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Percival Weston
Full Name: Percival Sterling Lukeson Weston
Nicknames: Percy
Birthdate: January 22, 1871
Current Age: 18 though mentally and physically he's  "5"
Occupation: Found Weston child
Reputation: 5 or 6  -  Stone child, no understand of past, former workhouse, recently found by upper class family
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Unknown
Wand: Unknown
Blood Status: Half blood
Social Class: Upper Class
Family: N/A
Appearance: Percy is a scrawny little boy with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is predominately right handed, and wears whatever is available to him at the time.
History: Percy was born in 1871 to a pureblood mother (Hope Weston), and a half blood father names remain a mystery, at least to him. Not much is remembered about his life prior to becoming someone's personal lawn ornament as he is one of the stone children to be revived. Following his return to a normal waking life he was brought to the Ministry of Magic, but had little information to give them aside from the fact the he was called, "Percy." This being the case he was  handed over to one of the muggle workhouses in London for safe keeping until his family could be found. This however failed, because Percy didn't stay at the workhouse long enough to be retrieved.

Life in the muggle work houses was tough for a child his age, but thankfully or rather unfortunately he was rented out to the chimney sweeps who considered him a boon due to his small size. He didn't really care for that kind of work either. The ash made his eyes burn and breathing difficult as he found himself hacking and coughing all the time. A few times he even got stuck in one of the pipes, but after hours of screaming and just when he thought he was going to give up the pipe seemed to somehow expand and he would fall down.

One day after a particular harsh beating for not covering all of an Upper class lady's furnishings prior to releasing the soot from her chimney, Percy had enough and made a break for it. He grabbed his clothes and ran out the door as fast as his feet could carry him. He promised himself he would never go back to the workhouse, never go up another chimney, and live his life as a free boy. His new home became London's docks where he stole food from the kiosks and eeked out a living doing odd jobs.

Shortly a few months after as if by a miracle Guinevere Lukeson found her nephew out in the streets. It took quite a bit of coaxing and almost what one would consider a kidnapping if he wasn't already a rat, now all that remains since he has been returned to Hope Weston his rightful mother, is to turn him into a civilized human being.
Personality: Curious, distrustful, weary, assertive.
Other: He was a stone child, and has little memory of his past aside from his name since rejoining the world.
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