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Player Name Fox Spirit
Contact: PM

Character: Kanon Tanaka
Quick Facts: Kanon is an immigrant from Japan who speaks a moderate amount of English. She is a witch, but has no wand and little to no magical education, self taught or otherwise.

Age: 21
House: Unknown
Grad Year: N/A
Class: Working
Reputation: 7
Blood/Race: Pureblood
Occupation: Employee at Borgin and Burke's

Needs: Kanon will soon be getting a wand. She will definitely need a kind (or unkind) soul to teach her the basics of magic. This person could be anyone. I'm not super picky in this area.

Friends: Kanon could use a female friend. Someone who is nervous and timid would be preferable. I would be willing to consider male inquiries on a case by case basis.

Hurls: Looking for a man who is either incredibly passionate and driven towards the greater good (Think Harry Potter on crack) or someone who is very deep in the dark arts. Those are my two ideas, but of course if you think a certain character would mesh well with Kanon, my ears are always open.

(July 22, 2019 – 3:49 AM)Kanon Tanaka Wrote: Kanon will soon be getting a wand.

I've got @Gervaise Ollivander if this is something you'd like to thread out!

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Did someone say London wand shopping thread?

Magic by MJ!

@Aldous Crouch and @Acacia Ruskin YASS! I was waiting for someone to reply to that little tidbit. PM me with your ideas! I'd also be happy to do some threading with you both!

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