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Her niece's humility was an admirable thing and had the added advantage of leaving Temperance feeling as though she was constantly rendering Blythe dumb with her words of wisdom and encouragement.Temperance Fairchild in Messiah
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Lukeson Family Values
July 17th, 1889 — The Lukeson Residence
History had repeated itself, and here was Hope, standing within her sister-in-law's home, prepared to offer the other woman, her fellow widow, comfort for the trying days ahead. She had dreaded a letter like this. Dreaded the repetition of that fateful night that had left Hope with more nightmares than a young woman should have, nightmares that resurfaced every summer, even now.

"I do hope I'm not intruding," she apologized, sinking into a seat slow and careful. "I wanted to check up on you all, see how you're handling things. How is Ace?" Hope shifted slightly, crossing her ankles and smiling. "I should likely pay a visit to Avril soon, as well. I've not seen her since the wedding."

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such a heavy broken heart, can't take the weight of all these scars

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