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July 12th, 1889 — The Golden Hearth Theatre

William sat just outside the main entrance to The Golden Hearth, which was nestled up next to a bustling road filled with the flow of those on their way to menial jobs with little in the way of hope, rift raft from street gangs, and rats of all ages who picked the pockets of anyone around.

Currently his back hurt and he was trying to keep it straight against the wall. It was tough being a half giant in a human's world, granted Felicity did her best to accommodate him, even made the ceilings and doors stretch and he had his own little or rather big corner to sit when he needed a break as well as a room of his own. He sighed and let his gaze take everyone in.

They moved around him a bit like ants, a few little boys daring to throw rocks at him but their bravery soon vanished as he glared after them with a bit of a growl. They scampered off back into the ally ways they hailed from. Others paid him no mind too busy trying to sort through the muck in the streets. Sure with a bit of magic those with any talent could make the stink vanish, but why? Fecal matter provided a viable business in the Victorian period, and as far as William was concerned one just became used to the filth.

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How long had it been since she'd lived in filth? Nearly a year? Yet Billie still found reason to wander back. It was on days when she felt overwhelmed with everything she was meant to learn, or unsure of how to behave properly that she found her boots stomping toward more familiar territory. It was where she felt most comfortable, among the mud stained children and the illiterate. Even with all the magic mixed in, the slums were more familiar to her old life than the new one she had found herself in.

As she rounded a corner, she spied a few boys hurling rocks, and she instantly scowled when she realized who the culprits were and what their target seemed to be. Last week they'd chucked clumps of mud at a poor cat, and now they were targeting a person. The dusty child looked as if she were about to beeline in their direction, but it seemed the man had scared them off.

It was then that she fully took in William's appearance, and she found herself staring without meaning to. It had been a year since Billie had stumbled her way into Hogsmeade and the magical world, but everything was still a wonder to her. She hadn't ever happened upon somebody so tall!

Once Billie was able to force herself to stop gaping at the poor fellow, she crammed her hands into the pockets of her trousers and wandered right up to him. Without any proper greeting, the ragamuffin blurted out, "How come ya didn't throw rocks back at 'em? Woulda served them boys right." She smiled crookedly up at William. "Wan' me to?" All the work Gideon had put in to get her to speak more properly dissolved the further she tread from High Street.

She peeked at the building William sat in front of with a curious squint of her eyes. Billie was a rather small child, even for a ten-year-old, and her shaggy hair was cropped about chin length. She refused to let it grow too long, and she often sheared it off herself. Her clothing was dirty from play, but she otherwise appeared as if she'd bathed recently. After months of eating properly, she'd finally taken on the look of an athletic, young boy instead of a half starved scarecrow.

"They'd deserve it 'cause them boys are shits."
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William looked to the small child his head tilting slightly to the right before giving her an equally lopsided grin. "Hello little Miss-ster?" He wasn't quite sure to be honest. They all looked the same around this age, and he couldn't exactly rule out a girl in boys clothes after the little ones he had cared after over the years. He then gave a rumble of a chuckle at the inquiry. "My rocks go farther and hit harder, but I only use when I have to." He then shook his head about to reply only for Little Fella to step out.

Felicity's foot landed directly in a pile of excrement as she stepped out the door. "Shit!" William chuckled and she glared up at him, "It's not funny, your probably sitting in it!" She snapped.

William shook his head, "Checked. Little Fella meet Tiny Fella."

Felicity frowned as her gaze followed William and then she shook her head crossing her arms, "No no no. William we've had this talk, no more fellas, you got fellas!"

William, big as he may be pouted with a lower lip doing his best impression of a puppy face, "But you and Trevor are grown fellas, this Tiny Fella here got spunk."

Felicity tuned to look at the child, "Parents, you got them?" She snapped.

Billie met the questioning greeting with a friendly smile, not giving away one way or the other which she was. She wasn't about to blow that secret, even though Gideon had other plans for the year to come.

"Oh. Would ya have killed 'em if ya hit 'em with them rocks?" She questioned with clear interest. She didn't wish for the boys to be murdered, of course, but she had never met a man so large. She was sure he must be able to maim people easily. It fascinated her.

She wasn't able to give the subject much more thought for a regular sized adult had appeared and promptly stepped in feces. Unable to help herself, Billie started giggling right along with William.

Her laughter halted when a question was directed at her. "Huh? Why? Am I in trouble or somethin'? I ain't done nothin', today, I swear." At least she was honest. "I was just talkin' to ya friend 'cause some fu-- kids were bein' jerks!"

The last thing she needed was for some sort of misinformation to reach Gideon, and she'd have to stick around the shop instead of going out an adventuring.

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"No. Your not in trouble." Felicity said flatly as she worked to scrape the shit off her boots with the help of the step, "Just I don't run an orphanage so don't come begging." As she spoke the last few words she looked to William who gave her a bashful grin, "We could still feed little fella huh?"

Felicity glowered, "First we feed them, then we bathe them, then we put them in clean clothes, next thing I know they are taking up one of our beds, that we charge good money for!" Well it wasn't exactly good, but it helped keep the place going when she sold enough of them. William looked with pleading eyes. Puppies had nothing on giants, not in looks or smarts.

The woman gave a sigh and looked to the kid, "What's your name kid? And I'm only going to ask one more time, you got kin?"

Billie scrunched up her nose and appeared as if she'd been somewhat insulted, "I ain't no beggar! I work for everythin' I get." Which was true. When she had ran away from her mother, she'd worked any sort of odd job she could find and became a rather accomplished rat catcher.

Confused, she glanced between Felicity and William, not quite understanding why she would need to be fed and what they were on about. She hadn't thought she'd wandered over looking like a beggar. Did she smell? She took an experimental sniff of herself before shrugging.

"'M Billie. Who are ya?" The second question had her squirming, trying to determine how to exactly answer that question. "Kinda. But I don't see them no more." She couldn't admit to Gideon being her kin. "But I live with someone if that's what ya askin'. I help at a shop, and I get to sleep there and stuff. He's real nice."

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Felicity stared at the child rather harshly, and William gave the wee one a bit of a hopeful grin. When the prattle started to rattle the half veela finally held up her hand, "Alright alright, come on in!" She opened the door parting the barrier that kept the child in the outer world, but the second Billie would step through well, "Welcome to the menagerie." Said Felicity. William followed suite before into the haven that was the Golden Hearth.

The theatre had benches lined up towards the front of the room, red cushions stuffed with straw lay over the seats, but ah it was what occurred on the platform that served up the spectacle. Props littered the stage as the set defined the picturesque ideal of an enchanted forest complete with sparkling trees, trap doors disguised as stumps, and a backdrop that appeared to go on and on should you dare to walk in it, and then someone actually did, becoming a part of the painting itself! It was truly magical.

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Billie's mouth dropped open as she stared about at the interior of the theater. She never would have guessed that something so wonderful existed in the middle of the slums. Following Felicity and William inside, she stared about. "Flippin' heck..." she whispered.

"How the... Wow, didja make all of this?"

Since she still didn't possess the best manners, Billie strode right up to the stage. She paused right at the bottom of it, not about to climb onto the platform unless she was allowed to. The forest looked so real, she just had to make sure she wasn't staring at some sort of illusion. Tentatively, she reached over the edge of the stage and waved her arm about.

"This looks real. What do ya have it for?"

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