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I Spy With My Big Eye
July 12th, 1889 — The Golden Hearth Theatre

William sat just outside the main entrance to The Golden Hearth, which was nestled up next to a bustling road filled with the flow of those on their way to menial jobs with little in the way of hope, rift raft from street gangs, and rats of all ages who picked the pockets of anyone around.

Currently his back hurt and he was trying to keep it straight against the wall. It was tough being a half giant in a human's world, granted Felicity did her best to accommodate him, even made the ceilings and doors stretch and he had his own little or rather big corner to sit when he needed a break as well as a room of his own. He sighed and let his gaze take everyone in.

They moved around him a bit like ants, a few little boys daring to throw rocks at him but their bravery soon vanished as he glared after them with a bit of a growl. They scampered off back into the ally ways they hailed from. Others paid him no mind too busy trying to sort through the muck in the streets. Sure with a bit of magic those with any talent could make the stink vanish, but why? Fecal matter provided a viable business in the Victorian period, and as far as William was concerned one just became used to the filth.

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