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Street Rat Scat
Simeon moved about his shop with purpose as he dusted shelves, rearranged various items, and checked over his inventory in general. Everything had to be precisely in it's place, and after each customer left he would move about the room arranging things as they were prior to the visitation. When people entered in once again he would return behind the counter, give them a polite smile, and say, "Hello" with the slightest nod of the head.

A woman stepped in with a raven's feather in her pointed hat and robes made of the same glossy texture or so it appeared. "Mr. Fox what a joy it is to receive your owl so early! I wasn't expecting it for another three days."

Simeon gave a smile and a polite nod as he donned a pair of white gloves, "Hello madam, I am as pleased as you are." He stooped ever slightly to retrieve a small box and set it on the counter, close enough to where he could snatch it away should she try to take it without pay. The woman however had a bit more brain then she put off though and handed over the coin. "There is two extra galleons in there for you for the superb service. Do feel free to count it."

He gave a nod once more as he picked up the purse and set it on the scale beside him which weighed the contents. He then peered inside to see if any of it had been replaced with rocks, which it hadn't. He smiled once more, "Pleasure doing business with you madam. Do come again." With two fingers he slid the box further her way, and as she left he removed the gloves once again.

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