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July 11, 1889 — Diagon Alley
@Ginshi Inoue
Apollo had yet to get his Hogwarts letter but his parents were pretty sure he was magical. He had shown all the hallmark signs so they had decided to get him familiar with Diagon Alley. They didn't have much patience with him so they seemed to be intent on making sure he knew what to do on his own. It hadn't taken long for Apollo to slip out from their care.

Settling on a bench on the side of the street, Apollo got out his sketchbook from his bookbag and began drawing the scenery before him, his eyes briefly flickering across different peoples faces.
As summer in London wound to a close and Diagon began the annual bustle of early(and sometimes inconveniently late) newcomers looking to buy Hogwarts supplies, a young girl some might call quite “oriental” entered alone, drifting along the cobble like mist through air. Her slim form, pale yet uncommonly angular, was clothed in a soft blue kimono, wrapped at the abdomen with a cream-colored obi, patterned with cherry blossoms wreathed in silver thread. Her hair, jet black and carefully straight, drifted behind her like a veil, not a tangle in sight, and her amber eyes nearly flowed for all their vibrancy. Even her shoes, delicately lacquered geta with silk tabi to compliment their darker wood grain.

All in all, her exotic features and ethereal demeanor made her stand out in the crowd, a rare Sakura blossom in a sea of English roses. She didn’t seem to notice most of the attention she got, merely drifted from sight to sight with all the fleeting fancy of a dragonfly.

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