstborn with an income, but should not pursue anyone born before 1865. The suggested PB is Torrance Coombs, with alternatives to be dark haired.

    • [Image: n5j7yp.jpg]

      The youngest of the Prewett girls, and sister to Felicity. Born in 1866, Fiona finds herself in Ravenclaw. Though an upper class pureblood, Fiona is not betrothed, and will not be unless still single at twenty or she asks for it. She is incredibly prim and proper, aghast at the fact that Felicity has a profession, and completely in denial where Fee’s time in the asylum is concerned. Though friendly to all at first, she is quick to end a friendship if impropriety is found. The suggested PB is Molly Quinn, and alternatives must have red hair. She was previously played, and so must be registered with extra characters.
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers
    • [Image: qs4dnm.png]

      Alexander’s youngest half-sister, Minerva was born before September in 1871. A pureblood, Minerva has been brought up as an upper-class young lady. She is in Ravenclaw. She is exceedingly bright, and quite easy to get along with. Her favourite class is History of Magic. The suggested PB is Mackenzie Foy, though any dark haired, age-appropriate option would suffice. In addition to Alexander, she has played siblings Ignatius and Horatio.She needs to be registered with extra characters, as she was previously played.

    • [Image: 11lmt10.jpg]

      The fourth Prewett boy, and brother to Felicity. He has always been very close with Fee, and even feels fatherly to her in spite of the fact that she is older. Her confinement in the asylum has rendered him particularly concerned, and he is one of the few to regularly visit her. He harbors a great dislike of James for “letting her get so bad”, but bears Florence no ill-will for bringing the problem to light. Born in 1864, he was in Hufflepuff for his seven years of schooling; he now works in the Ministry. Given his age, he is not looking for a wife, though the fact that he was given the former (though modest) Wellingtonshire home of Felicity’s husband means he might start looking in his mid-twenties, rather than wait until his thirties. Frederick is an upper class pureblood. The suggested PB is Rupert Grint with alternatives to have light or red hair. He was previously played, and so will need to be registered with extra characters.

    MR. ----- MCGONAGALL
    • [Image: 25ku0y8.png]

      Married to Evelyn, and Balthazar’s closest friend since first year. When in school the middle class halfblood was sorted into Ravenclaw. ---- was born in 1845. His is a dependable nature, though that gives him the tendency to overwork himself. After school, he began working in the Ministry (not Department of Mysteries), but may currently teach instead if available and you so choose. The suggested PB is Kevin McKidd. His family tree can be found here; you may add up to two sisters and one (younger) brother.
    [Image: 11s1p34.png]
    • Dezzie’s eldest half-brother. Gregory was born in 1846, and is either half- or pureblooded. Though he is in a position to take a wife and would happily do so if the right woman presented herself, he does not see it as so critical that he is actively looking for one. While in Hogwarts, Gregory was in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. He belongs to the middle class. After graduation, he began working in the Ministry—he is either still there (not at all involved in the Wizengamot) or a professor currently. He never took to his stepfather, but is quite fond of his half-siblings, particularly Dezzie. He is a man of few words, but fiercely loyal, very intelligent, and incredibly honorable. The preferred PB is Joel Edgerton.

    • [Image: 1589p52.jpg]

      The second son of Bernard Simpson, Gareth is heavily religious and quite conservative in attitude. He was aware of Rosie's function in the house and resents his father for it even after her dismissal, but not enough so to ruin either reputation. Gareth was born late in 1864, and completed his education in Slytherin in 1883. Due to his great political ambition, he began interning in the DMLE after his graduation. He was particularly struck by Cadence’s death, having always viewed her as his mother rather than stepmother. The arrival of the younger Cadence seemed to him to be a gift from God, and he does his best to keep in touch with her at school. The suggested PB is Torrance Coombs, with any alternatives to be brunette. Gareth is a halfblooded member of the middle class. His played relations include his father, his younger brother, a sister, and a legitimate half-sister, and a bastard half-sister.
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    • [Image: 2v8i9w0.png]

      Born to Owain Davies and Winifred née Vaughan, she is Gwenda’s maternal cousin. She is an upper class halfblood. Glenda was born in 1868, and is in Ravenclaw. Though she has always been rather reserved, she is not a shy girl except for around the opposite sex. She wishes her father believed in arranged marriages so she would not have to worry about finding a husband after her schooling, but knows that this is unlikely to change. The suggested PB is Selena Gomez, with alternatives to have dark hair. Her family is Welsh, but resides in Hogsmeade.

    • [Image: ndmn3m.jpg]

      The eldest child of Honoria*. Born in the summer of 1869, Simon is currently in any house but Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. His personality is largely open, as long as he’s not a twat or a pansy. His friends would be predominantly upper class pure- and halfbloods, though middle class purebloods are also possible. He is polite towards muggleborns and may befriend them, but cannot shake the feeling that he is slightly better than they are. He is on good terms with both parents. The preferred PB is a recent Asa Butterfield**; dark haired alternatives may be discussed.

      * The Yaxleys have a plot commencing in early February. Things will happen in the family that will not be pre-discussed (don’t worry, you won’t die!) and you need to be okay with that!
      ** I use a younger Asa for one of my characters, and am quite happy to share!
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    • [Image: 98u2vq.jpg]

      The eldest Tinker daughter, and a younger sister to Linden . Holly was the first of twins born to the Tinkers in 1858. She spent her five years at Hogwarts in Gryffindor. She is very adaptable, but hers is a quiet strength. Holly worked as a housemaid in Glasgow after leaving school, but found a position as a lady’s maid in Hogsmeade starting early 1881, where she presently works. She had hoped to marry her employer’s valet while living in Glasgow, but that did not pan out, leaving her heartbroken and untrusting of the romantic motives of men. She is a lower class halfblood, and if she marries will do so within her class. The suggested PB is Lily James with alternatives to have blonde hair.

    • [Image: 2w555p3.jpg]

      Linden ’s younger sister, born in 1867. Primrose is a clever girl, who spent her five years of schooling in Ravenclaw. It was only her father’s death that stopped her from further schooling—she had always wanted to be a healer—a disappointment she will likely always feel. She is the Tinker who behaves most like a ‘real’ young lady, as she had always thought it best to behave refined if she was to be working with people higher than she in society. The halfblood currently works as a seamstress at one of the Hogsmeade clothing shops. She is lower class. The suggested PB is Rike Kloster with alternatives to have light or red hair.

    • [Image: wv74sx.jpg]

      The youngest sibling to Linden , Pansy was born in 1873. She will start school in the coming year, and will be in any house but Slytherin. Her personality is quite open, but she can’t be a sadistic animal killer or anything >.> The suggested PB is Ryan Simpkins; alternatives should be blonde.
    [Image: 9zq91t.png]
    • Elaine is Gwenda’s younger sister, born in 1866. She began her schooling in 1877, and was sorted into Hufflepuff. The halfblood belongs to the upper class. She has a bubbly nature like her sister, but is less academically-inclined; the two get along very well. She is very artistic, but not very musical. The suggested PB is Sarah Bolger; alternatives should be dark haired.

      Among others, Elaine is related to…
      James Carmichael — Gawain Carmichael — Tristan Carmichael — Virginia Carmichael

    • [Image: t0ruo3.png]

      The middle of the Urquart boys, Caspar was born in 1843. After finishing his schooling, he either joined the Ministry or became a healer. Though he did marry a Miss Olivia Burke (born 1855), she died miscarrying their first child in 1875. Having been truly infatuated with his wife, he has not remarried yet, but is certainly in the market. After his father’s death, he and Melchior split the family wealth and property evenly; whether he was involved in the yet unsolved murder is up to you. He believes that upper class purebloods like him should marry other upper class purebloods, and so has minimal contact with his wayward siblings, but does not disdain muggleborns and halfbloods based on blood status alone. The suggested PB is Matthew MacFadyen.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    • [Image: 332rs3l.jpg]

      The eldest half-sibling to Matilda. Tobias was born in 1865, and spent three years at Hogwarts, where he was sorted into any house but Ravenclaw. A halfblood, Tobias belongs to the lower class and lives in the slums with Matilda and their brothers. He works as a coachman after spending some time as a stable hand. He is very reliable, but not very ambitious. The suggested PB is Austin Butler.

    • [Image: 2vkbz9h.jpg]

      Half-brother to Matilda and identical twin to Liam. Patrick was born in 1868. A lower class halfblood, he spent two years in any house (not the same as Liam) before his inability to earn a scholarship required him to leave school. He currently works somewhere in Hogsmeade. He is rather jealous of his twin’s continued schooling, and after Mattie, was the child most affected by his father’s death. He is the elder of the twins by five minutes. The suggested PB is Evan Peters.

    • [Image: 2mh64x1.jpg]

      Half-brother to Matilda and identical twin to Patrick. Liam was born in 1868. A lower class halfblood, he attends Hogwarts on full scholarship, where he is in any house. Liam aims to be an auror when he completes his education. He is the younger of the twins by five minutes. The suggested PB is Evan Peters.

    • [Image: 6zmsdl.jpg]

      The elder of the identical Prewett twins, and brother to Felicity. Fitzroy is an upper class pureblood born between January and August of 1860. A professional quidditch player, the Slytherin alumnus plays as first string beater for the team of your choice, though has played for Puddlemere in the past. He played quidditch while in school. Fitzroy was married in December of 1882. While he does not mind his wife (born 1864; the only child in a wealthy, pureblooded family), he does not love her, and married her for her large dowry. Whether they have any children is up to you. The suggested PB is Liam Hemsworth; anyone used must have light hair. He was previously played, and so should be registered with extra characters.

    • [Image: 1585rfa.jpg]

      The third Tinker boy, younger brother to Linden , and twin to Holly. Rowan was born a lower class halfblood in 1858. He was able to attend Hogwarts for five years, where he was in Gryffindor. Rowan is not the brightest, but is incredibly dedicated to his family and a very honest and loyal person. He works on the farm alongside Linden . Once a week, he sells produce in Irvingly, where one of the muggles has struck his fancy, though he has not yet done anything about it. The suggested PB is Charlie Hunnam, with alternatives to be blonde.

    • [Image: 2cz4nr4.jpg]

      The middle child of Honoria*. Katherine was born before September of 1872, and is often called Kitty by her family—though her friends prefer Kathy. She is in any house but Slytherin. She does not dislike her mother, but is particularly close to her father. She is a sweet girl, but can come across as rather pretentious because of her birth and upbringing. The suggested PB is Bailee Madison, but other dark-haired girls may suffice.

      * The Yaxleys have a plot commencing in early February. Things will happen in the family that will not be pre-discussed (don’t worry, you won’t die!) and you need to be okay with that!
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

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    The Mediwizard/witch
    [Image: wantad_zpsa10add09.jpg]
    So for this ad I'm going to call them Alex because that's a nice unisex name; it should be noted that I really do not care about their name. I would prefer activity from whoever picks them up for obvious reasons. I'm super chill with Alex filling other requests. To reserve this character, either shout at me in the cbox or PM Cassius Lestrange!

    Alex is a mediwizard (or witch, w/e) who is often assigned to deal with the apparition testing office. (The entire Department of Magical Transportation has to deal with a lot of minor - wizarding standards - injuries, but Alex hangs out in the ATE Offices a lot because they have so many splinchings.)

    Alex should belong to the lower class and they had good OWL results, but did not continue with their NEWTs because NEWTs aren't required for mediwizards. Their gender is totally open (hence why this ad is written from a unisex standpoint) but they should be between seventeen and twenty-four years old.

    They're kind of sarcastic, fairly jaded, and poke fun at Jon when they have the opportunity to do so.

    Plot-wise, Alex will get roped into adventures by sheer virtue of being near Jon often. They also encourage him to do off-the-wall things (as demonstrated here) but keep their personal life under wraps. (Probably not for any particularly secretive reason - unless you want that, I don't really care! - but it's totally driving Jon insane and he will be poking his nose all up in their business whenever he is given the opportunity to.)

    Alex's suggested PBs are Nathan Stewart-Jarret or Ruth Negga because I adore them and think someone should use them; however, their PB is totally open and they can be of any race.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

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