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Murder on the Orient Express
July 14th, 1889; Wee Hours — Sleeper Car aboard The Orient Express, west of Istanbul
They had found "civilization" (or rather, it had found them and were, at last, on their way home. Hannah had not thought she would be able to relax until she crossed her own threshold, but running into an Englishwoman, albeit a muggle, when they had switched trains in Istanbul had done the witch&mash;and her homesickness—a world of good. Ever from girlhood, she had had a desire to travel, but, at least for the moment, this unhappy mishap had all but squashed that desire like a bug.

For the most part, Hannah had kept to her own cabin, allowing the soothing rock of the train to lull her into a long sleep. A thump from outside her cabin door, however, startled her into wakefulness, her eyes startled to open to darkness instead of daylight. Feeling out of sorts, she lit her wand with a murmured lumos before poking it—and her head—through her door.

The gaslights in the corridor rendered her wand unnecessary, so Hannah tucked it away as she moved to observe the seemingly-fainted body on the floor. Then she saw the bloody patch on the back of it's head.

Hannah's shrill scream pierced the silence.
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Ophelia had felt decidedly out-of-sorts for days now, which, she supposed, was to be expected given that she had been unceremoniously ripped from English society and deposited in the wastelands of Mongolia. They had been 'rescued' by the native Muggles, but that term applied only in the loosest sense. They didn't speak English, they didn't understand anything the three women were trying to communicate, and their food was — well, just the sight and smell of it had made Ophelia feel nauseous, despite being fairly hungry at the time. She hadn't been able to stomach it for more than a few moments before the food had made a very undignified return, which was enough to make her steer clear of it thereafter. Thank Merlin they had been actually rescued shortly thereafter.

Although Ophelia and Hannah Pettigrew disagreed on most things, they had shared a new distrust of the portkey system, and so found themselves on parallel routes back — but Ophelia had done her best to ignore the presence of the other Englishwoman so far. Truth be told, that wasn't difficult. She was still feeling nauseous, and was spending most of the time in her sleeper car drinking water and eating light crackers. She wasn't sure whether the constant motion was prolonging her unease or whether she had caught some sort of foreign sickness from that godforsaken food, but whatever the case, she would be quite happy to arrive in England as soon as possible.

She had woken early with an urgent need to use the toilet — another thing that had been happening more and more frequently through the course of this strange illness — and was only just coming out of the bathroom, clad only in her nightgown, when a dark figure brushed past her. She sucked in a breath, startled more than anything — and then she heard the scream.

Moving with a certain trepidation towards the noise (which happened to be in the direction of her own car, or else she might well have avoided the encounter entirely), she peered into the wand light and asked uncertainly, "What's happened?"

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