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11th July, 1889 — Leaky Cauldron
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"I've got to marry Burke at the end of the month," Trixie admitted bitterly to the girl sat opposite her and the words nearly made her cry. She had hadn't said it aloud yet - though Merlin knew her father had mentioned it daily since he finally told her the truth. He had decided her future for her again, but this time it was sickeningly real rather than an abstract something that would happen one day. Since the very day she had been told that her fate was to marry her father's business partner's son to keep everything in the family she had dreamed of nothing but death for Burke and yet he remained irritatingly robust.

"Pa says I don't have any choice."

And the worst thing was that she didn't. She very nearly had OWLs but her father intended her to be wed before the results came out and she could use them to find a decent job to support herself and escape, and the old man knew her too well to imagine for a second she would lower herself into domestic service. The thought of scrubbing floors and laundering clothes for the milksop girls she had known at school was worse than the thought of Burke pawing at her.

"You don't have to come," she added quickly. Even in her direst moments Trixie rarely admitted to actually wanting a friend. So far Cora had never disappointed her, had always been reliably everything Trixie wanted in a confidante, but there was time yet for even Cora to let her down. Best not make it worse by expecting things.
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If Cora could have intertwined her ankles any more they would have fallen off. Red danced in front of her eyes as she glared at the table in front of her. This wasn't fair.  Trixie wasn't going to be at school next year because she had to marry an absolute troll of a man. Cora was going to be all alone with Fudge and her infuriatingly perfect band of brats.

Her fury was pulled back to Trixie and the miserable grey haze her voice cast over Cora's vision. Her gaze moved from the table to her friend and softened considerably. Poor Trixie. She looked so miserable, and rightfully so! Cora liked to think that, were she a more advanced witch, she'd have gone to Trixie's house and aided in dispatching that miserable wizard for good. She'd have to settle for the Burke brute instead.

"Trixie," she began emphatically, reaching over the table and placing it on her best friend's. She gave it a small shake, ensuring that she was looking at her. "I will be there, I promise." she said fiercely, furrowing her brow. Even if she had to lead her chaperone astray, she would find a way into that blasted ceremony.

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It was some modicum of comfort to think that at least she wouldn’t be entirely alone on what was sure to be the worst day of her life, even if it was apparent she was to be on her own in so many other ways for the rest of it. The only consolation of the travesty about to unfold, apart from Cora’s now confirmed presence, was that her father’s determination to have a grandchild that would inherit everything was only slightly stronger than his dislike for his son-in-law-to-be.

Seeing Claude having to endure her father’s moods might just about take the edge off. But not enough for her to be able to forget that soon enough his cold spindly fingers would have free reign to touch her.

“Shame you can’t be there on the night too,” Trixie muttered darkly, staring hard at Cora’s hand over hers: soft, warm, safe, everything she knew Burke’s hand wasn’t. And neither was his but she didn’t seem to mind that.

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Lady made me gratuitously sexy
Cora quirked an eyebrow at Trixie and smirked. "Trixie, if I were there on the wedding night," she began unabashedly, "we both know the bastard wouldn't last through the necessary part..." She gave her a devious grin before taking her friend's hand and giving it an encouraging squeeze.

She tried to be uplifting for Trixie, but it wasn't easy - she wouldn't have her best friend with her the next year at Hogwarts. But perhaps when they had Hogsmeade visits... "Look on the bright side," she mused. "we won't need a chaperone for Hogsmeade visits. I have you for that now." Back was the devious grin.

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