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June 10, 1889 - Bixby Apartment, Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Rufus sat staring at the letter in his hands a small frown on his face. He wasn’t sure how long he had sat there, staring at the paper, wondering what his answer should be. The first letter he had not told Tuni about, too worried she’d press him to act against his own morals. This one, though, he couldn’t avoid the topic any longer. This could be his one chance. Pettigrew had always been good to him, but Puddlemere had a young captain, not one that was looking to retire soon. A wound from years ago that Rufus tried to shrug off. This could be his chance to truly make a name for himself - and support his family. He could no longer selfishly hold to the loyalty he felt he owed his team. Now he had a wife to think about, not to mention any children that might come.

Late summer sun filtered through the window as evening grew long. Shadows lengthed across the room and still Rufus sat next to the window. He was still there when Tuni entered the apartment.

The sound of the door opening brought him out of his thoughts, he looked up to see his wife returning from her own job. It had grown a lot darker since he had received the letter. Rufus stood up, folding and tucking the letter into his pocket. “How was work?” He asked, trying to put on a good face for Tuni, still he had no idea how to broach the contents of the letter. Instead he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hello.

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It seemed that life had started to go a bit more smoothly. Tuni and Rufus had gotten into an easy swing of things and it felt.. good. Life was good and all the insanity and gossip of their spontaneous marriage had finally seemed to die down. And then when no baby had come, well, then they'd been well and truly out of the clear when it came to the gossip. At least, partially. They'd always be known for their brash decision to elope but it had been worth it. It still was, pregnant or not. But with nearly eight months of marriage, she still was without even a pregnancy scare. To say Fortuna was frustrated would be a bit of an understatement.

She didn't let it show though. They had enough on their plate to deal with and it was perhaps a blessing that all of their practice hadn't proven fruitful. They didn't exactly have the funds or the home to bring a child into the world. Not stably enough anyways. And Tuni did quite enjoy her job. Having to leave the museum would be depressing and frightening. So it was with those thoughts she tried not to dwell too much on the fact that she still was without a baby.

It had been a long day at work. Tiring and exhausting but she was so glad to be walking into their home, to see her husband standing up to greet her. She vaguely noticed him putting something in his pocket before he moved toward her to close the last bit of distance as she'd moved toward him. "Mmm," she sighed softly as he wrapped his arms around her and greeted her with a kiss.

"It was good," she answered honestly, hands slipping to around his waist as she pulled back enough to be able to look him in the face and gave him her usual Tuni grin, "Long, but good. How was yours?"

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The warmth and familiarity of Tuni’s arms wrapped safely around Rufus was enough to remind him of his duties. He had a duty to Tuni, one he had promised when he had spoken their vows, to take care of her. They were getting along fine now, but when a child came along, well he wasn’t so sure he would be able to support them. He wouldn’t let what had happened to Tuni’s brother happen to them.

I’m glad.” He answered her smile with one of his own. Despite society’s thoughts on Tuni’s job, Rufus was glad for it. His mother had always held a position at the Ministry and it had made her happy. Now that he was older he often wondered if she had taken it for the very same reason Tuni worked her own position. He could see on his wife’s face just how happy her own work made her and he wouldn’t take that away from her, even if everyone else felt he should.

It was… interesting.” Rufus replied slowly as he drew the letter out of his pocket and handed it to Tuni.

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