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Boredom Strikes
July 12th, 1889

Mid-summer check in! How are you holding up? How's things at home? Is it weird with Cameron there? Which house did you end up in anyway? Sorry for all the questions, I'm deadly bored here. At least there's no crazy weather or magical catastrophes this year. I'd rather be bored with magic than without. At least I can practice in the backyard with the boys, even if they're annoyed by it sometimes.

Hoping all is well, you should come visit soon!

@Aldous Crouch @Madeline Bell
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July 14th, 1888

Dear Sloane,

It's raining for the fourth day in a row. That means no quidditch in the forest, no roving through town, and my new sister forever hovering over my shoulder!

Life with Cameron is not so bad—it is nice, I think, to have someone close to me in age in the house, especially as I have not been to Hogsmeade to visit Alcyone half so much as I would like. It helps that we have remained in my house (our house now, I suppose); I confess that I don't think I would do half so well if I had to adjust to a new room as well as a new family! Though Cameron is just fine, and his mother is all right, I suppose, Greta is overexcited at the prospect of an elder sister, and I have not been particularly generous towards her in that regard. (I am an imperfect person.)

I should love very much to come visit; you need only name the date and I will secure permission from Papa for Elliot and I to come and stay! I would invite you here, but there is far less magic (and far more boredom) in Godric's Hollow, I think.

With Affection,


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