Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptables Storage List

    What this list is:

    Adopted characters will have their request form copied and posted here by a non-involved staff member. All members can review it and remind themselves what the requirements for their characters are. If you do not have a wanted ad, you must send something in to the staff to have posted up in the storage forum that the adopter has already agreed to if you want something on record.

    Adoptables Rules:

    Adoptables belong to the person who adopted them, but they must adhere to the requirements originally set forth in the ad from the person requesting them. The adopter has the right to decline additional requirements added on after the character has been adopted. The requester has the right to take away the adopted character only if they aren't adhering to the original requirements that are preserved in the storage forum.


    If you have an already adopted character from a while ago but want the requirements stored away, stick them in the maintenance thread and the staff will post them up. If you have a character that has been adopted and needs the information to be moved to the storage thread, post in the maintenance thread with the link to the post.

    Getting ads stored here:

    Post in the maintenance thread and request for it to be moved.

    Only staff are allowed to post in this thread.
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers
    [Luguz Kriz] helps do basic labour around the trolls and is quite close to Jerry. Recently eleven, the halfblood has been accepted to Hogwarts, but has no way of affording such a feat. Or does he? Playing on inter-familial grudges and Jerry's ten-year-old knowledge, the two plan to find him a home, an education, andùmost importantlyùa fortune. Suggested PB is Charlie Rowe, but anyone dark-haired will do.

    Miss Aveline Cardew is the eldest living child of _____ Cardew, having recently turned eleven. She is a halfblood who will be attending Hogwarts in September. Suggested PB is Cassie Bunton, but anyone dark-haired will do.

    Fiona Prewett, Sister (15; Ravenclaw) | Fiona is the youngest female in the Prewett clan, and something of a tyrant where propriety is concerned.

    Edward Mohr, Second Husband (1857) | Edward was in love with Threnody the day his father brought her home, and so she has no idea if he might have been more like his father if she hadn't served a perpetual distraction. Though he still owns the publishing house, he leaves the managing of it to others, instead serving as a professional quidditch Keeper. During his school years, Edward was in Gryffindor.

    [Image: 4uvxh4.png]
    Mr. ERIC DUDLEY (& Lucian Dudley) is William's legal son, though the two are not biologically related, a fact that the boy is unaware of. Born November 14th, 1864, he is a twin to Eric. He can belong to any house and can have any number of hobbies, but should behave publically in a way that is befitting of the son of a Wizengamot member. PB for identical twins is Matt Czuchry, though any similar-looking blonde face will do if the twins are fraternal. His name shouldn't be anything too weird xD
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers
    anthony grimstone
    The baby of the family, Anthony's continued education at Hogwarts was
    uncertain until the money came in, and because there has always been a rift
    between the children and their muggle father, Elias took on the role of main
    role-model for Anthony. As of now, Anthony is an extremely bright,
    quite independent and curious boy, and there's a teensy bit of past tension IC
    from an old Daily Prophet article that mentioned the Grimstone boys and one
    Evangeline Asperhand. Other than that, his personality and adventures are
    utterly open - it would be great to have a Tony again!
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

    Miss LYRA needs...

    AUGUST, the idealist

    Lyra finds this guy via letter; she has started up correspondence with a bunch of feminists and political activists, and one of his friends shows him a letter Lyra has written, after which he writes to her. They get to know each other via letter and have very compatible political ideals, and Lyra decides that she wants to marry him. Not necessarily for love, but because he's better than an arranged marriage (depending on the chemistry of their letters, she might love him, too). It is entirely possible that Lyra may not know his full or real name and may know almost nothing about him.

    I would like for him to agree to the marriage, or at least agree to meet her to discuss it, at which point she informs her brothers of her intentions to marry. When she meets him, however, she is disappointed by something he never mentioned in his letters.

    Basics: Age 20-50. Any blood, any class, any occupation. Can be coupled with other wanted ads or filled by a currently made character. Name is completely open. He has some definciency, though what it is is up to the player!

    Lynn Made This
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

    Kristoffer Lestrange, his eldest son. Kristoffer may have nicknames, but his father always uses his full first name. He was born between January and July of 1871 and is starting Hogwarts in September 1882. Kristoffer is unbelievably spoiled, and in the rare cases that he does not get his way he throws loud and sometimes violent tantrums. His suggested face is Ridge Canipe, although any age-appropriate blonde or dark haired boy would work.

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    [Image: 72q9g7.png]
    Miss KATHLEEN SIMPSON is the eldest of Bernard's daughters. A Hufflepuff alumna and born in 1863, she has recently finished her internship and now works under her father as a Magical Bugs healer. From Bernard's profile, "In her father's eyes, Kathleen is grace incarnate, behaving with a delicacy and kindness beyond both her years and rank. Kathleen has not shown any inclination towards marriage, focusing instead on her work at the hospital." Though she is aware of Ned's (below) affections towards her, she does not and will not ever return them. The suggested PB is Kim Noorda, though an alternative may be permitted, provided she is blond.

    [Image: o7umon.jpg]
    Miss ROSIE LEIGH is Bernard's current lover, and the two have been intimate since she was thirteen; she was born in 1865. He financed her education for her until she was forced to drop out of school due to a pregnancy. Now, she works as his housemaid and lives in the Simpson residence with their infant son, Bernard Leigh. A halfblood, Rosie belongs to the lower class; until leaving Hogwarts after her fourth year Rosie was in Slytherin. Suggested PB is Nora Tischirner.

    She greatly enjoys the attention from Bernard, though is not half as infatuated with him as he is with her. Though she has a sweetness to her, a fact that holds his interest, she does not hide her great disdain for Cadence.
    • Nathaniel Gallivan is a man of secrets, most notably the fact that he is a werewolfùa fact known to none, though his sister is soon to discover it. He remarried in 1881, and from his first marriage has a son Theodore and daughter Cecily

      Mr. THEODORE JAMES GALLIVAN is Nathaniel's firstborn. The halfblood (son of a muggle and muggleborn) was born in April 1868, making him a fourth year in Ravenclaw currently. It is established that he plays quidditch for the house team; Thaniel got him a top of the line broom this past Christmas. The suggested PB is Gregg Sulkin. He is established to have taken after his mother in appearance, and so any alternative PB should have brown hair. Theodore was previously played, so you'll need to talk to myself or Lola to get the account situation sorted out.

      Theodore has nothing but disdain for his stepmother, viewing his father's second marriage as an affront to his late mother. This disdain is also lavished upon his infant half-brother, who he fears will usurp his position in his father's affections. As a result, things have been incredibly tense between him and his parents of late, and aren't looking to get any better any time soon. Elizabeth will soon be discovering Thaniel's lycanthropy, because blondy-bear needs some drama in his life. I would like this information to become known to Theodore in the new year as well, and to plot from there.

      In addition to a poor relationship with his stepmother and a strained relationship with his father, Theodore is quite protective of his younger sister, though he does tease her sometimes. Personality traits should include stubborn, playful, and intelligent. He does not drink, womanize, or frolic about committing crimes; any changes in that regard should be discussed with me and come about reasonably via a thought-out plot.
    Mr. JOSEPH SIMPSON is the final son born to Bernard and Delilah, in 1867. He is rather unassuming, but quite bright, finding himself in Ravenclaw. Though he hasn't told his father and is unsure if he wishes to, Joseph aspires to become a healer. There is no suggested PB
    • [Image: suggest3.png]
      So this ad is for Chastity Pettigrew who needs her husband. AKA this guy. Some basics for Mister Thomas are: he's approximately 26 or 27 years old and is apart of the nouveau-riches. He probably owns his own business or worked his way up the hierarchy of the Ministry. He was in any house but I don't think he'd make a good 'puff. Unlike Chastity who married for the money, Thomas does love Chastity and married her because of her personality. Though his face is open, I recommend Sam Claflin (pictured) or Emile Hirsch.
    • The plot for Becky Grey has always taken after Cinderella, but where it was originally more along the lines of Just Ella it has since evolved into something more Ever After with a bit of Jane Eyre shoved in for good measure. I currently have one wicked stepsister, but still need the other as well as our æprince' before things can get rolling properly! Read on for an outline of the characters and for a general idea of the direction the plot will move in.

      [Image: twins.png]
      Miss CECILIA CHAUCER is Becky's stepsister and an identical twin to Blanche; as such, the PB used should be Cindy Busby. She is muggleborn, and a sixth year in Ravenclaw. She was previously played and established as a friend to Odira Browne, forming a crush on her twin, but whether this crush has since faded is left to the player's discretion. Becky considers the twins to be her "wicked" stepsisters, but their malice is really only directed at her, for whatever reason; generally, Cecilia is otherwise a nice person. She is established as the shier of the twins.

      [Image: 242d95j.png]
      The following is what would be established for him as an original character; I am willing to work with pre-existing characters if they would not require too much compromise.

      Mr. _____ _____ is 28-35 years of age and works for the American Ministry of Magic. He is probably halfblooded, and genuinely a kind person (or at least will be where Becky is concerned). He belongs in either the upper-middle or lower-upper class, and is a second son. He might have family in Britain, but all of his schooling, and his life after said schooling, was carried out in America. The suggested PB is Tom Hardy because he is pretty and I am shallow.

      _____ is a member of the American Ministry who will come to Hogsmeade for work-related reasons sometime in November of 1882. At some event in December (NYE?) he will meet and acquire a mild interest in one of the twins, but this will fade in February (tentative. I really don't care here) when he meets Becky and the pair start corresponding. It will ultimately lead to an engagement sometime during the summer, which will cause Becky to (foolishly) withdraw from school and not complete her final year.

      àwhich would be fine, except _____'s wife and child(ren) will move to Hogsmeade mid-September, sick of being so far away from their husband/father.

      From here, the chips will fall as they may; I'd be much happier to see how things go then to plan out events beyond thisùdoes he somehow manage to rid himself of wifey so they can get married? Is Becky left with no future and forced to fall into disgraceful activities? Is Becky foolish enough to think that an engagement ring is as good as a wedding ring and get herself knocked up? Will _____ eventually cut his losses and return to America? DO THE HIPPOGRIFFS EAT EVERYONE? All remains to be seen. I do ask that he truly be in love (or believe himself in love) with Rebecca, though on her end I can't really say until the ball gets rolling.

      As you can see, it's a drawn-out (and as a result, natural!) plot, so anyone interested in him must be in it for the long haul. I will not, no matter how fond of you I might be, consider giving him to anyone who has been here less than three months, or has continued activity problems (at my discretion).
    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

    Everyone on this list marked with a "*" is also on the canon list, so if you pick them up you'll be taking up a canon as well. I've written it so that Violet is the only one with red hair and freckles - she's supposed to look like their mother Margaret, but instead of being classy and elegant, she's awkward and mousy. I imagine the men to be brunette with either blue, grey, brown or hazel eyes. (Violet's are grey-blue.)

    Why should you adopt? They have Violet to interact with! (Woo exciting.) You also get to be bribed with a complete graphics set from Lola for the character you pick up. xD If interested, just register with their name. If you feel the need to discuss it, you can PM me here, catch me in the cbox or talk to me on AIM at mysingalong (I'm not on very often.)

    A Blip of Background History

    Violet's birth was a tragedy. After already giving Mr. Alfred Ollivander two healthy handsome sons, Mrs. Margaret Ollivander died in childbirth at the age of twenty-five. The doctor told her father that his one and only daughter had just not wanted to come out. When she was finally pulled free, her mother was too weak from blood loss to breath any longer. The housekeeper looked after Violet as she grew, as the other members of the girl's family blamed her for the lovely Margaret's death and wanted nothing to do with her. She ate her meals in the kitchen rather than the dining room with her brothers and father, and spent her childhood days trailing after the housekeeper while her father took her two brothers to his wand shop to teach them the trade.

    *Mr. Gerbold Ollivander is a 55 year old pureblood. He has been widowed for 22 years. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into ______. He is the founder and sole owner of Ollivander's Wands. He is currently training both of his sons to take over the shop and recently returned from London with a wandmaker that he secretly intends to attempt to marry to one of his sons. He is rather cold and stoic, though has a soft spot for his sons as he sees them as the future of his business.He is secretly blood purest, though mostly tends to keep to himself and is often spoken of as eccentric.

    Relationship to Violet:

    Gerbold blames Violet for his wife's death. On more than one occasion, he has forgotten to send her anything for her birthday or to get her a Christmas present. Once he realized this, he gave her a handful of coins that were in his pocket at that moment. He's extremely disappointed in her inability to get married and after she turned 20, he decided to no longer invest in her social upkeep - that is, buying her dresses to keep up with the fashions, checking in on her, seeing that she has a chaperone, etc. He considers her a failure. Generally, he fails to mention that he has a daughter and prefers not to speak - or think - of her.

    Is Currently: Working on secretly getting one of his sons (preferably Gervaise, as he's the oldest) to marry the wandmaker that he has brought back with him from London. He sees it as making them settle down and be responsible - and then he'll be ready to pass the responsibility of the shop on and "retire." What he thinks of her being promoted to a professor (she's going on her second year this coming September) is up in the air.

    *Mr. Gervaise Ollivander is a 29 year old pureblood. He is single. When he attended Hogwarts, he was sorted into _____. He is in training to take over the shop, alongside his brother. He's a bit of a jerk and has a weakness for pretty women. (He could spend a lot of time in the slums at brothels, though keeps it a secret from his father.) He is perfectly happy being a bachelor, though he knows he is getting to the age where he should marry. If he does marry, he hopes to marry someone younger than his sister in order to rub it in for her.

    Relationship to Violet:

    Like his father, he blames Violet for his mother's death. He's cruel to her, teases her, reminds her of how ugly she is and likes to rub in the fact that she has no husband. He also wants to find a wife (when he has to) that is younger than her in order to rub in the fact that she's becoming an old maid.

    Is currently: Finishing up his training from his father and interested in owning the shop himself. He's run himself into a tight spot regarding debt and gambling, though won't admit it. He hopes to take control of the shop in order to pay back his debts. He also may be having an illicit affair with one of Violet's students or a married woman.

    Ms. ___________ ____________ is a 25 year old pureblooded witch. She is single, however is entirely aware that Gerbold intends to marry her to one of his sons. She's accepting of this, as she is extremely interested in wandlore and would love to work in Ollivander's wand shop for the rest of her life. When she went to Hogwarts, she was sorted into _________. When she was at Hogwarts, she had an illicit affair with another girl from her house, though it didn't last long and was never truly serious. It was never discovered, though she still harbors tendencies to be attracted to some women - though she doesn't call herself bisexual. She comes from a well off middle class family, but was disregarded as 'marriageable' due to her somewhat tomboyish nature and interest in having a trade - rather than becoming a wife. It also helps that she had seven other sisters, all older than she, that were perfectly happy being married off. She has studied wandlore underground in London until recently, where she has agreed to come to Hogsmeade with Gerbold on a promise to be trained by him and his kin. He's paying for her board at a boarding house in Barntonburg.

    Relationship to Violet:

    None, as they haven't met yet. Gerbold hasn't mentioned having a daughter to her, and Violet is unaware that this woman exists.

    Is currently: Biding her time until it's decided (she assumes for her) which brother she is to marry - then, she can take the famed Ollivander name and become a real and proper wandmaker. She trains every day at the shop, whether it be with one of the brothers or Gerbold himself.

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    Noah Simon Hatchitt

    [Image: pimp-13.jpg]

    Noah is Judy and "Megan"'s brother. He is twenty years old, and his parents eloped because his mother was pregnant with him. He is a halfblood and the current guardian of "Megan" and Judy. He belonged to the Hufflepuff or Gryffindor house in school. Some of his relatives consider him a bit of a joke, and Noah is often given random nicknames. The suggested PB is Michael Angarano, but another brunette of the appropriate age-range would work. He was previously played, so you'll have to PM Lola for the account or register with extra characters.

    [Image: RlYf65H.jpg]
    [Image: 14ca62q.png]
    Mr. ARTHUR PETTIGREW is an embarrassment to both sides of his family. Born in 1859, he never properly knew his father, and his placement in Gryffindor only encouraged his brash nature. After squandering the entirety of his inheritance, he currently belongs at the bottom end of the middle class. He is a professional quidditch player for the Kenmare Kestrels but is not very good for the team's imageùhe gambles too much, drinks too much, whores too much; to judge on his behaviour alone, no one would ever imagine him to be the child of mother or father. The suggested PB is Jim Sturgess, pictured above. Family can be found here.

    [Image: 1zbb1xf.png]
    Miss GEMMA SIMPSON is the last child born to Bernard and Delilah, and a stark contrast to her siblings. Born in 1868, the Gryffindor is boisterous and energetic, though knows better than to step too far out of line. Unlike her siblings who have no desire to reconnect to their "harlot" of a mother, Gemma was never satisfied with the story that their mother could have done such a thing. Her most closely guarded secret is the fact that the two are in contact, beginning when she sought the woman out in her first year. The suggested PB is Sarah Hyland, but any age-appropriate brunette will suffice.

    Miss ISOBEL STEVENS is Bernard's niece. A muggleborn, Isobel was born in 1869 to a middle class family. It is a great disappointment to her mother that she is a witch, though her father bears her no ill will. She resides with her uncle during the summer, but returns home for the Christmas holidays. She is likely in Gryffindor. Her mother is Wilhelmina and her father is Calvin, a schoolteacher; she has six siblings: Thomas ('57), Meredith ('61), Susannah ('64), Isaac (a twin), Maxwell ('70), and Louella ('73). There is no suggested PB, and the only PB requirements are that they be age appropriate and caucasian.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers

    [Image: 16gmlxi.png]
    • #! Born between January and August of 1840, Julian is a first cousin to David Duncan, and the two were brought up together after the death of David's parents. A member of the middle class, Julian is a mugglebornùthe only of his father's three children to have magicùand was in Ravenclaw during his time in school (1851 û 1858). Currently, he works as a healer. He and David have been very close friends since their time in school. It is likely that he is married, though to whom and any children they might have is entirely optional. His (established) immediate family can be found here. Julian has a very poor relationship with his younger brother, but gets along well with his sister and parents. The suggested PB is Rufus Sewell, though anyone age appropriate is acceptable.
    • [Image: 2i6j3o2.png]
      Mr. RASMUS MOHR is Threnody's eldest child, and as such is half-veela. Born in March of 1869, the Ravenclaw has his father's personalityùpensive, dependableùthough his mother's temper is apt to flare up. The preferred PB is Jared Gilmore. He was briefly played before.
    [Image: 11t63hf.png]
    Miss FLORA MULCIBER is the daughter of Ernest and Rufina. Born in January of 1878, she is utterly adored by her mother, who spoils her perhaps a bit more than she ought to. She is quite wise for one so young, and very shy among strangers. She is currently rather resentful towards her mother for being gone for so long, but I hope to see this ease by the summer. The suggested PB is Blathnaid McKeown, particularly from The Tudors, however as there are so few images available I also suggest Kristina Pakarina, who Soph actually has an available set of here.
    [Image: 2v2k4yt.png]
    Mr. MERIWEATHER ERNEST MULCIBER is the son of Ernest and the late Margaret, making him Rufina's stepson. Born in October of 1871, he has always been rather sickly, but is deeply loved by both parents. He will be starting his studies at Hogwarts in the fall of 1883. He is not overly bratty, but has his moments. The suggested PB is Lino Facioli.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    [Image: 2dam978.png]
    Mrs. KATHERINA SELWYN N?E LESTRANGE is Olivia's eldest sister. Born in 1830, she was sorted into Gryffindor during her time at Hogwarts. Though her marriageùon her nineteenth birthdayùwas arranged, she and her husband Edric enjoy a companionate marriage. She is a fraternal twin to Sebastian, who died this year after shaming his family, and is good friends with his wife Annetta, who lives in Italy. Her own Italian is passable, but she often makes silly errors. She is very good in a crisis and has a logical, sensible attitude towards all things. While she does not believe in marrying for love, she does feel that one should get along with their spouse. She is a blood purist who has raised her children (one played, the others hereùthe unplayed daughters are married) with similar values, and gives them free reign so long as they do not shame themselves or the family. The suggested PB is Emily Watson, pictured above.
    Rune keeps spoiling me unexpectedly with graphical wonders

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    Reid Borgin

    [Image: pimp-5.jpg]

    #! Reid is thirteen and in his second or third year of schooling. His elder sister is Audrey, and he's the youngest Borgin. The family tends to treat him like a baby, and his cousins consider themselves responsible for making sure he does not become a blood purist.

    Reid is in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. He may or may not play quidditch, and is probably loud and clever. Reid is close to his cousin Stella. Suggested PB is Zach Mills, but any age-appropriate dark-haired person will do.

    Kelsey Concord Gallagher
    [Image: a9tl3l.jpg]

    #! Kels is twenty-six and a former Slytherin. He is competitive in nature, and currently plays as a beater or chaser for a professional quidditch team. (Not Puddlemere United.) He and Grace are constantly competing, and people sometimes think they have a harsher relationship than they actually do. Kels is single or courting. His suggested PB is Aidan Turner but anyone age-appropriate with dark hair will do.

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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