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Interview with a Headmaster
Emeline took slow careful steps as she made her way across the large expanse of grass that lay between her and her alma mater. She knew from experience that the greenery was riddled with holes and bumps that were sure to trip her if she didn’t stay on guard. She had been injured many times in the dueling club back in her Hogwarts days, but none of those injuries surpassed the severity of ones caused by her own clumsiness. The infirmary had been one of her regular places to study. Eventually, she’d even worked it into her daily schedule.

Emeline was pulled from her musings at the sound of her shoes hitting hard stone instead of grass. She’d arrived at the main entrance. The clock tower stood above her in all its glory, the hour hand midway between eight and nine. Not uncommon for this time of year, the birds had decided to congregate in this area of the castle as they went about with their chorus of song. Early in the summer, Emeline found the sound cheerful. However, the heat had quickly made her irritable and their voices only worsened her mood.

Emeline stepped into the castle, her mind quickly generating memories from her youth. She wondered if the kitchen still made the brownies with coconut, butterscotch, and chocolate. If they did, her first meal at the school was certainly near the top of her list of things to look forward to should she be given the position.

She’d been told to meet Headmaster Black at the entrance to his office. Of course, she remembered Phineas Black from her days as a student. He’d been her head of house after all. She couldn’t remember having a conversation with him outside of the usual passing pleasantries. From what she remembered; he hadn’t been a particularly cheerful man. In fact, she had difficulty picturing his face with any other expression besides the frown that lingered in her minds eye. Had he ever smiled to her knowledge? Emeline couldn’t be sure. She’d usually been too absorbed in her reading to pay much attention to the people around her. It wasn’t entirely shocking that she had only vague memories of the man.

She wondered if he would remember her. It would be best to expect him not to. It would avoid any future embarrassment. However, Emeline couldn’t help but hope he knew of her studious nature. Though the decision of her hire wasn’t entirely his decision, as far as she knew he still had some influence and she hoped to give herself as much of an edge as possible. Her thoughts drifted to the position itself. Would he have an automatic distaste for anyone seeking the role, given it was once his? Emeline certainly hoped this wasn’t the case. It would make the coming interview that much more difficult for her.

She stopped in her tracks, realizing she’d been circling the same corridor near the Headmaster’s office for a much more significant amount of time than was likely proper. She cleared her throat and gently coughed int her hand. She quickly rounded the corner and positioned herself next to the entrance to Headmaster Black’s office. She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait too terribly long. Nine couldn’t be too far off now.

Emeline clasped her hands together at her waist and straightened her spine. Hopefully the coming conversation wouldn’t live up to the nightmarish daydreams she’d concocted thus far.
July 10, 1889 - Hogwarts

Of all the things Phineas would rather be doing right now, humoring the Board of Governors over a new hire was not one of them. It wasn't like they listened to him anyway, what was the point? They had their greedy little claws dug so deep into the school it was a miracle he even had a position or responsibilities at all these days. As if they knew just what exactly it took to run the school itself day in and day out. He was a busy man after all, even when the students were not in the castle, and he had shit to do.

Needless to say he was already in a foul mood when the clock struck nine and he started to head down the steps from his office to greet the potential hire. Who had already arrived. Well, half a point for promptness. But only half.

"Miss Thorpe," He greeted, with a nod, but no hint of recognition on his features. The name sounded familiar, she was old enough to have actually been his student in potions rather than just as Headmaster, but if he bothered to remember every student across his teaching career, he would have no room for anything else in his brain. "Thank you for your punctuality, please, come in." Phineas waved an absentminded hand in the direction of his office and since the door was open, let the lady ascend the stairs first.

Once inside, he resumed his seat behind his desk, only once he'd offered a chair to Miss Thorpe in the ones across from him. "What is it that's been keeping you busy these days, Miss Thorpe?" Merlin's beard he hoped she had some relative experience.

“Toujours Pur.”

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Emeline shifted in her seat as the Headmaster watched with his unnervingly dark eyes. She bit her lip and opened her mouth to speak.

“Well, I worked under a potions master for a few years after graduation,” Emeline started tentatively. “I ended up in a research lab in London after that, my main focus being the study of pneumonia and its effects on the magical population.” Emeline found herself gaining momentum as she talked about her work. She had truly enjoyed her time at the lab. She considered her time there some of the best in her life so far.

“I was in the process of developing a sort of immunization for witches and wizards, as the disease had managed to mutate in the lungs of various hosts and developed the ability to infect magical beings.”
Emeline frowned slightly as she continued, her mind running through the shocking end of her research.

“Unfortunately, my research was put to a rather abrupt halt when the lab that employed me was closed due to lack of funding from the ministry.”

Emeline rearranged herself again, uncrossing her legs and setting her feet on the floor before continuing to fidget. She cleared her throat.

“I do love children of course. I look forward to the brilliant thoughts and revelations of the next generation and I hope to do my best in cultivating the minds of today’s youth.”

Emeline winced, the words sounded far to robotic, even to herself.

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