Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Threnody Mohr
    In Character
    Full Name: Threnody Mohr

    Nicknames: None to which she will answer

    Birthdate: November 5th, 1851

    Current Age: 30

    Race: Veela (using my victory from the Shamrock hunt.)

    Occupation: -----

    Social Class: Upper Class

    • Abraham Mohr, Late Husband (1829-1878) | Abraham was always a good man. Born to the upper class, he married the woman he loved (Linette Armstrong) who was as kind as she was plainùvery. Not long after the birth of their first son, Abraham was fortunate to inherit a publishing house from a childless uncle, which would go on to be one of the most successful in the country for both magical and muggle literature, earning him his fortune. He took his wife's death incredibly hard, abandoning his children (with their caregivers, of course) to explore the continent, where he met Threnody. He was a changed man after that; while still good, dependable, and courteous, but not as steadfastly adherent to his moralsùat least, not when his new wife was in opposition to them. He was killed by a leithifold when visiting a cousin in the Bahamas. During his school years, Abraham was in Gryffindor.

      Edward Mohr, Second Husband (1857) | Edward was in love with Threnody the day his father brought her home, and so she has no idea if he might have been more like his father if she hadn't served a perpetual distraction. Though he still owns the publishing house, he leaves the managing of it to others, instead serving as a professional quidditch Keeper. During his school years, Edward was in Gryffindor.

      Donald Mohr, Stepson, Brother-In-Law (1865) | Abraham and Linette's second child. Donald is not as outgoing as his brother, but still has an easy time making friends. He was sorted into _____.

      Mariah Mohr, Stepdaughter, Sister-In-Law (1867) | Mariah is more than ordinarily plain, likely taking after her mother. While this is, in Threnody's eyes, goodùno competitionùshe finds the girl's appearance almost offensive nonetheless. Mariah likes Threnody no more than vice versa. She was sorted into Ravenclaw

      Rasmus Mohr, Son (March 1869) | Though he has his mother's attractive looks, Rasmus' temperament takes more after that of his father, more pensive than outgoing. He was sorted into Ravenclaw.

      Adasia Mohr, Daughter (April 1871) | If anyone had to hazard a guess as to what Threnody looked like in her early years, they need only look at Adasia. Her mother's child in every way, Adasia is a loving girl where her family is concerned but far too vain for such treatment to extend to those outside of the household. She will be starting at Hogwarts in the fall of 1882.

      Eros Mohr, Son (December 1879) | Threnody's first child with Edward. Thus far he has proved to be an adventurous lad, and his smile can easily get him out of any scolding he faces.

      Artemis Mohr, Daughter (February 1881) | Perhaps the most demanding baby Threnody has encountered; were Artemis not her child, she might actually detest the youngster. Artemis' care is left almost exclusively to the nanny, moreso than that of any of Threnody's children.

    • To call Threnody beautiful would not be an understatement; even were it not for her veela charm, she has an obvious elegance about her. She is tall, at five feet, eight inches, and slender with the exception of her bust and hips, which have just the right amount of curve to them. Long, dark hair accentuates bright blue eyes, and delicate lips conceal a bright smile. Threnody prefers not what is fashionable in terms of attire, but what makes her look goodùand she tends to avoid the plethora of petticoats and corsets of witches in favour of clothing that is more comfortable: if she could prance about naked and not be looked down upon (by the women; men, she finds, seldom notice what she wears), she certainly would.
    • November, 1851 | Threnody is born to a colony of veela in Belgium.

      March, 1868 | Threnody first encounters Abraham Mohr, who is quickly taken with her.

      April, 1868 | The pair marry in France.

      May, 1868 | Abraham first brings Threnody to her new home, a modest country estate in England. There, she meets her three stepchildren. While the boys quickly take to her, the girl has a strong dislike for herùthe feeling is mutual.

      March, 1869 | Threnody delivers her first child, a boy called Rasmus.

      September, 1869 | Edward begins his studies at Hogwarts, a school previously unknown to Threnody. He is sorted, as his father was, into Gryffindor.

      April, 1871 | Threnody delivers her second child, a girl called Adasia.

      September 1876/1877 | Donald begins his magical education.

      May, 1877 | Edward completes his schooling and finds himself a professional quidditch position.

      September, 1878 | Mariah begins her schooling, sorted into Ravenclaw. Threnody rejoices to have the girl out of her house.

      October, 1878 | Travelling abroad since June, Abraham is killed by a lethifold in the Bahamas. Through an unfortunate arrangement in his will, which has not been updated in some time, a dowry is set aside for Mariah, a small inheritance for Donald, and the rest to Edwardùnothing to maintain Abraham's widow or two children by her. She realizes in a matter of weeks what would be the easiest move for her.

      January, 1879 | With some reluctance, Threnody marries Edward. Though she might have any man of her choosing, Threnody was too comfortable in her current situation to want to risk it on an alternative magic, for all that she is little more than fond of her new husband.

      December, 1879 | Threnody gives Edward his first child, a boy called Eros.

      February, 1881 | Threnody gives Edward his second child, a girl called Artemis.

      Autumn, 1881 | Mohr Magic Publishing moves to a new location in Scotland.

      May, 1882 | To be closer to the business, and to the magical community as a whole, Edward decides the family is to follow. The household relocates to Wellingtonshire in Hogsmeade Village, where the specific structure of the family is never really elaborated upon, for fear of earning the neighbours' distrust. As far as anyone is concernedùunless one of her stepchildren has informed the world without Threnody's knowledgeùDonald and Mariah are Edwards' children, and Rasmus and Adasia merely the products of her first marriage.
    • SELF-CENTERED | First and foremost, Threnody's focus is on her own needs and whimsùeven before those of her children. She is happiest at the center of attention, and tires quickly of any conversation of which she is not the focus.

      TEMPERAMENTAL | As are most of her kind, Threnody has quite the temper, transforming her into an ugly, beaked beast if it goes too far. She is quick to snap, particularly at women, though her moods change like the weather. She does, however, hold quite a grudge, even if she does not express it outwardly.

      JEALOUS | Anyone with more beauty, better possessions, even more attention can send Threnody into quite the jealous snit. She wants everything regardless of how reasonable such a want is, and is not afraid to take it.

      ABOVE IT ALL | Threnody is no witch, and as such she does not feel she should be subjected to their laws. While she tries to be mindful of the society in which she lives for her children's sakes, she will never fit the definition of a proper lady, offering too much attention to the gentlemen around her, thinking far too much of herself publically, and her manner is far more frank than would be deemed proper for the setting.

      NON-DISCRIMINATORY | Threnody does not discriminate based on blood, class, or anything of the sortùshe offers the same veiled disdain to them all, while socializing freely with anyone that strikes her fancy.

      PASSIONATE | Whatever she does, the veela does intensely, from love to hate, from music to simply mending a tear. This can be both an asset and a detriment, making her both a loving mother and a fierce opponent even when she is in the wrong.

      AT EASE | When her temper is not firing up, Threnody has always been quite content with herself, her surroundings, and the atmosphere around her. Always more comfortable out of doors than in it, painting on the lawn, reclining in the sun, and simply going for walks in the woods or through the park can place her into the most peaceful of moods.

      SECRETIVE | Anyone who knows anything about Threnody only does so because she allowed itùor at least, that's the way she tries to keep things. She cares little for the gossip of the village and tries to stay well out of it, liking her privacy for all that she loves to be in the middle of things.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Quote:The speaker proved to be a young girl with whom Ismene was not acquainted, and seemed rather put out by Ismene's reaction. Thought the Hufflepuff knew that she might have reacted more violently than was called for, it was impolite both to hover over the work of another and to criticize the faults of a stranger (at least openly). Helpful the younger witch might have been trying to be, but as far as the fourth year was concerned she was merely butting in and speaking out of turn, which were both marks against her in Ismene's books.

    Though the Slytherin's treatment of the young girl was not particularly well-mannered, either.

    As the youngster departed, Ismene quickly glanced over her...rescuer? Lysandra Sutherland was something of a conundrum as far as Ismene was concerned, not in that she was particularly puzzling, but in that the Hufflepuff was completely at a loss as to how to react to her. She had always found her classmate to be rather abrasive, though had tried to do as was taught and interact respectfully with herùand so reflect well upon her own family. Lysandra, however, had proved in the badger's eyes less and less worthy of such treatment over the years, from playing quidditch (much though Issie herself loved the sport, for a young lady to play it was positively blasphemous) to lying to those around her about her blood status. Ismene's own mother stemmed from muggles and so she would never look down on an individual for their blood status, but to deceive those around you was another matter entirely.

    And so, resulting from this, Ismene would not even hazard to suppose that the two girls were friends, so utterly different were theyùbut here Miss Sutherland stood, speaking to her, leaving the brunette with the difficult decision of whether to treat her charitably as a young lady should, or to inch away from her with as much grace as she could, lest she be associated with one of such behaviour.

    For lack of any idea how to gracefully shun someone, Ismene Swift elected the former.

    "I should not be too harsh on her," the fourth year offered softly, generously. "For all that she was aggressive in doing so, I do believe she was merely trying to be of assistance." As if to prove this point, Issie scratched out the offending word, correcting it with neat handwriting.

    "And you, Miss Sutherland? I am sorry to have startled you with my outburst; I do hope that resuming your studies should not prove too difficult."

    Out of Character
    Name: Kayte

    Age: 21

    Contact: via llama. Or PM Odira's account.

    Other Characters: Darcy, Odira, Nathaniel, Ivana, Callum, Nikolai, Castor, Felicity, Ismene, Olivia, Magdalena, William, Lucius, Rebecca, Jeremiah, Catigern, Abigail

    How did you hear about us?: Yo daddy.
    threnny is a veela. as such, your penis is attracted to her.  bear this in mind.
    [Image: xvkKASC.jpg]
    all hail the glorious lady.

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    ù We also have a member submitted and staff run Daily Prophet that reports on in character happenings. Check it out so you can see how it might effect your future plots.

    Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D
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