Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Edward Mohr
    In Character
    Full Name: Edward Thomas Mohr

    Nicknames: He's not big on nicknames, but Ed's alright, and as a kid Eddie wasn't uncommon.

    Birthdate: October 16th 1857

    Current Age: 25 years

    Occupation: Keeper for the Appleby Arrows

    Hogwarts House: Former Gryffindor

    Wand: Chestnut, 12 1/4", dragon heartstring, resilient

    Blood Status: Halfblood

    Social Class: Upper

    • Parents

      Abraham Mohr, father (deceased) - Edward looked up to his father all through his childhood, though felt disappointed for a short while when Abraham went off around the world, feeling as though he had lost both parents. Of course, his father made up for it by returning with Threnody.

      Linette Mohr, mother (deceased) - Edward does remember his loving mother, having been nearing ten years old when she died just after Mariah was born. And he still recalls her as a good mother, but memory of her rather faded the longer Threnody was around, in whom Edward saw a more appealing idea of a woman.


      Donald Mohr, brother - His brother - whom he does like - is quite a lot younger, so Edward didn't - and doesn't - feel too competitive with him, but nevertheless he can't help feeling a tiny sense of superiority.

      Mariah Mohr, sister - He doesn't get the feeling she has ever done more than detest Threnody, and now that she's his wife, he just tries to ignore the resentment. Being older, Edward has tried to act older, and for appearances' sakes, might often come across somehow 'fatherly'. Or just bossy.


      Rasmus Mohr, half-brother - Half brothers they might be, but Edward doesn't really think of Rasmus that way. He's a much younger boy and being at Hogwarts, he is mostly out of Edward's way, though he does remind Edward slightly of his father.

      Adasia Mohr, half-sister - She's a younger Threnody, and that's all Edward really sees in her. Born when he had already started at Hogwarts, he didn't have too many years as her brother before becoming her step-father.


      Eros Mohr, son - His first child; he surprised himself in being rather fond of the boy.

      Artemis Mohr, daughter - He's also rather fond of the little girl, and probably more so than the rest of the family, seeing as though he has very little to do with her actual upbringing.


      Threnody Mohr, stepmother, wife - Essentially, she's a perfect woman in his eyes, and it was hard to notice anyone else as he grew up because of his infatuation with Threnody: he has been in love with her since he first saw her, not to mention before he had even wondered what love might actually be. It was no surprise that he leapt at the chance to marry her, stepmother or not. And apparently, her Veela allure has no signs of ever wearing off.
    Appearance: His green-blue eyes are rather striking, golden-brown, almost auburn curls often dishevelled, his smile and laugh extraordinarily distinctive. But Edward has never been conventionally or remarkably handsome, and next to his Veela wife, he is often entirely overlooked. He is not extremely tall, perhaps just grazing six feet, and despite his years playing quidditch, he has never gained any more defined muscle and so remains lean. One thing that is evident is a confidence he tries to exude; a self-assurance - verging on arrogance - that does give him some presence. Right-handed, though years as a professional Keeper have made him close to ambidextrous in Quidditch and wandwork.

    • 16th October, 1857 - Edward is born, the first of Linette and Abraham's children.
      He has eight years as an only child with two doting parents, perhaps instilling in him very early a need for attention and a bit of a spoilt attitude, not satisfied unless he has gotten whatever he is striving for. With his father's inheritance of a publishing house, the Mohr family find themselves in growing good fortune.
    • 1865 - His brother, Donald, is born.
    • 15th February, 1867 - His sister, Mariah, is born.
    • 16th February, 1867 - Edward's mother dies. Edward is distraught, the only child old enough to properly comprehend Linette's passing. All would be well if Edward had had his father there to support the children; but Abraham was off travelling and all Edward had were the staff and his younger siblings and nothing to comfort him.
    • May, 1868 - Their father finally returns. Edward's grief is forgotten upon first sight of Abraham's new wife. Explanation that she is a Veela does nothing to subside the inexplicable way all the men - and boys - in the house are drawn to her. Whilst Edward soon comes to the conclusion that he no longer needs a mother, he has no objections to Threnody's presence in the house.
    • March, 1869 - Half-brother Rasmus is born.
    • September, 1869 - Edward is off to school, rather pleased to be going - except in that he will miss out on seeing Threnody for the best part of seven years. He is sorted into Gryffindor, just like his father, something that he is particularly proud of. He is an outgoing boy, readily making friends and immersing himself in the world of school.
    • 1870 - In his second year, Edward tries out for the Quidditch team, having taken a shine to flying in his first year and having been desperate to try. The team is filled with older students, but after another boy gets kicked off the team he becomes a Chaser. He also plays with his friends in most of his free time, preferring sport to schoolwork.
    • April, 1871 - Edward is sent news that his father and Threnody have had a daughter. When school ends for the year he meets the baby.
    • 1871 - 1876 - Continuing his time at Hogwarts, Edward excels in some classes, though for the most part in classes he dislikes he has a very short attention span, meaning his results range from outstanding to dreadful. By fourth year, he has switched spots on the Gryffindor team to Keeper - and by sixth, becomes team captain - and feels much happier for it; Chasers never did get enough attention. Being a Keeper means every saved shot adds to the glory gained. He has a large group of friends, though feels like a lone wolf upon occasion, as though he is a more complex character than everyone around him. Of course, there is nothing out of the ordinary about him, perhaps save for the fact he looks upon most girls of his age with disdain or dismissiveness, not much inclined to waste many affections on them. They aren't the sort of family to forcibly betroth him, and Edward is glad to concentrate on NEWTs and, more importantly, Quidditch.
    • September 1876/1877 - Donald is off to Hogwarts. Edward enjoys his final year.
    • May, 1877 - Upon graduating, Edward returns home until he is recruited by the Appleby Arrows, first as a reserve, and eventually as their Keeper. At least he does not have to spend tedious days toiling over the family's publishing company, a business he has never felt remotely interested in. At least his passion and career keep his thoughts off his dissatisfaction with every young woman he meets.
    • October, 1878 - Younger sister off to Hogwarts a month earlier, no one was expecting Abraham's sudden death. His father, killed by a lethifold. Edward is shellshocked. The will lifts his spirits at first - as the first son, most of everything the Mohrs own now belongs to him - but then comes the realisation that the family might be ripped apart. He is not so worried about his much younger half-siblings, though he has no feelings against them, either, but is mostly startled at the fact that Threnody is no longer a guaranteed presence. Widowed, she could easily leave and marry again. Edward has been head over heels for long enough to have no qualms about marriage. He conveniently forgets her technical status as 'stepmother', and manages to mostly ignore any contemplation of what her motives might be in acquiescing. Truth be told, he doesn't care. He can see the benefits for himself in the situation aplenty.
    • January, 1879 - He marries Threnody.
    • December, 1879 - Eros is born.
    • February, 1881 - Artemis is born.
    • May, 1882 - With the publishing house moved to Scotland and the magical community ever retreating anyway, it makes sense to move up to Hogsmeade. Edward would feel better not living in his parents' house, besides. Therefore, they move into Wellingtonshire.

    Personality: Edward has a little of his parents in him; he can be as courteous as his father was, as gentle as his mother was. He is outgoing and assured and if he isn't trying too hard, he can get on people's good side, even proving quite persuasive. However, he has an imperturbable air of arrogance, whether he is being quietly confident or showing off. The latter is not uncommon, and besides sharing, for example, his zeal and skill at quidditch, he can even show off his wife and her inhuman appeal. He has probably picked up on some of his wife's traits in more recent years, as he can be prone to jealousy, though he would retain that he has much less of a temper. Out of sorts, he tends to deteriorate into a brooding moodiness. He usually keeps his thoughts to himself, but makes his voice heard. Not always consciously, Edward makes an effort to present himself with an age and gravitas he just doesn't have in years, even though the phase of irresponsible, energetic boyishness hasn't completely left him, however hard he tries. Beneath it all, he harbours more doubts and insecurities - and something of a superiority complex - than most people.

    Sample Roleplay Post: On the board, baby!
    Out of Character
    Name: MJ

    Age: 17

    Contact: PM Elias Grimstone, ask for my AIM, etc.

    Other Characters: Elias, Rupert, Calliope, LuÝs, Timothy, Tybalt, Blanche, Will

    How did you hear about us?: 'Twas fate.
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