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July 19th, 1889 — Potions & Plant Poisoning Ward, Hogsmeade Hospital

The longer the trip home had stretched on, the more Ophelia had been looking forward to getting home. For all of the obvious reasons, of course: she missed her husband; she wanted a hot bath; she wanted a change of clothes quite desperately; she was eager for the comforts of familiar food and drink. The last particularly. One slightly more unconventional reason she was eager to return was that she had made up her mind several days ago to seek medical attention after arriving in England. The Mongolian food had unsettled her stomach and even days later she was not up to eating a full meal and keeping it down. Since a foreign body had caused this upset, she was reluctant to let any foreign healers near her — she wanted a normal, English examination and remedy. And she wanted it quickly — she arranged via letter to move her canceled party from the previous month up to a few days after her arrival, and she needed to be back in perfect color by then.

"They had this awful broth thing they offered us," Ophelia told the healer, continuing her narration of the events that had led to this illness. "Just the smell of it was enough to make me feel off, but it was the only thing to eat so I took some of it. I've been nauseous ever since. I can hardly eat anything except crackers and bread, things like that."

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