Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptables Storage List
    #! His Majesty Merlin Huxley, born 1866; upper class, any house.
    • The only requirement for this character is that all family names remain as they are, and that he complete his Hogwarts schooling.
    #!Priam Lestrange, born 1844; upper class, Ravenclaw or Slytherin
    • Pureblood. Blood purist. Dark hair.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    Fraser Fortune Gallagher

    [Image: 1zf768p.jpg]

    Fraser is twenty-five and was small and scrawny as a child. Because of this, the Gallagher parents kept a close eye on him during his childhood and were a bit overprotective of him. He was not allowed to fly until he got to Hogwarts, but is a natural flier and an excellent seeker. He played for his house team during school and was in any house but Hufflepuff. Frasy doesn't play quidditch professionally but should have a career.. He's also a bit eccentric and has a fascination with odd magical contraptions. His suggested PB is Ben Whishaw or Justin Chatwin, but any age-appropriate person with brown or dark hair will do.

    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]
    Lenox Maroc
    [Image: tumblr_leu68hHLYU1qeldgho1_500.jpg]
    • Lenox Alberto Maroc is the first and only son of Lazarro and Hortence Maroc. He was born April __, 1864 and lived in Italy until he was ten years old. His little sister, Lynette, was born in 1867 when he was just three years old. The two became close early on, needing to so that they could deal with over bearing, perfectionist parents. While Lynette seemed to get off a little easier, Nox had a harder time with dealing with their father. It wasn't until Hogwarts, where he was sorted into Ravenclaw/Slytherin, that he started to find his true self. Sneaky, conniving, and smart don't always make for the best combination. He learned early on how to get things he wanted without really getting his hands dirty. Eventually alcohol was introduced, probably at a young-mid age while still in school. By the time he graduates, alcohol will play a big part of his life if nothing more than to cope with the impossible standard that has been set by his father. He rarely comes around the family home, probably living in a bachelor pad of sorts, and only drops in when he's sure his father is not home to see Lynette as the two remain close even if she doesn't approve of his lifestyle. Suggested play by is Brant Daugherty but other dark hair, blue eyed men are acceptable, preferably on the scruffier side.

      Important Side Note: I plan for Lazaro to die while Lenox is still younger. It will result in him inheriting young and having to take over the family while being still 19 or just barely 20, resulting in him amassing a great fortune but having to approve/deny any of Lynette's betrothals and what not in the future. Tons of plot potential there.

      You can PM me on this account with any and all questions otherwise I am also available by email or gchat.
    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]

    [Image: 9sbib4.png]
    • Ramsay is Hamish's eldest son, and only child by his first wife. Born in 1843, he ultimately proved to be his mother's undoing; rather than begrudge him for this, his father used it as an excuse to become extra-close with his sonùthe only one of the Darrow children to see such direct parenting. They are very good friends, and are often out drinking together (both like alcohol a smidge more than they should). During his time in school, he was in Gryffindor. It surprised everyone when he became a healer (likely AH or HIC currently)ùhe has never been terribly serious, and still remains so only where his job is concerned. He has three children (info here). His hurlability is at player discretionùhe was married, but his wife may have died if you so choose. The preferred PB is Mark Addy (beard or no beard); alternatives should be cleared with me, and must be heavier. Ramsay is a middle class halfblood.

      Among others, Ramsay is related toà
      Sunny Darrow ò Mercutio Darrow ò Tessa Darrow

    [Image: 166k5ea.png]
    • Crispin is Hamish's second son, and the first child by his second wife. Crispin was born in 1854, and was in any house but Hufflepuff while at school. Because of his heavy stature, he never felt comfortable on a broom, and so did not play quiddditch. Presently, he works in the Ministry or as a healer, and he is hurlable, starting his quest for a wife this season. He is a member of Merlin's. The preferred PB is John Bradley; alternatives should be cleared with me, and must be heavier. Crispin is a middle class halfblood.

      Among others, Crispin is related toà
      Sunny Darrow ò Mercutio Darrow ò Tessa Darrow
    [Image: trixie2.png]


    [Image: 2v2k4yt.png]
    • #! Meriweather is the son of Ernest and the late Margaret, making him Rufina's stepson. Born in October of 1871, he has always been rather sickly, but is deeply loved by both parents. He will be starting his studies at Hogwarts in the fall of 1883. He is not overly bratty, but has his moments. The suggested PB is Lino Facioli. Please register with extra characters, as he was previously played.

      Among others, Meriweather is related toà
      Flora Mulciber ò Fauna Attwood
    [Image: trixie2.png]


    Miss Zephyra Zane is an upper class pureblood who was in Slytherin from 1874 to 1881. She and Eleora met on the boat to Hogwarts and quickly became friends. ----- was Eleora's closest friend other than Artemidoros through school, but went to stay with family on the Continent shortly after Eleora's wedding in August 1881. In the mean time Eleora and ----- have corresponded, but have not been able to be as close as they were in school. Now ----- is returning home to Britain (whatever reason she had for living on the Continent is done) and is going to reconnect with Eleora. If she comes back over the summer she is going to be invited to stay with Eleora in Wales until the baby comes; otherwise she and Eleora will reconnect in Hogsmeade. Personality wise she is proper, but not stuffy; she also may be reasonably progressive and is probably charitable. She is not married but may be engaged or betrothed so long as she and her husband are planning on staying in Britain after the wedding. Camilla Rowe is pictured, but any age-appropriate face may be used.
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Founded by Philip Pendergast

    Notes: This particular branch of the Pendergast family is headed by Reuben Pendergast and his wife, Atalanta, and unless otherwise stated all members are traditional and socially minded. The family tree can be found here.

    [Image: 2zrp2sn.png]

    Walter "Walt" ____ Pendergast is Reuben and Atalanta's eldest son, born 1867, making him either a fifth year or sixth year, dependent on his birthday. A member of the Gryffindor house, his closest friend is a muggleborn�a fact harder to hide from his family with two siblings at school with him. The only one of Reuben's children who could be considered genuinely progressive, he is also a large disappointment to his father, and consequently closer to his mother. He has the potential to be a prefect. His suggested PB is Dylan Minnette, though any other dark haired alternative would suffice.

    [Image: 2usy537.png]

    Samuel "Sam" ____ Pendergast is Reuben and Atalanta's youngest son and youngest child, born 1870. Sorted into Slytherin, Sam has high hopes that he will one day see himself first as Minister of Magic, and later as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. His ambitions have made his father terribly proud, and he does not get along with his elder brother. Hero Fiennes-Tiffin is strongly preferred.

    [Image: trixie2.png]


    [Image: 55mgc9.png]
    • Half-brother to Dezzie and the younger of Perpetua’s boys from her first marriage. Born in 1850, he is either half- or pureblooded. He belongs to the middle class. He has a respectable job—likely Ministry, Healing, Hogwarts, or something else that actually makes use of his NEWTs—and has recently begun actively looking for a wife. His is a goofy nature, but he can be serious if the need arises. While in Hogwarts, he was in either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Benjamin doesn’t mind his stepfather, sharing his mother’s amusement in Huxley’s situation. He is particularly fond of his younger brother, though likes all of his half-siblings. The preferred PB is Tom McKay.

    [Image: k51yde.png]
    • Father to Pandora and husband to Sybella, Horace was born in 1840. Unfortunately, his would not be a long lifespan: in 1876, one of Horace’s experiments—a modification to make a wand also a broomstick and vice versa—goes horribly awry. When he awakes, he is floating above his body, now a ghost, his lower half completely obliterated, and what remains of his upper half clad in a singed shirt. He happily decides to stick around, and moves with the family to Irvingly. Horace was—and still is—good natured and rather eccentric, though prone to fits of over-excitedness. The suggested PB is Jamie Sives; alternatives should be dark-haired. He was born and raised a middle-class halfblood and was in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff while in school.
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

    [Image: 2vwadyh.png]
    • [s]Younger brother to Pandora and son to Sybella, Gandalf was born in [b]1872, and will start at Hogwarts in September of 1883. He is a middle class halfblood. I am happy to see his personality taken in one of two directions: 1. Incredibly eccentric, like his father—makes his sister look incredibly normal by comparison. Will have a difficult time making friends because of this. 2. Incredibly sober, and in fact embarrassed by his family’s peculiarity. The suggested PB is Ted Allpress; alternatives to be dark haired.

    [Image: 2n06dk5.png]
    • James is Gwenda’s father, born in 1830. He is a halfblood, and was in either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff during his time in school. Though a middle child, his younger brother died whilst in school. His marriage with his wife was not arranged; though it was originally more about financial position than love, the two are presently very good friends. James has a friendly nature, and works in the Ministry. He is traditional in that he does not want to see his daughters marry down or his family scandalized, but is not a blood purist and is rather charitable. He is a member of Atlantis. The preferred PB is Russell Crowe.

      Among others, James is related to…
      Gawain Carmichael — Tristan Carmichael — Virginia Carmichael
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    "Employer" AKA Sadist Bastard

    SO. Acedia Dante (profile link under avatar) is the embodiment of sloth. This entails emotional apathy and means that she gives zero fucks about her personal safety. She is emotionally constipated to the nth degree and after an encounter she fell into "working" for a sadist who had initially intended take her against her will and keep her as a slave. Finding it much more favorable to use someone willing, he pays her about two galleons for each little torture session they have together. I'm about to go into detail for him so if you're interested in playing this sicko, read on!

    He is an unnamed man. Acedia has never known his name and when she does address him it's usually just as Master because he's the kinda sicko that gets off on that. I have it written that he's never indulged in his sadistic fancies but on June 6, 1883 he went looking for a woman to use because after years of suppressing his urges he has become unable to keep them at bay. He is, I imagine, 30 years old or older with no upwards limit. Exceedingly rich and a wizard. He is most likely married and by all accounts a perfectly acceptable and proper part of society.

    His relationship with Acedia is of now non-sexual and I have no true intentions to change that but if whoever decides to make him makes him and he does have a sexual interest in Acedia then that is perfectly acceptable for me. As of now, however, he is just a sadist who takes her somewhere she knows not and - in simplest terms - tortures her. Their relationship is a very tricky one. He does not hate her despite what he does but is a sadist. They don't speak nor do they really know one another on any level beside the connection of her being a slave to him when she is with him. For her, being with him and letting him torture her is the ultimate release to her pent up emotions. It's the only time she expresses herself in any manner and lets her emotions in. So the relationship is just as "beneficial" (we'll say) for her as it is for him.

    The plan is that Acedia's sorta beau will find out who he is by following her some time when they meet up. There will likely be an altercation that can result in nothing more than a beating or even death. Details are fluid and willing to be compromised but eventually there will be a confrontation between Dempsey (Acedia's beau thing kinda) and Mr. Sadist.

    Details on Mr. Sadist are that he's likely a healer or at least very competent with healing and defensive magic as I say that he heals her during their sessions so that she does not die from his tortures. He is to be 30+ in age, very well off and well regarded. Marital status or lack thereof is up to the player but I always imagined he was a family man with a very dark secret.

    Because this is a very mature themed plot I require that anyone who takes him is 18+ because well. Mature content. Threads with him and Acedia will detail their time together (we can build them up to having more interactions than simple torture sessions) and the eventual confrontation between Dempsey and him. Everything else he is free to do whatever so long as it does not interfere with my needs for him. If you're interested please let me know!

    Mr. Pureblood

    Okay so originally I had a plot page for this then decided I wanted a character made specifically for this. Cornelia "Tullia" Lestrange needs someone to fancy her. Enough that he would, before the end of the term, kiss her. I also intend for them to actually end up becoming friends of a close nature and giving Tullia her first kiss and first best friend! Before I go any further I would like to say that this will most likely not be a romantic relationship. I'd like to play by ear.

    Here's what I need for the boy. He must be at least a fifth year and as far as blood status goes he needs to be a pureblood. His class should be upper class, middle class at the lowest. For Hogwarts house, any house is acceptable and the classes he takes and are completely up to you. I have no preference over his house though I imagined he wouldn't be overly academic though not lacking in intelligence at all.

    The situation is this: the boy sees Tullia and thinking she's older than she is starts to fancy her. It's a superficial fancy based on looks and he ends up talking to her persistently and each time she is ambivalent towards him (perhaps hostile, I'm not sure how she'll react) so he has to be persistent. He keeps on getting to know her, imposing himself on her personal reading time and studies and overall just sort of popping up and talking to her whenever. The idea is that through this he actually starts to like her as a person because she's different, she's intelligent and he sees the loneliness behind the facade though he'd never say that to her face. Whether it becomes a legitimate romantic interest or not is completely up to you, just know that she is very unlikely to think of him romantically.

    For his personality I imagine him sort of a slacker in academics but actually being smart. Like the type of person who surprises you with their wit because you don't expect it from them. He's persistent and perhaps a bit too relaxed at times and entirely confident. He has to be the type willing to persist in getting to know a girl like Tullia, eventually kissing her and then still being her friend even when she freaks out over the kiss. He's perceptive and empathetic in many ways and overall he's a pretty good sort of dude.

    If you're interested, talk to me (Anya) so that I can tell you what I do and don't want!
    [Image: trixie2.png]


    [Image: f1mvxz.png]
    • The second of Felicity's sisters. Frances was born in 1856, and spent her time at Hogwarts (1867-1874) in Gryffindor. She is particularly close to her elder sister, Felicia. After graduation, she flirted briefly with an occupation, working in the Ministry as a secretary. Though her marriage was arranged, she became friendly with Mr. Crabbe while they worked in the Ministry together. Frances has had fertility problems, and currently only has one son. Frances is a pureblooded member of the upper class. The suggested PB is Rachel McAdams—any deviation must have light or read hair. She was previously played.

      Among others, Frances is related to…
      Moira Prewett — Faustus Prewett — Felix Prewett — Florence Greene — Fiona Prewett — William Prewett

    MRS. _____ _____
    • Gladstone Huxley has never been particularly fond of his wife, a fact he is not shy about expressing. In the autumn of 1882, he met a young witch whose nature is much better suited to him…shame they’re both married! They are both quite infatuated with one another (though physically are no more affectionate than a clandestine kiss) though try to be discreet.

      [Image: 28clt2b.png]

      X is a halfblooded member of the middle or upper class. Her husband is in some fashion involved in the Ministry, though she herself does not work. She was born between 1875 and 1863 to middle class parents. She has one child, a son, born ten months after her marriage. She has not shared her husband’s bed since. She balances frankness with good manners. While she is not a blood purist nor a classist, she does not believe in charity more than is appropriate for a woman of her position. She believes strongly that women should be equal to men (a point she and Gladstone often debate casually), but is not active about this to avoid embarrassing her husband. In letters, she calls Gladstone ‘Gladdy’. If she ever played quidditch, it was for no more than two years and only during school; otherwise, X has largely been the picture of a young lady in both act and deed. She was likely in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. The suggested PB is Sarah Bolger. You are welcome to combine this with another want ad if applicable!

    GILDEROY DARROW | Middle | Half | 1872
    Called Roy. Halfblood.
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Edmund Grimm
    [Image: EdmundAd.jpg]
    middle class | born 1854 | former pro quidditch player | Edward Burns

    Ed is the elder of the Grimm brothers and has inevitably been the more responsible of the two. He was most likely a Slytherin or Hufflepuff. When their father was killed and their mother institutionalized, Ed took over the leadership roll, though he struggled to keep a close eye on a headstrong Everett (who did not make it easy). He played quidditch both in school and professionally for several years after graduating from Hogwarts and when/why he retired is open, though he should have retired at least a year ago. He most likely now works in the Department of Magical Games and Sports or coaches a professional team. He is currently single, but feel free to change that! Everett, his two young daughters and their house elf, Flopsy recently moved in with Edmund into his Bartonburg home.

    I'm open to ideas / flexible to a point. His PB is fairly firm, but we can discuss if you have somebody you desperately want. I will make you set for him, whomever you choose however.

    Please PM me on Everett's account to reserve him! Catch me in cbox or by PM with any questions!

    [Image: trixie2.png]

    MRS. _____ WILDE
    • Godric Wilde is a man of means in a world where money can get you most things. This includes attractive young wives—and is the reason that Alexander has a stepmother younger than he is. Unfortunately, her husband’s death in November will bring her unwelcome news about her new position in the family, and she will be less than thrilled.

      [Image: 2wdrm7q.png]
      Born in 1850, ____, a Slytherin, only received two OWLs, and so was removed from school after her fifth year. Her father promptly gave her a lavish coming out, so that she could find a husband, but her good looks and questionable nature got her into a deal of trouble—the kind requiring bribes and at one point a shove down the stairs. In spite of her rather iffy reputation, though, Godric was willing to marry her for looks alone on the condition that she make an Unbreakable Vow not to sleep with other men (women, though were not included).

      _____ was born a pureblooded member of the upper class. She is very attractive, but has absolutely no veela blood. She tends to manipulate to get her way and is generally quite the bitch. Though she has four children (Ignatius, Philippa, Minerva, and Horatio), _____ does not have a maternal bone in her body. The suggested PB is Marion Cotillard, but I really don’t care as long as she’s not a redhead.
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    [Image: ad_zpsa3ce7b46.jpg][/align]

    [s]For the sake of his ad, I'm going to call him Ted, but I do not care about his name. I would obviously prefer activity from whoever takes him up; my standards are very lax, but he's important so!

    Ted is a former Gryffindor who attended school from 1865-1872. He and Jon hit it off right away and have been best friends for years. It is preferred that Ted is a muggleborn or halfblooded member of the middle class; however, I am willing to compromise on that. While fun-loving and a bit of a loose cannon, Ted is probably more useful than Jon, at least in the past few years. He is likely hurlable but may be engaged at player discretion. (If he is, Jon doesn't know yet!)

    Plot-wise, I can offer you both ridiculous adventures all over the place because Jon is crazy, and also OTHER THINGS.

    There are two ways OTHER THINGS can go.

    Option One: Ted has recently been settling down / growing up, at least where girls are concerned; it's possible that a promotion at his job has caused this. He will try to get Jon - who has always been flighty - to grow similarly, the results of which depend on IC happenings.

    Option Two: Ted, freaking out about his age / whatever, has been acting more wild than usual. This is very interesting to Jon, who has always been the ridiculous one - they keep doing stupider things when they're together, and the results of that also depend on IC happenings. What fun!

    Ted can fulfill other character requests as well. The PB up there is Patrick J. Adams because he's cute, but Ted can have any appearance, and be any race. If interested, yell at me in the cbox or PM Cassius Lestrange.
    [Image: trixie2.png]

    Beatrice Emilia Hatchitt (formerly Podmore)

    [Image: pimp-14.jpg]

    A thirty-eight-or-nine year old muggleborn, Beatrice is the formidable matriarch of the Hatchitt family. Sorted into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, she met Rufus at the coming out ball she attended in her fifth year. They married just after she left Hogwarts. Her children are Gabe, Jesse, Constance, Victoria, Mercy, and Lester, but she tries to watch over her nieces and nephews. She does not have a favorite child and does not work. Bea is the primary organizer of Hatchitt family gatherings, and good at social situations.

    She's loving, stubborn, hot-headed, clever, and a good disciplinarian. Her suggested PB is Lisa Chappell, but any age-appropriate brunette , ideally with light eyes, will do.

    Victoria Nettie Hatchitt
    [Image: wantad_zps84291be2.jpg]

    A sixth or seventh year Ravenclaw, Victoria "Vix" Hatchitt is the middle Hatchitt daughter. She is clever and good at reading people, and while she loves Quidditch, she does not play it. Vix is in fact easily the most proper of the Hatchitts; while she is not a stickler for it, she believes that behaving herself has its benefits.

    She is quite sweet but also a realist and very opinionated. She is especially close to Mercy, Levi, and Lester, even though she is somewhat unnerved by the latter's cleverness. Victoria is a peacekeeper.

    Her suggested PB is Philippa Northest but anyone dark-haired and age-appropriate, with light eyes preferably, is acceptable.

    [Image: 210hnnt.png]
    • Chastity is Odira’s eldest sister. Born in September of 1860, the pureblood finished her schooling in 1879; she was in Slytherin. Though born to the middle class, she married into the upper class in August of 1881. She and her husband (info below) have a daughter, Odessa Minerva Pettigrew, born in October of 1882. She became pregnant again in March of 1883, but the status there is up to player discretion.

      She and Odira have never been close; she gets along much better with Calliope, and most of all with their mother. She is not cruel, but is an aggressive social climber: she wants to be the queen bee, and has severed a few friendships in the past to get there. In spite of this, she is quite reserved where her secrets are concerned, and it is difficult to get to know her.

      Her husband is Thomas “Thom” Pettigrew, and is presently unplayed. Her new player is welcome to request him, but should do so in conjunction with Olive. It is to be noted that he has been unfaithful in the past and the two are not in love. He also spends little, if any, time with their daughter, wishing instead that she was a boy. His family can be found here

      The suggested PB for Chastity is Meghan Ory. Alternatives are fine, but should be dark-haired. As she was previously played, you’ll need to register her with extra characters in her name, which can be removed on acceptance.

      Among others, Chastity is related to…
      Augustus Browne — Aurelia Browne — Calliope Riley — Gideon Browne — Loretta Browne —Pruedence Browne — Antonius Browne — Maximillian Browne
    • [Image: 2nqqs87.png]
      The closest thing Indira has to family, the witches have known one another since first year. Born before September of 1860, ____ is the second of five children. After failing to gain a scholarship, she was pulled from school after her second year so that her next eldest sibling could give it a go. She was sorted into Slytherin. Born and raised in the lower class, she is halfblooded. Though she works as a prostitute, she is not at all licentious otherwise—she has only ever committed sexual acts for work purposes, due to the fact that while her moral nature can overlook her occupation because of desperation, it cannot overlook her homosexual preferences. She suffered one pregnancy and subsequent abortion early in 1883, and has quite made up her mind never to endure such agony again if she can help it. She helps to refer other women in such a position to Indira. Celina Sinden is the suggested PB.
    • [Image: 3523lax.png]
      Hamish’s eldest child with his most recent wife, Mercutio was born in 1865. He is a middle-class halfblood. Though he did consider a quidditch career, the Hufflepuff alumnus scored well enough on his NEWTs to be offered a position as an auror-in-training. He is a kind, jovial individual, much like his father and eldest brother. He tends to be oblivious to any romantic advances, and likely won’t consider taking a wife until he is at least thirty. The suggested PB is Joe Dempsie; any alternative should be wider-set. Should be registered with extra characters.

    • [Image: 5eis5g.png]
      Philippa is one of Alexander’s many half-sisters. Born in 1869, she is a pureblooded member of the upper class. She is in Hufflepuff. Of her immediate siblings, Philippa is the most like their mother, thinking that if the two are similar, she might gain some maternal affection. Though not truly a giant bitchmonster deep down and genuinely protective of her siblings, she is not a person who has an easy time making friends. Her father died November 3rd, 1883. She will need to be registered with extra characters. The suggested PB is Maria Ehrich; alternatives to be brunette.

    [Image: 9sbib4.png]
    • Ramsay is Hamish’s eldest son, and only child by his first wife. Born in 1843, he ultimately proved to be his mother's undoing; rather than begrudge him for this, his father used it as an excuse to become extra-close with his son—the only one of the Darrow children to see such direct parenting. They are very good friends, and are often out drinking together (both like alcohol a smidge more than they should). During his time in school, he was in Gryffindor. It surprised everyone when he became a healer (likely AH or HIC currently)—he has never been terribly serious, and still remains so only where his job is concerned. He has three children (info here). His hurlability is at player discretion—he was married, but his wife may have died if you so choose. The preferred PB is Mark Addy (beard or no beard); alternatives should be cleared with me, and must be heavier. Ramsay is a middle class halfblood. He will need to be registered with extra characters.

      Among others, Ramsay is related to…
      Penelope Darrow — Mercutio Darrow — Crispin Darrow

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